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A Complete Guide To Buy Men’s Belt: Pick the Best One to Amplify Your Style Quotient



Men’s Belt

The times have gone when wearing a pant at half-mast was a fashion thing. If you are willing to make a proper impression then it is highly essential to be secured completely. No wonder, a butt crack on display can bring sheer embarrassment. However, the best thing you can do is to secure yourself with a nice belt. A lot of men have a maximum of one or two belts in their wardrobe as a fashion accessory. It is a misconception that belts are a mundane accessory but they can surely amplify your outfit.

Unlike the good old days when belts were only considered a piece of accessories to hold the pants, they are now considered to be a finishing touch with visually completes the entire outfit. There is no doubt about the fact that women also get attracted to this accessory and men look dapper. It is an imperative accessory that can make a big impact on your styling as well as your personality.

However, most men feel confused when they go shopping for belts. A lot of variety, buckles, and straps can leave anyone puzzled. So, to avoid that here is a complete guide for every man to choose the right belt to amplify their outfit.

Know your belt


A belt is known to be a cinching system that usually is worn around the waist so that it can hold a man’s pants or denim. One can call it a method of carrying garments. Most of the belts are used to amplify the entire outfit or decorate it. There are two major parts of a belt which are a buckle and a strap. A lot of belts come with a keeper loop or end tip. The end tip is known to secure the end part of the belt and make it easy to buckle. After completing the process, the keeper loop is known to stop the end to flap around.

However, some belts have joined straps as well as buckles. The point when the buckle joins the strap is known as the chape. Also, there are mainly two types of belts which are a formal belt and a casual belt. The formal belts can be worn with your formal attire like tuxedos or formal trousers and causal belts can be worn with pieces of denim, casual trousers, etc.

Different types of belt buckles


It is never a good idea to feel stuck with only one type of belt buckle when you can enjoy more than one. Here are some of the different types of belt buckles that you need to have in your wardrobe to mix match with your outfits:


  • Frame buckle belt– It is mostly worn with formal attire. The strap goes through the frame buckle and the prong goes via the holes which allow you to fasten the belt.


  • Plate buckle belt– The plate buckle is detachable and comes in the category of decorative. Also, the hook of the buckle is in the front of the belt strap.


  • Box buckle belt– This is a hollow buckle belt that is made of metal and has an open end. Its post allows the strap to get inside the box and you don’t need any strap holes.


  • Box-out buckle belt– It has a decent leather frame which is found mainly in women’s fashion. However, the box-out buckle is not durable and is better for decoration.


  • Micro-adjustable buckle belt– It used a track system with a ratchet style. The folding metal allows the ‘teeth’ to get into the strap. However, you don’t need any holes but some adjustments.


  • Snap buckle belt– This is a very functional buckle that is found both in female as well as men’s belts. However, it is different from snap belts.


  • O-Ring or D-ring buckle belt– This type of buckle is very casual and is made with one or two metal rings. You will find it mostly with canvas, braided, or web belts.

Different types of belt strap materials

There is not only one type of belt strap material but many. You can find a huge variety of strap materials in belts that can be paired with various outfits. Here are the prominent ones with details.

  • Leather material– Under leather belt straps cowhide is very common. Here are some variations in leather belt straps:
  • Full-grain leather – This is an amazing as well as hardwearing belt strap. You can find the finest quality belt strap in full-grain leather.


  • Braided leather – This type of strap is used with a frame belt buckle. You can either go for a multicolored braided leather strap or a monochrome braided leather strap which looks great with casual looks.


  • Suede – This can be used for casual attire but is slightly less durable in comparison to full-grain leather. However, it looks chic and stylish.


  • Exotic leather material– This type of belt strap material goes well with casual outfits. But if you go for dark shades then you might pair them with your formal clothes.
  • Ostrich – It looks very bold and has pockmarks on it. However, they are very costly but look nice on some occasions.


  • Lizard, crocodile, or alligator – These are highly expensive and you won’t find that at a random store. They come with recognizable patterns as well as textures.


  • Other materials– There are various other belt strap materials that you can opt for.
  • Vinyl – This belt strap material is very cheap and comes in various colors. Such type of belt can look nice with a young man’s style but can look cheap with an older man’s style.


