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Wix Review 2020



wix review


Wix is worldwide because it gets, utilized by over 100 million users in 190 different countries. And while doing this Wix review, one thing remained very clear to me – this is often an enormous website builder for a reason. You’ll be able to make a choice from many templates, several drastically different editing methods, and lots of other features that may cause you to an internet site just the way you would like it to be.

I really think that it’s quite funny. Some years ago, making a fine-looking, a functional website was something that required either massive coding knowledge or a fat wallet, stacked with cash. In many cases – both.

And now, even very serious companies use website builders like Wix to make their online presence. Crazy, after you think that they’re doing it employing a free platform, available to succeed in from your browser.


You’d be forgiven to think that Wix is free because the web site builder promotes itself in and of itself. On its homepage, there’s even a tutorial, showing exactly a way to get a free website. In short – you’ll make a free website with Wix. However, that page would be massively limited. It not only lack the foremost advanced features but also would be available only during a subdomain. That means no “” – your address would only be “”. Which both looks bad and makes it difficult to make an internet brand.

Instead, I suggest using Wix free plan as to how to check the service and see if you wish it. In fact, you’ll be able to do that right now!

And if you’re inquisitive about what it’s preferred to pay your own money and make a premium Wix site from scratch, well – that’s exactly what I’ve drained this Wix review, so you should not. You’re welcome.


You want your website builder to be simple to use – if it’s not, then you will also just learn to code and not use a builder at all! Luckily, this builder will cause you to do no such thing.

Wix is seriously easy to use — once you get the hang of it. At first, the platform can seem chaotic and cluttered. But, I found that the Wix editor becomes more intuitive the more you employ it. Importantly, the editor is incredibly strong when it involves flexibility and customization.

On the one hand, there’s the classic drag-and-drop Wix editor within which you decide on from one in all over 500 themes. On the opposite, there’s Wix ADI, an automatic website designer that trades customization for speed.

I’d recommend trying out both setups to work out which one suits your website better. Wix allows you to form multiple sites under your account, which is right when you’re just starting out.

But what exactly are these two processes like? Let’s review what Wix has got to offer.


wix review

The Wix Editor is that the classic website builder, just like those offered by lots of the competition. And Wix has put it together so everything is extremely to use. So, setting everything up with it absolutely was a breeze – with one massive catch.

The editor includes a haul and drop interface and has over 500 templates every user can make a choice from.

But if your setup plan is to form an internet site with one template, then switch to a distinct one – I’ll stop you right there.

Once you decide on your Wix theme, you can’t change it later. If you don’t like your theme, your only way back is to start a brand new website. This was one among the items I disliked the foremost about Wix, although the location editor is flexible enough to permit you to basically overwrite any a part of your theme.

With that said: the general setup process couldn’t are simpler. I just had to click on my preferred method, choose a subject, and pick ‘Edit’. That’s it. Voila. The web site is now officially in development mode.

It was so simple, it almost killed the crippling anxiety of accidentally choosing a template that will come to bite me later.

But in terms of getting started – it’s even as simple as picking out an issue you think that suits your idea the most effective.


The setup process gets a touch more interesting if you choose to use Wix ADI. What even is it and what’s the massive fuss?

Wix ADI is a synthetic intelligence-driven designer that makes a custom website for you. I found that it dramatically cuts down the time it takes to urge your website up and running. But, it also takes away plenty of the simplest aspects of the Wix editor.

When I chose Wix ADI, the software started off by asking me about the kind of website I used to be trying to make. I could select from a fairly wide range of common industry types, which gave me some confidence that ‘custom’ actually means custom. That confidence grew when ADI asked me what form of content I actually wanted on my sites — like an internet store, a blog, or a portfolio gallery.

Types of website designs with Wix

Websites for ALL varieties of graphic design needs!
Then, you’ll choose on what specific features will you be looking to own on your website. That seems to be a fairly new feature, but it’s considerably appreciated.

Choice of features on your website with Wix

The content customization a part of ADI maybe a little weaker. It can draw content from an existing website or your Facebook page, but you don’t feed it keywords to induce it generated or anything like that.

The last step was choosing the popular design. You get to choose from 6 “styles” of your website, generate a color palette from your logo, and then choose 1 from 3 given homepage designs.

Wix templates

Overall, I liked the Wix ADI setup process. It absolutely was fast and simple, and that I didn’t feel pressured into making big decisions aside from choosing a mock-up at the top. Having only some choices instead of 500, like for selecting an issue within the site editor, made this decision plenty easier.

But, I should warn that you simply don’t see the drawbacks of using ADI during the setup process. After you create a web site with Wix ADI, you don’t get the total functionality of the Wix editor. You’ll be able to edit all page content as you’d normally, and this could be enough if your website isn’t all that complicated.

But, I found that you just can’t add content blocks in many situations. This implies that you’ll be mostly limited to the content and therefore the layout offered to you. That’s an enormous drawback since Wix’s content elements are one among the key draws of the platform. Additionally, your ability to feature apps from the App Market is severely limited – many of them will simply be not available.

And finally, remember – Wix ADI isn’t a magical tool. While it generates a web site for you, it still does it within its scope of possibilities.


So – now that I’ve covered the super-easy way of getting a Wix website, it’s time to specialize in the really powerful one. And this implies stepping into the customization of the web site in serious detail.

The majority of my Wix review from here on out will specialize in the Wix editor. This is often the planning route that the majority website creators will take.

The Wix editor offers a number of the strongest customization features I’ve seen from any website builder. There are many content elements and you’ll be able to place them anywhere on the page. The price to all or any this functionality, though, is that the Wix editor can desire it takes a spray-and-pray approach rather offer than a cohesive website building experience.

If you’re unaccustomed Wix like I used to be, the editor is overwhelming. There are menus across three sides of the screen and hovering your mouse over any site content pops up additional editing options. At initial glance, I doubted my ability to form a coherent website with this builder.

Perhaps the most important contributor to the present gentler learning curve was the menu layout. The foremost important editor menus — ‘Menus & Pages,’ ‘Background,’ and ‘Add’ — are all fairly straightforward. I also found that I could ignore lots of the eCommerce-specific menus, a minimum of while I used to be busy putting in place my website.

Figuring out content blocks took a good bit longer, but I used to be extremely impressed with the amount of customization available. Wix gives you complete freedom to tug and drop content blocks anywhere on your page. I could even stack content blocks on top of 1 another. That’s not something I’ve seen from most other website builders, which generally limit you to a grid layout.


Wix isn’t the best website builder to use, but I appreciated the balance it struck between extreme customizability and user-friendliness. The editor becomes more intuitive the longer I played around with it. However, beware – designing a posh site with Wix will presumably change into a time-consuming process.


wix review

Wix offers over 500 beautiful templates to assist you to start together with your website. These templates are designed for common industries like online stores, fashion and photography websites, restaurants, and more. Better yet, Wix is continually adding new templates to the platform. One of the items that stand go into every Wix review is that the quality of this website builder’s templates. I’d trust them — Wix’s templates look professional and trendy. To me, meaning your website has a plus right out of the gate. If you’re not particularly inquisitive about design, your site would be fine if you just added your own content to the template with none additional customization.

While 500 templates may sound overwhelming, this was one a part of the Wix experience where I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Templates are organized into 70 different sub-categories, most of which relate to specific industries. It had been relatively easy to search out an honest theme for my goals, and therefore the customizability is so strong that it almost doesn’t matter.

I also liked the ‘Most Popular’ category. This was an honest foundation, especially for just testing out Wix or choosing between the editor and ADI setups. Don’t forget to test the ‘New’ template category, either — Wix adds new templates to the platform every few months, which isn’t true for the bulk of its competitors.

Of course, Wix has paid special attention to make sure that each template on offer is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Behind the scenes, they’re also optimized to form your site easier for search engines to search out and categorize.


Wix’s vast array of templates are exceptionally well-designed. All templates are responsive, and therefore the platform is continually introducing new templates for its users. However, detain mind that you just can’t change templates after you’ve designed your site without ranging from scratch.


wix review

Wix may be a business-oriented website builder, with online stores, SEO, and marketing integrated into its templates and editing features. Business owners can benefit from Wix’s best in school customization options to tightly control visitors’ shopping experiences. Plus, Wix offers a mobile app for conducting your business on the go.

eCommerce – for everybody AND EVERYTHING

eCommerce is at the center of Wix instead of included an afterthought. I found that the platform makes it easy to not only sell products and services through your website but also to customize how visitors experience your online store.

Setting up an eCommerce site with Wix clothed to be straightforward after learning the way to build my website. Reckoning on the template I chose when putting on my site, I already had an internet store or booking pages for in-person services. If I attempted a template without these, I used to be able to easily add these from the ‘Pages’ menu within the Wix Editor.