  • Leather-backed ribbon – This is a very casual belt strap that comes in bold colors as well as motifs. You will mostly find it with a frame buckle. This type of belt strap suits well with boat shoes or golf shoes.


  • Canvas – The origin of this belt strap is military. It is a very functional belt strap and goes perfect with a box buckle.


  • Webbing – This is another useful belt strap material that is great for outdoor activities. The webbing belt strap material comes in various exciting colors and patterns. Also, you will mostly find a buckle of a D-ring.


  • Faux leather – This belt strap material is made with polyurethane and is durable and you don’t have to bother about its maintenance. Also, they look realistic but don’t have the same pattern as real leather.


Know the Difference between a casual and formal belt


 Before deciding which belt to buy for your formal and casual attire, it is essential to know the difference between them. Just like any other part of your outfit, there are formal belts as well as causal belts. The formal belts are meant to be worn with suits or business outfits. And casual belts are meant to be worn with men’s premium jeans, shorts, casual trousers, etc.

Which belts are to be worn for formal occasions?


Leather is the best belt material for formal outfits. You can choose either black or brown color belts to match your formal outfits as other colors can seem inappropriate and make you look out of place. Few colors like tan, navy, grey, or white are somewhat smart-casual but can go with your formal summer day outfits. However, when you are choosing your formal belt ensure that the belt matches the shoes also the metal of it. The belt shouldn’t be of the same color but somewhat similar to the shoes. This is the best way to avoid any mistakes.

Which belts are to be worn for casual occasions?

For casual outfits, you have the freedom to choose your belt leather but you need to be careful about the metal. You can choose to wear a casual leather belt with a pair of different types of denim as it is broad, tough, as well as stiff. Also, such belts come with an interchangeable buckle like frame style, cowboy buckle, and much more. The buckle of a casual belt is bigger as compared to formal belts. However, the buckle of the causal occasion goes with the shoes, for instance, if you are going to wear cowboy shoes then opt for a cowboy belt.

The right way to choose the size for a belt

After deciding which belt you want to style, it is essential to ponder upon the correct size of the belt. Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while choosing the size for a belt:

  • The size of the belt needs to be 1-2 inches long as compared to the size of the pant waist. For instance, if you wear 40’ size of your pants then you need to have 41’ or 42’ inches of the belt.
  • Also, you can measure the size of the new belt with the old one.
  • In case you are buying a plate buckle belt then keep in mind that throw is going to add length to the belt.
  • If you by chance bought the wrong size belt then don’t make the mistake of doing holes with a knife or sharp object but instead ask a local cobbler to do it.
  • Also, formal belts need to have a short tail end otherwise they may look bad.
  • The width of a casual belt should be 1.75 inches and the width of a formal belt should be 1.5 inches.

Tips To Buy a High-Quality Belt without Going Wrong


There are some easy and effective tips to buy a premium quality belt for formal or casual occasions.

  • Always pick soft leather that shows no signs of a crack. If you are not aware of it then hold and mold the belt. Or, ask for calfskin belts as they are the best leather belts.
  • Always try to make a mark on a belt with your fingernail. If a mark is not visible then it means it’s pretty premium, soft, and fresh leather.
  • Always pay attention to the stitching part. If the stitching is precise and tight with no loose ends then it’s a green signal for you to purchase it.

5 Belts that Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe


  • Leather

Undoubtedly, it’s a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. In fact, here we are talking about a premium black leather belt in a slim design to wear tailored outfits such as suits. One can also buy in brown color to bring in versatility factor.

  • Woven

If you want to amplify your casual look then add a woven belt to your outfits. You can either buy cotton or leather in a different color palette. They can go best with polo t-shirts and shorts to add a distinctive look.

  • Webbed

It’s also one of the must-have belts in a man’s wardrobe. It’s more of an everyday kind of belt that can go with any casual outfit to bring variety to your style. These belts mostly come in nylon or cotton straps with rectangular metal boxes.

  • Suede

If you want to add texture to your outfits then opt for suede belts. If you are going for an evening dinner party, informal occasions, or casual ones then you can add this to your outfit to add a unique textured look to your outfit. However, it’s not meant for a strictly formal occasion.