Wix eCommerce site creation

Listing products and services purchasable must be done from the Dashboard. This isn’t an enormous deal, but I found that the shortcoming to form product content directly on your product pages adds some friction to the method. I can’t complain an excessive amount of, though, since trying to feature all of the eCommerce functions of Wix into the positioning editor would have really unleashed chaos into the platform.

It’s worth taking a deeper dive into how Wix treats products and services since these are two features that each business owner depends on.


Every website builder that supports eCommerce has the flexibility to feature custom products. But in my opinion, Wix stands out for creating the method smooth and highly tailored to your business.

Wix product display page

Every product in Wix can have multiple images and videos related to it to showcase your offerings and make them more appealing to customers. Having the ability to feature videos is especially nice since this isn’t available in every website builder. Plus, Wix made it easy to permit customers to send a message or select customization options during checkout.

To help you stay organized, Wix offers the choice to automatically track your inventory of physical products. This can be a comparatively basic feature for eCommerce, but Wix does an honest job of constructing it user-friendly. I also liked that I could create product collections, so customers could more easily find more products just like the ones they’ve already checked out.

Wix SEO tools

That said, I didn’t desire Wix really held my hand the maximum amount as I would have liked when it came to creating my content SEO-friendly. Unlike WordPress and a few other website builders, Wix doesn’t have the way to focus on keyword density in blog posts or page descriptions. There are no sentence checkers to flag when your writing has become overly complex.

The lack of those tools is especially noteworthy when filling in product and repair descriptions, which you’d most want to crop up in search results. As a result, it’s a decent idea to run all of your text through a third-party tool like Grammarly or an SEO-specific content checker.

Still, I did like that Wix allows you to feature SEO content for each individual product. This unveils the likelihood that potential customers can go right from a Google search onto your product page, minimizing the number of clicks it takes to feature products to a cart.


I think business owners will absolutely love the e-mail and marketing tools available within Wix. The platform offers tools for attracting customers with a purchase or sending out a monthly newsletter.

What stands out most to me is Wix’s email marketing tool. It works exactly like Mailchimp or ConstantContact — except this mailing editor integrated into your website and you don’t must pay extra for it. However, note that the themes within the Wix mailing editor are more limited. You must expect to spend a touch bit longer on design to supply an eye-catching newsletter.


Wix offers an especially impressive suite of features for business owners, including highly customizable eCommerce stores to sell both products and services. Wix’s email marketing tools and mobile app make attracting customers simpler. The sole thing missing from Wix is more aggressive SEO management to assist optimize your content.


wix review

Wix has several pricing tiers, including a free plan with Wix ads and limited bandwidth and storage. Paid plans start at 80 INR per month, while plans for eCommerce start at 225 INR per month. The foremost popular eCommerce plan costs 300 INR per month.

One of the questions that come up frequently in Wix reviews is, ‘Is Wix free?’ The short answer is yes, but essentially, most users will find yourself paying to use Wix.

Wix does have a free plan, but your site is going to be limited to 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth. You furthermore may not use your own name and you’ll see ads from Wix everywhere your dashboard while you’re building your site. So, the free version of Wix is mostly only suitable for private websites that host your online resume or a tiny low portfolio.

If you don’t need a web store, paid Wix plans vary in price from 80 INR to 325 INR per month. The 125 INR per month “Combo” plan remains rather limited because it only offers 3 GB of cupboard space and a pair of GB of bandwidth. I also felt just like the price is some things of a jump up from the free plan, considering that the first benefit is having the ability to feature your own name.


Wix servers are pretty good – sadly, the platforms have other issues that negatively impact the web site loading time.

During this Wix review, I’ve tested a basic Wix eCommerce website that was relatively unaltered from the template, it took over eight seconds for the homepage to load. Tests of more highly customized Wix websites took over 11 seconds. While not every visitor will notice or care about slow loading speeds, that’s not exactly a formidable level of performance.

The same basic eCommerce website scored 77% in a very PageSpeed test and just 71% during a YSlow test using GTMetrix. A part of the rationale for this appears to be that Wix doesn’t optimize images well — the test website received a failing grade during this test category.

PageSpeed test results with Wix

Besides, server response times were longer than 20 milliseconds in a very test using LoadImpact, even when few virtual users were making requests. Time interval didn’t increase much with the number of requests, so if you intend to own many people on your website at the identical time, this might be an issue.

And yet, confine mind that this test was performed on a basic Wix hosting plan, which comes with limited bandwidth.


Wix has some slight performance issues – and they are caused not by the servers, but the rather poor media optimization. It isn’t a red flag by any means, but if your Wix website starts behaving badly, you will know what in charge. 


Great for beginners
Beautiful template designs
A solid app store for all varieties of business needs


Can’t change a subject once you decide it
Lack of advanced image optimization negatively impacts performance


My Wix review found that this is often one amongst the foremost customizable website builders available. Over 500 templates provide a superb point of departure for building a knowledgeable website.

Better yet, Wix boasts an enormous array of features for business, including strong tools for eCommerce and customer management.

The only real downside to Wix is that the platform is often somewhat daunting. First-time users report feeling overwhelmed with choices, and there’s definitely a learning curve to the Wix Editor.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to mend early mistakes since you can’t change themes without losing your customizations and content. In the end, Wix could be a great choice for nearly everyone who wants to create a web site. It’s over 500 beautiful templates, a spread of business features, strong eCommerce tools. However, it’d seem confusing for very beginners, but don’t be concerned – you will get a hang of it quickly.

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HubSpot: The Best CRM in the Market For Any Business



HubSpot home page

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, we’ll earn a commission

In the last decade, the landscape of the business world has changed. With multiple technology-driven features, software, and apps, doing business has become more versatile, profitable, and effortless without beating around the bush. Gone are the days, when business owners used to maintain diaries to keep contacts, sales figures, and important business numbers. With the changing times and technology, a lot of incredible platforms and software have been launched to manage everything in a seamless manner. Customer Management Software (CRM) is one such great software that has rectified the major problem of managing contacts and sales information.

What is CRM?

CRM landing page

Knowing the importance of customers for any business, CRM is software that helps you to manage all your interactions with your customers via different channels such as email, chat, call, social media, etc to enhance sales, revenue, customer service, and profits in a long run. It also helps businesses to strategize their marketing campaigns and promotions.

In today’s world, almost every business requires a solid CRM platform to increase profits and minimize losses and offer the best customer service to their customers.

Why Hubspot is the best CRM?


In the last few years, HubSpot emerged as the best CRM helping various companies to gain potential leads and understand business metrics. Be it a B2B or B2C business, the platform covers various niches such as marketing, accounting, sales, construction, retail, real estate, etc. With so many features right from inbound marketing to outbound marketing to customer management to lead generation and management to contact management, and more, the CRM does everything in a systematic manner via its visual dashboard wherein users can get access to real-time sales to funnel.

Different Types of Hubs Offered By HubSpot


HubSpot offers various types of hubs wherein one can find out an amazing range of tools and features. Here are the prominent hubs that one must know to grow their business tenfold.

Marketing Hub

If you are looking for a smart way to grow and convert the traffic into leads then check out the Marketing Hub. The software is specifically designed to give wings to your marketing strategies and promotions.

  • It helps your business to find the right audience
  • It helps to businesses to convert visitors into potential customers
  • One can run effortless inbound marketing campaigns
  • It offers the best marketing tools and data
  • One can publish blogs, track & manage ads, manage social media accounts, build search authority, and check the progress reports.

The best part is that HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is used by major companies in the world, including Frontify, Trello, SurveyMonkey, etc.

There are 4 plans for the Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub pricing

  • Free
  • Starter plan at $45/month
  • Professional plan at $800/month
  • Enterprise plan at $3200/month

HubSpot Sales Hub

If you want to grow your business sales then this is the right software for you. HubSpot offers HubSpot Sales to amplify your sales tenfold. The software is designed to grow business sales without slipping any potential lead from your hands.

Sales Hub

  • It will help your teams to grab more deals like never before
  • It will help you to build strong relationships with customers and clients
  • The software helps in managing everything effectively from the sales perspective.
  • It offers various tools such as email templates, call recording, and email tracking to enhance your communication with customers and clients on a daily basis.
  • One can get in direct live chat conversations or schedule appointments.

Overall, it will help you to make a better positioning in the market as a business and amplify your sales while having strong customer relationships across various channels.

There are 4 plans for HubSpot Sales Hub

  • Free
  • Starter plan at $45/month
  • Professional plan at $450/month
  • Enterprise plan at $1200/month

HubSpot Service Hub

Focusing on customer service is very important to retain customers in today’s competitive world. Hence, HubSpot offers the Service Hub software designed to amplify your customer service to a great extent. The software helps to:

  • Make a customer-centric help desk and ticket automation system to amplify customer service
  • Create an in-depth online knowledge base for customers to help them rectify issues without facing any problems
  • Create a live chat system that will take customers to the right people and place.