  • Colorful

Black and brown are go-to belts when it comes to informal or formal occasions. However, one must keep some vibrant colors to add a touch of funkiness to your outfits without going too loud. Hence, pick some amazing colors such as burgundy, beige, navy, and dark green that are subtle and one can wear them with any outfit.


A lot of men take belts very lightly and brush off the fact that it an important accessory. However, adding a belt to your attire can spruce up the whole look making you look dapper. Plus, it adds some structure to your whole outfit. The above-mentioned guide covers every point which you need to know about belts such as types of straps, buckles, the right size guide, and the belts that every man must have in his wardrobe, and much more. Hence, this essential guide will surely help you to get the belt for your outfit without going wrong.

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Allbirds Tree Flyer in Blizzard, $160

Allbirds Tree Flyer in Blizzard

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The midsoles have a geometric shape that’s specifically designed to give maximum cushioning while remaining lightweight. The heels have an external counter and flared shape for stability so that your strides are more smooth and steady. Plus, they offer better energy return to make your movements feel more effortless.

To ensure the Tree Flyers are up to par for long-distance running, they’ve been put through rigorous testing over the past year by more than 130 runners who have collectively run nearly 4,000 miles in them. So it’s safe to say, they’re worth the investment.

The Allbirds Tree Flyers are available in men’s and women’s sizes in five colors for $160. As with previous launches, sizes are already starting to sell out quickly. So head on over to Allbirds’ website to get yourself a pair of the newest sneakers before they’re gone.

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Allbirds Tree Flyer in Natural Black

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10 Best Converse Sneakers in 2022




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About Converse

Converse is one of the many brands that leaped from hardwood to the streets and became a famous household label for all-rounder, beater-worthy sneakers. As thousands of variations continue to spring up from this brand, it’s easy to get drowned in the pool of options.

Don’t worry. This is where we come in. Take us as your SNEAKER LIFESAVERS.

We plucked the best from hundreds of Chuck and One Star look-alikes plus many other spinoffs in between to make the scout easier for you. We don’t just highlight the popular ones, but the best-rated selections too. We wear-test more than 100 pairs to highlight the comfiest, highly durable, and most flexible ones.

If you’re a budget-conscious and practical hunter, we’ve collected all the best deals as we do the math for you.

How we test sneakers

We do all the legwork while you enjoy a hassle-free sneaker purchase.

  • We buy all the pairs of Converse kicks we test here with our own money to give our honest opinion and a lineup of our top choices.
  • We spend practically the entire day subjecting each sneaker through rigorous pounding on different surfaces.
  • Our main parameters include quality, comfort, fit, endurance, and function.

Best Converse sneakers overall

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top



  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Breathable
  • Perfect for summer months
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance
  • Timeless classic


  • Lacks arch support
  • Not good for a long period


Converse Chucks high top has a more famous sibling, the All Star Low. We find the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top more universal and all-rounder than its ankle-high brother. So, what’s its star quality? It matches practically with just about anything!

If you have a vague kind of fashion style and you want a do-it-all sort of sneaker, you’d never go wrong with a pair that remains relevant for a century now. Its canvas style survived the Flower Power, Grunge, Retro, Gen Z trends. And it shows no signs of retiring.

Even the most distressed pair, which we literally subjected to drill and stain tests, look kicky, striking, and funky!

We tested over 100 Converse kicks only to end up with the All Star Low Top as the runaway winner in both style and comfort. It’s close to having a barefoot experience as it won’t weigh your feet down with excessive padding.

Barely are there any arch supports, but the relatively roomy build provides enough room for custom orthotics.

Breathability isn’t an issue, as the fabric allows air to circulate in and out. Moving around with this kick is such a breeze.

Whether you prefer a clean, straightforward, and minimalist sneaker to squeeze into your rotation or looking for a practical canvas sneaker to express your creativity, this low-top Chucks is a big cheese!