In short, the Service Hub will help you to provide an excellent customer support system to your customers and rectify their issues round the clock with a personalized touch. It brings the best of all under one roof to answer your customer’s complaints without giving it a miss.

There are 4 plans for the Sales Hub

  • Free
  • Starter plan at $45/month
  • Professional plan at $450/month
  • Enterprise plan at $1200/month

HubSpot CMS Hub

No doubt, an excellent content management system has become the need of the hour for every business to deliver the best services, advice, and products. While offering the best services to the customers it’s also important to manage their information wisely and smartly. Hence, HubSpot CMS allows you to kill two birds with one stone without making any mistakes.

CMS Hub pricing

  • It will help you to make and monitor website pages, forms, email features, etc with a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • It will give you the best SEO recommendations to accelerate the traffic and target potential audience.
  • One can create multi-lingual content easily
  • One can get instant access to pre-built themes to customize easily.
  • Round the clock threat protection and monitoring

It comes with two plans

  • Professional plan at $270/month
  • Enterprise plan at $900/month

How HubSpot Outshines Other CRMs In The Market?

Let’s dig deeper and understand how HubSpot emerged as the best CRM in the market in the last couple of years. What features, tools, and solutions that it offer, unlike other CRMs in the market.

What all makes HubSpot the best CRM and talk of the town


  • Immersive and Detailed Free Plan

Unlike other CRM platforms, HubSpot offers incredible features to enhance customer relationships and interactions to a great extent without charging a penny. In fact, it delivers extra in its free plans, unlike others. Be it operational CRM, customer support, content management, marketing, sales, etc the CRM offers exceptional features to manage millions of contacts without even paying a single penny.

  • Flexible plans with pricing

HubSpot’s plans and pricing are very flexible. If you are opting for a paid plan then you can choose from various plans with extensive features. In fact, one can also bundle up different services at a reasonable price without burning a hole in their pockets. Either you can pick a specific hub or upgrade different hubs at jaw-dropping rates.

Those who want a customized CRM solution with the features of their choice can easily do that. There are various hubs including the marketing and sales that start at  $45/month, the CMS hub starting at $23/month, etc.

However, if you will bundle them together then you can not only save a lot of money but get the best value for money. For instance, the Starter Bundle, including all the hubs, starts at $45/month.

  • Scalable & Contemporary Solutions

HubSpot focuses on scalable features and tools to help businesses to grow tenfold. The tools are available across all categories, including content, operations, customer service, sales, and marketing. The tools are scalable and modern helping the platform as well as the business to grow with each passing day.

The CRM can easily integrate the advanced features across various categories as the business grows. In fact, one can pick the best solutions across various departments to make the CRM truly customizable as per their requirements.

Both, small and large businesses can upgrade from a free plan as per their requirements. One can pick the best tools for every category without making any compromises.

  • User-friendly platform

Despite being so much vivid, intense, and feature-loaded, the platform is quite user-friendly and intuitive. Every feature and module can be accessed easily without making much effort. In today’s times, many CRMs struggle to offer seamless navigation while offering hundreds of features. But, HubSpot nails it when it comes to easy navigation and seamless performance of the CRM.

On top of that, the CRM offers an in-depth knowledge base and elaborative library of 3rd party tutorials to help users understand every concept easily without beating around the bush.

  • Seamless Content Creation

HubSpot offers easy content creation features, unlike other CRMs. If you want to create content for your landing pages, emails, forms, or social media then you can do it within a few clicks with the help of a drag-and-drop tool. One doesn’t need to acquire extra expertise to upload or create content while using HubSpot CRM.

  • Effective Customer Support

No matter what plan you have taken, HubSpot leaves no stone unturned to offer the best customer support through various channels such as chat, voice, phone, and email. In fact, one can also contact the team on Twitter. However, these methods are exclusive to paid users. The free users can access the in-depth knowledge resources and the HubSpot community to troubleshoot their problems.

  • Numerous Free tools

HubSpot is known for offering various free tools. The best part is that anyone can access and use those free tools. The new business owners can get an immense amount of help to accelerate their business tenfold without facing any problems or relying on traditional methods.

Some of the best free tools are blog idea generators, free business templates, invoice template generators, email signature generators, etc.

HubSpot’s Comparison With Other Popular CRM Software


No doubt, one can find out various CRM software & tools in the market, including Zoho, Salesflare, EngageBay, and Well, most of the CRM software and tools offer some good and some compromised features. However, HubSpot outshines all the CRM tools in every aspect and emerged as an all-around performer for almost every business. Be it a small or large business, everyone can rely on HubSpot and its user-friendly hubs, features, and tons of tools to amplify their sales, improve customer support, and overall performance.

Hence, HubSpot CRM is the ultimate winner in the battle of the best CRM tools. One can easily rely on it in 2022 and so on to get the best results for any type of business without burning a hole in their pockets.

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Mint Mobile Review: 7 Things to Know Before You Sign Up




If you’ve seen the ads for Mint Mobile featuring actor Ryan Reynolds, you may be wondering if the low-cost cell phone service provider is worth the savings.

The short answer is that yes it’s a good service, but it’s not for everyone.

Mint Mobile Review From a Real Customer

2 Mint Mobile Review

I’ve tested more than a dozen cheap phone plans over the past few years. Mint Mobile offers among the best plans and pricing, features and app experience in the wireless industry.

In this article, I’ll share the pros and cons of the service to help you decide if you should sign up. Let’s dive in!

What Is Mint Mobile?

1 Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers prepaid wireless plans. The service runs on T-Mobile’s network and utilizes its cell phone towers, including 5G at no extra charge.

Actor Ryan Reynolds is not just a spokesperson for Mint Mobile. He’s an owner.

Reynolds purchased an ownership stake in Mint Mobile in November 2019. In a press release, Mint said that “Reynolds will help with Mint’s communications and marketing efforts as well as strategic decision-making.”

The carrier got its start back in August of 2016. It was known as Mint SIM when it first launched.

Is Mint Mobile’s Coverage Any Good?

3 Mint Mobile Review

Since Mint Mobile relies on T-Mobile to provide network coverage, your experience with the service will depend heavily on how T-Mobile performs where you live.

Enter your ZIP code on Mint’s website to confirm voice and data coverage where you live, work and travel.

If you’re happy with your existing network (Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile), I recommend that you look for a low-cost cell phone service provider that uses that network.

In the case of Mint Mobile, that’s T-Mobile.

Coverage maps can be unreliable. If you’re unsure about T-Mobile’s coverage where you live, ask people you know about their experience with T-Mobile or post a question on the Nextdoor app. If you get positive feedback about T-Mobile in your area, Mint Mobile is worth a closer look.

I’ve tried out the service in two cities where T-Mobile’s network is strong. I can only recall one dropped call during my three separate tests of Mint Mobile in 2018, 2019 and again in 2020.

Data speeds are sometimes inconsistent, but it’s always been usable from my extensive testing.

Mint Mobile now supports 5G. When I tested the 5G data speeds in South Florida using the Speedtest app. I recorded download speeds as high as 309 Mbps with my iPhone 12.

When using the 4G LTE network, I’ve averaged download speeds around 20 to 25 Mbps.

When you sign up for a low-cost carrier like Mint, you can expect your data speeds to be slowed down during times of network congestion.

But even when my speeds temporarily dropped to 5 to 10 Mbps, I could still stream video on my phone.

How Much Does Mint Mobile Cost?

4 Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile offers four main plans that work out to as low as $15 a month, but there isn’t actually a monthly plan. You must buy plans for either three, six or 12 months at a time.

The introductory plans are for three months. Take a look at the regular pricing:

  • 4GB Plan: $45 ($15/month)
  • 10GB Plan: $60 ($20/month)
  • 15GB Plan: $75 ($25/month)
  • Unlimited Plan (35GB): $90 ($30/month)

Taxes and fees vary depending on your location. You can see the additional charges during the checkout process before you place your order on

The wireless provider is known to offer limited-time deals on introductory plans that can save you money, such as buy three months of service and get three free.

After the introductory period, you can lock in the same price by signing up for a 12-month plan.

The Unlimited plan is great for single people. Several other discount cell phone service providers have unlimited plans for $25 a month, but they require you to be in a family or group plan.

For those on the fence, Mint Mobile offers a starter kit and says all plans have a 7-day money back guarantee.

What Features Are Offered With Mint Mobile?

5 Mint Mobile Review

All Mint Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text. Your high-speed data limit (4G LTE and 5G) varies depending on the plan that you choose.

Plans also include:

  • Free international calls to Mexico and Canada
  • Free mobile hotspot (5GB cap with the Unlimited plan)
  • WiFi calling and texting

With the service, your data is never cut off completely. If you go over your high-speed data for the month, speeds will be reduced until the next month.

But if you prefer, you can purchase add-on high-speed data from within the carrier’s app.