Converse Chuck 70 Low Top



  • Excellent comfort
  • Stylish
  • Vintage appeal
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple colorways
  • Great update of Chucks All Star
  • Top-notch quality


  • Runs large
  • Poor support
  • Heavier than All Star


What do we love most about the Converse Chuck 70 Low Top, an almost identical twin brother of the Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top? It got an edgier vibe. For us, those nitty-gritty modifications tied into this vintage-dressed sneaker are the deal clinchers!

After giving the Chuck 70 good pounding on wooden and concrete surfaces, we could solidly say it’s smashing! The intricate fabric weaving on this shoe can take up severe beating!

Did we say that this shoe offers a dynamic fit, something that’s missing in the Old Joe? That’s one of the things we immediately noticed about this updated kick. Gone was the plastic heel cap that’s traditionally a must in most older Chucks. We can still feel the support and stability with the ergonomic heel structure.

Even the rubber foxing that’s 5mm higher than the usual height gives us that exceptional added stability.

The best makeover to the Chuck 70 is the most wanted arch support coming from its cushy foam insole. Walking miles with this is a happy adventure!

A denser rubber compound laid at the base helps us cover more miles without wear and tear marks.

Its $80 price tag may be a bit pricier than the traditional low-top Chucks, but the Chuck 70 got that primo element without being a burden to your budget.

Best high-top Converse sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top




  • According to a very good number of reviewers, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops’ design can tie your whole outfit together and make any streetwear look stylish.
  • Some have added that the shoes provide a good look for any age or gender.
  • The high-top sneakers are comfortable and versatile, many people have reported.
  • Several have mentioned that these are great for kicking around in, working out, and skateboarding.
  • Several purchasers have noted that the colorways of the Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops looked rich and exactly as they did on website pictures.
  • The high-top Converse sneakers provide a good fit width-wise for people with narrow to wide feet, some testers have remarked.
  • The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops have an affordable price, according to a handful of buyers’ comments.
  • A few users have written that the retro silhouette is durable and, one user recounted, his first pair lasted him years.
  • A couple of consumers have stated that the Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops are easy to clean off and, with proper care, will look new every time you wash them.
  • Two customers have mentioned in their reviews that the Converse silhouette is light and breathable.


  • These high-top sneakers from Converse have flat and not very flexible soles, several users have said.
  • Some have added that the shoes also do not have any arch support so cushioned inserts may be in order.


Everybody’s well-loved Chuck Taylor All Star High Top is unbeatable. When it comes to Converse and sneakers with high collars, the time-honored Chuck Taylor is The KING!

From sporty, athleisure, casual to formal wear, the classic Chucks just goes with everything! Even as our feet look like Ronald Mc Doland’s at times, we love how it can accommodate different width types, from narrow to wide footed ones among us.

It’s ready for some grinding and gnashing while still looking great! It suits any style preference as it remains stylish when kept clean and slick or gets distressed with a ripped upper and tattered sole.

Whether we get it dirtied under mud or rain, it stays charming still. In fact, the more raggedy and broken it looks, the more we can’t let it go. It’s the kind of beaters that you’d want to go tossing around over and over until the sole gets all busted. And that doesn’t happen quickly.

Our feet stayed snug and dry the whole day we were strapped to this shoe. Its upper let our feet breathe while the perforated suede liner has tiny holes that allow air to flow in and out.

Chucks has been proving its worth over and over. And if there’s one high-top from Converse that will always find a space in our essential wardrobe arsenal, it’s this affordable, ageless gunner.

Converse Chuck 70 High Top



  • Excellent comfort
  • Cushy footbed
  • Clean stitching
  • Versatile looks
  • Good lateral support
  • Durable
  • Worth the price


  • Heavier than other Chucks
  • Poor arch support
  • Not orthotic-friendly


The Converse Chucks takes the front line when it comes to street legends that show no signs of retiring. When it comes to heightened comfort, the Converse Chuck 70 High-Top is the hero. It’s simply a game-changer!

Chuck 70 ups the ante compared to the most common-looking Chucks that everybody loves. It’s graced with more cushioning and a more resistant canvas cover while retaining the versatility indelibly attached to the Chuck Taylor Hi.

We enjoyed swinging around the city day in and out for an entire month wearing this. The extra cushy sockliner makes the day-to-day experience more pleasurable. Did we say its insole is damn moisture-wicking? That indeed puts a 100% added comfort every time we wear this shoe for long hours.

We love how it clasps our feet as it has the essential support and stability we’re looking for in a high-top canvas shoe.

There’s no reason to switch sneakers at the end of a full day’s shift or long-day errand as everything feels strangely lighter than it seems.

Durability is unquestionable! It remains loyal in keeping our feet secured and protected for a lengthy time.

If you’re a vintage-loving soul and won’t trade comfort for anything else, this shoe is something you should consider adding to your rotation.

Best platform Converse sneakers

Converse Run Star Hike



  • Stylish
  • Uniquely-modified Chucks
  • Comfy 
  • Elevated
  • Lightweight
  • Pairs well with any attire
  • Supportive


  • Gets dirty easily
  • Laces are too long
  • Lacks traction


With a jagged, chunky rubber sole, the Converse Run Star Hike takes us to greater heights!

There’s more to love about this fashion-forward twist to the Converse Chuck Taylor than its not-to-be-missed aesthetic. Aside from style and statement, it has soul in its sole! And that’s the single thing missed out in most platform kicks from Converse.

We challenged ourselves to see if this is worthy to be called a podiatry shoe. We slipped into it for a minimum of 8 hours a day and the result blew our minds!

It’s beefy and sturdy sole with jagged tread is d-y-n-a-m-i-t-e! It gave us the needed stability to keep us covered during multiple activities. It thwarts unnecessary rolling of the foot. With its supportive build, it didn’t leave us with sleepless nights griping about foot pain, inflammation, and joint stress.

It’s heaven for the feet especially among us who are hypermobile, overpronated, have mild osteoarthritis, and minimal ankle instability. That attention-grabbing platform sole kept us surefooted and balanced.

Our toes didn’t get cramped as we moved around. There’s enough wiggle room at the front. Our feet are snugly tucked enjoying each ride without any pressure. We weren’t bothered by bunion and toenail pain as we stayed elevated throughout the wear test.

It made us strut in style with our favorite casual, sporty, and hiker garbs without being bugged by any form of discomfort.

This stylish hiker is a real winner!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move



  • Mighty cushy
  • Lightweight
  • Neck-breaking snazziness
  • Very affordable
  • Height enhancer
  • Supremely cozy straight out of the box
  • Fashionably versatile
  • Prevents odor buildup


  • Not for narrow feet
  • A tad lacking in arch support


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Move kept us in the groove, feeling lifted and light! It makes us stand loud and proud!

This modest-looking shoe is really a rockstar! Given its angular platform base, it makes up one of the most fashion-forward overhauls to the old-school baller that every sneaker lover adores.

Despite looking weighty, this charmer feels ultra-light making those walks and glides enjoyable.

This shoe lets us cover miles and be on our feet for more than 8 hours a day. That height-boosting sole offers tons of cushioning without getting our feet stressed or blistered.

Did we say it’s graced with a moisture-wicking OrthoLite insole too? That little add-on is a BOMB! It helps dampen any pressure or tension even as we went pounding along the streets for one straight month.

It gave us the freedom to express our creativity and fashion sense as it’s so stylish! Its recast look never failed to punctuate strings of outfits we wore for our daily activities. We love playing around with our OOTDs and getting endless Intagramable shots with this.

It made us move and groove; that’s why we adore it so.

Best leather Converse sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Ox



  • Clean design
  • Eye-appealing
  • Functional
  • Sturdy
  • Good for indoor soccer


  • Poor arch support
  • Leather quality isn’t superb


When it comes to Converse sneakers with premium leather quality, you’ll sing happy notes, too, as we did after trying the Converse Chuck Taylor All Leather Ox on.

Its quintessential style is its ticket to land among the best leather Converse creations, at least to our probing eyes.

Converse gave us good reasons to look refined even with an unadorned pair of coats, plain tees, jeans, knitted jackets, or capri. Thanks to the chichi vibe that goes with every pair of CTAS Leather Ox.

Its soft leather cover didn’t give us a hard time. It has draped our feet with comfort since day one.

It made our feet adjust to the mold instantaneously. There was an instant connection, and we just loved it!