What Phone Options Are Available With Mint Mobile?

6 Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile has improved its phone offerings over the years. At last check, there were more than 60 phones available for sale on its website including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices.

I’ve noticed that Mint Mobile has started to bundle phones and plans. For example, Mint has offered three months of free service when you purchase a new device.

With Mint, you can also buy a new phone elsewhere and bring it to the service or keep your existing phone.

Before you sign up, confirm that your phone is unlocked and compatible with Mint Mobile. To do so, visit this page on Mint’s website and enter your phone’s IMEI number.

How Is Mint Mobile’s Customer Service?

7 Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile is able to keep its prices low because it doesn’t have physical stores. For people who depend on in-person customer support, that’s going to be a drawback.

On the other hand, customer service is available by phone, chat and email for those who need it.

Mint Mobile’s setup process is very simple, even if it’s your first time switching to a low-cost carrier. When you sign up, you’ll receive a colorful activation kit with instructions.

Mint also has video tutorials to help you activate your service and either transfer your number or request a new one.

If you need further assistance, the redesigned Mint app is the place to go. From there, you can get chat support or find the customer service phone number.

The app is also the best place to monitor your data usage. Take a look:

Since Mint Mobile’s plans have high-speed data limits, the app will help you see how much data is remaining for the month and when your data renews.

Elsewhere in the app, you can complete tasks like making a payment and changing your payment method.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Mint Mobile?

8 Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile doesn’t offer all of the premium perks that T-Mobile is known for, but it does have cheap phone plans that can substantially lower your cell phone bill.

If you want T-Mobile’s network for a lower price, I highly recommend Mint Mobile.


  • Affordable multi-month plans
  • 5G available at no extra charge
  • Easy activation and setup
  • Solid app experience


  • No monthly plan option
  • Deprioritization during network congestion
  • No physical stores

There are other alternatives to T-Mobile’s postpaid plans. Metro by T-Mobile and T-Mobile Connect are two prepaid options that you may want to consider as well.

Have you tried Mint Mobile? Add to my real customer review in the comments below!

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Jimdo Review





We are living in a digital world where most of the businesses are online. The Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Be it professional or any personal work, we need to rely on online websites for almost everything. In the last couple of years, the online world has become even more relevant and progressive. Right from shopping to education to businesses to startups, the online world has become indispensable for almost everyone. With the changing market dynamics and culture and a sudden boom of social media networking sites, every prominent business, a young startup, a freelancer, or a professional consultant need to have a website to consolidate their positioning on search engines to grab the attention of netizens and social media audience. The best part is that building a professional and technology-driven website is now much easier than before with Jimdo. You might be wondering what that is.

Well, Jimdo is a reputed online brand to create a stunning website, or an e-commerce store without putting in much effort, time, and energy. It takes care of everything to deliver the best website for your business, profession, or interest.

About Jimdo

Jimdo is a German company that offers a website builder, hosting solutions, and digital website services. It’s headquarter is in Hamburg and offices in Munich and Tokyo. It was started in 2007 and currently, it has over 200 employees.

The brand is committed to empowering self-employed people with a powerful website to help them rule the digital world. The brand wants to bring every self-employed online to unleash their creative powers and skills and help them to find the best clients all across the world.

Currently, the brand has over 480,000 websites across the world. Despite having Wix, Squarespace, the brand has managed to power so many sites and still counting. The best part is that it offers a unique platform and process altogether unlike others.

Building a brand new website through JIMDO is quite risk-free and effective as it keeps updating your website design, features, and other things with new concepts and developments. Hence, users don’t need to make much effort.

How does JIMDO build a website?


JIMDO works in a very unique manner. It’s nothing short of a hosted solution wherein a user doesn’t need to install any software or buy any hosting. It purely runs in a browser. The brand offers everything right from a domain to template to hosting to content management. Users just need to make efforts on the content to publish on their website.

Products & Services

JIMDO offers a versatile range of products and services to kickstart one’s business, startup, online store, or venture.

Let’s quickly take a look at it’s prominent products and services.


  • Website

Creating a professional website is one of the major products of JIMDO. It offers different plans, features, and specifications to create a professional website as per one’s requirements. One can also choose to create a customized website through it’s Creator feature.

To create a website, the brand offers 4 plans.


–              UNLIMITED: Here, the brand charges Rs.1250 per month from the user. The plan offers unlimited storage, professional design, premium customer support feature right after taking the plan. HTTPS security, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 20 forwarding email addresses, contact forms, mobile optimization, pictures library, unlimited web pages, advanced SEO, quick Google indexing, and statistics.