The upper is solidly attached to the vulcanized rubber sole. Even as we were sporting this for practically most of the day for several weeks, there was no single time it got detached from the sole. It isn’t the most hard-wearing, but we can’t deny its durability.

Go for this oxford cut if you want a different take to the canvas Chucks and don’t want the enhanced ankle coverage. We won’t blame you if you decide to cop not one but two or more pairs.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi



  • Easy to clean
  • Worth its price
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile
  • Matches various outfits
  • Good quality
  • Provides feet protection


  • Sidewalls come off
  • Poor arch support
  • Tongue slips to the side


We love the canvas Chucks for its unruffled, easy-going style but we also adore the luxe and swanky form that goes with every pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi.

Even with a price that’s a fraction higher than the traditional Chucks (influenced by the use of smooth leather), it’s worth adding to anyone’s sneaker selections. Every time we need a more classy and formal pair of shoes on days we want to look more dignified and refined, this shoe is a lifesaver!

The leather cover may be sturdier versus the customary canvas, but it softens over time and adheres to the shape of the foot when strapped up. This is where we felt we got excellent value for our money.

Another factor that got us drawn to this silhouette is its vulcanized sole construction. We didn’t feel any generous padding around the shoe but it kept us cozied inside. It’s phenomenally light and remarkably flexible!

If you’re planning to get an all-leather sneaker from Converse for everyday use, take our word and try to step into the world of the CTAS Core Leather Hi.

Converse sneakers with best comfort

Converse Star Player



  • Comfortable: Scores of users are chirpy that the Converse Star Player is comfy to wear all day.
  • Exact: Loads of reviews about this shoe tell that it offers a perfect fit.
  • Durable: As per several skaters, the outsole stays intact for over a month of frequent use.
  • Grippy: Quite many wearers are ecstatic that they don’t easily slip with its rubber outsole.
  • Protected: Legions of Converse followers assert that this shoe grants better support than the All Stars.


  • Extended: Few commenters say that it comes with a long tongue that tends to slide to the sides.
  • Foot ache: About a handful of patrons say this style rubs against their heel.


When it comes to comfort, the Converse Star Player bags the MVP!

Out of the insanely vast number of Converse sneakers, how did this stellar pair win our hearts? Here’s its score sheet.

It provides a homey environment for our feet. Even as we got our feet planted in this shoe for more than 8 hours a day, it didn’t cause us to develop ankle, Achilles, and arch pain.

It’s simply amusing, admirable, A-1 with the right amount of padded detailing and comfort it granted our feet.

The adequately foamed interior compared to the nearly barefooted original makes every trip satisfying. Plus, it helps in providing an enhanced lockdown feel with its fully customizable lace-up system.

We didn’t feel any heel slippage making it more enjoyable to bring this Star Player everywhere. Even the waffle patterned rubber tread delivers traction. We didn’t have those unwanted slips.

It’s the kind of Chuck that’s friendly and forgiving, traits that sum up a real Star Player.

Converse El Distrito



  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Extra ankle and tongue padding
  • Excellent support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Better construction
  • Fashionable appeal
  • Clean-looking
  • Attractive style


  • Slightly narrow
  • Inadequate ventilation


To our discriminating taste buds, the Converse El Distrito is a real tough cookie!

Everyone’s most loved Chuck gets even more hard-wearing as it’s swaddled with a durable canvas. We took it on a month-long urban expedition, and it wowed us. This cookie doesn’t crumble!

Its padded tongue and lining make each foot adventure comfier than we expected. It even has a cushioned insole that filters in all the load and stress. These elements help reduce any pressure that may come into contact with our feet.

Given the added technologies infused into this former hardwood star sneaker, it incredibly feels light. It makes us fly whichever direction our feet take us.

Not only does it aces in comfort, durability, style, and versatility, but in value too. It’s just one of the budget-friendly Converse low-tops you won’t regret adding to your go-to sneaker lineup.

You’d hardly allow it just to accrue dust in your sneakerpile as its universal style works satisfyingly well with heaps of casual, sporty, and street-ready outfits.

The colorways for this silhouette are vast, so you can play around with your Instagram shots while wearing different shades of the El Distrito.

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