–              GROW: This is a business plan that costs Rs. 500 per month. It offers basic features along with SEO, visitors statistics, personalized support in just 4 hours, 15GB storage, 20GB bandwidth, 5 forwarding email addresses, free domain, HTTPS security, contact forms, mobile optimization, image library, 50 website pages, advanced SEO, fast indexing on Google, ad-free services, and statistics.

–              START: It is meant for all those seeking a personal website to pursue their habit for writing or any creative work, or to showcase their talent to the world. It costs Rs. 300 a month. It includes a domain, HTTPS security, 5GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, customer support within 2 days, 1 forwarding email address, contact forms,  mobile optimization, image library, 10 website pages, advanced SEO, ad-free service, and statistics.

–              Play: This is a free-of-cost plan wherein users will get a subdomain, HTTPS security, 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, contact forms, mobile optimization, image library, and 5 website pages. Being a free plan, it comes with a limited number of features.

  • Online store

The brand also offers an online store service wherein it creates a professional online store backed by all the crucial integrations and features.

In this category, it offers 3 plans listed below.

–              VIP: This is a complete professional plan that comes with a full toolbox to achieve success. It costs Rs. 1250 a month and offers multiple features. A user will get unlimited storage, professional design, an online store, zero transaction fees, HTTPS security, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, customer support within an hour, 20 forwarding email addresses, multiple payment methods, product variety, multiple product layouts, discount codes, social selling, strikethrough prices, unlimited web pages, image library, ad-free service, statistics, advanced SEO, etc.

–              BUSINESS: It’s the best-seller plan wherein one gets a professional online store without paying much a month. The plan costs Rs. 650 a month. It comes with product variants, social marketing, social selling, zero transaction fees, HTPPS security, free domain, 15GB storage, 20 GB bandwidth,  customer support in 4 hours, multiple payment methods, discount codes, multiple product layouts, advanced SEO, statistics, professional design, ad-free service, 50 web pages, etc.

–              BASIC: This is the 3rd plan that costs Rs. 500 per month. As the name suggests, it comes with basic features to kickstart a small online store. It is meant to manage and export orders seamlessly. The plan offers limited features such as an online store, zero transaction fees, free domain, 10GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth, customer support within 4 hours, multiple payment methods, 10 web pages, ad-free services, contact forms, mobile optimization, and statistics.

  • Domain

To kickstart your website in this fast-paced online world, one has to find a unique domain name. Jimdo assists you with the best domain names with it’s smartest process to find and register the best domain name for your business. The brand offers a custom domain name registration with HTTPS security, hosting, and in accordance with GDPR. It also offers four different domain extensions, including.COM, .ORG, .INFO, and .CO.UK.

In case, one has a domain name then he can transfer a domain at Jimdo.

  • Logo

If you are looking for an impressive logo then Jimdo will assist you with it. The brand offers a free logo creator tool that helps you to get a personal or professional logo within a few minutes effortlessly. One can design it right from the scratch with the help of an intuitive logo maker offered by the brand. There are multiple high-quality formats to download the logo, resizing options available for social media profiles, multiple color combinations, a rich library of fonts and icons, and users will get full rights to use it anywhere. There is no license fee for it.

  • Instagram and Facebook selling services

The brand also helps you to sell your products on two major social media websites, Facebook and Instagram with it’s amazing tricks and social ads. The brand helps users to set up a shop on Instagram and Facebook to turn their followers into regular customers. The brand helps in social media marketing and promotion to make your online store or website popular and in limelight.


  • Jimdo blog

The brand offers a comprehensive blog for young entrepreneurs and small businesses to scale up their sales and achieve success. One can easily get suggestions and guidance on self-employment, how to start a business, how to create a profitable website, tips on creating an online store, tips on SEO and marketing, etc.

The blog gives a deep insight into digital world news, tips, inspirational stories, startups, business ideas, etc.

  • JIMDO Support

If someone has questions related to Jimdo’s exclusive website builder or any other product or service, then they can easily visit this section. The section is designed to answer all the queries related to Jimdo’s basics, designs, website builder, online store, plans, SEO, domain, email, etc.

  • Inspiration

In this section, the brand offers inspiring and successful websites built with the help of an incredible Jimdo website builder. Here, one can find out excellent examples to get inspiration from and design amazing websites for their personal or professional goals.


The main vision of Jimdo is to bring the digital revolution and empower self-employed people through it’s incredible digital products and services.

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