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PETstock’s Pawsome CRO: What Can You do to Increase Your Online Purr-chases?




This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through links on this post, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thanks.

The online pet store industry has been booming for the past few years and the competition is fierce. Australia alone has over 10 online pet stores. Pet retailers need to stay ahead and continuously increase sales if they want to see consistent and sustainable growth in their online business. 

With the competition so tight, even the smallest website improvements can help increase your online conversions. 

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? This week we’ll be looking at one of the most successful online pet retailers in Australia – Petstock – to learn how they stay best in show – and uncover the hidden op-purr-tunities to improve their conversions.

Traffic is high, and Load Speed could be improved


Currently, Petstock places third (behind PetBarn and PetCircle) for total traffic engagement per month in Australia for Pet and Animals websites, according to web traffic analytics site, Similar Web.


I tested the load time for each page as I moved along the buying journey, here are the results.  

Home – 4.46s

Product – 5.6s

Cart – 5.9s

Checkout – over 20 secs for the 3 steps combined 

According to industry-leading CRO experts, ConversionXL

  • 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less
  • 57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes three seconds or more to load.
  • At peak traffic times, more than 75% of online consumers left for a competitor’s site rather than suffer delays.

Buyers are impatient and are always comparing their shopping experience with other sites. Turtle speeds and long waiting times are a bad user experience. For Petstock, optimizing page load times may be something to explore.

Home Page  


1. Use Headings and CTAs in banners that set & meet users’ expectations

Petstock’s home page changes based on current promotions and sales. We will be looking at just this edition in the screenshot. 

Our attention is immediately drawn to the big CUTE puppy eyes and big orange view cart button before we even notice the promotion.

There is very low contrast between the title of the promotion “ Catalogue sale on now” and the background image. It doesn’t stand out and is easily missed. Good contrast between text and background colour or images and increasing the size of the text will make the promo heading easier to read for the shopper.

Given the prominence of the “Catalogue sale on now!” heading, I assumed the CTA button would lead to a sales page or the store’s catalogue. Instead, I was taken to a filtered category page with only Royal Canin dog food products.
The confusion could have been avoided if the heading had instead read “Royal Canin 20% off.” If the heading refers to the catalogue, it is natural to assume the CTA button would lead to an online catalogue.
Many customers may react in the same way. The largest heading trumps everything else in the same vicinity – make sure your headings and CTA buttons align and set and meet the right expectations.

We find the “View Catalogue” button further down the homepage but it’s not very obvious. 


Recommended use of CTA buttons to drive catalogue conversions – If Petstock wants to push their catalogue sales, they could instead place their catalogue CTA as a large button in the centre of the page, coloured in orange just like their ‘view to cart’ button. 

2. Always place compelling value propositions higher up on the page

Further down we can see this row of icons:


The icons themselves are clear and communicate very simply Petstock’s compelling value propositions or “reasons to buy from us” – this is so crucial to the buying decision and we think they have done an awesome job with the design.

But they are located midway down the page, meaning users have to scroll a while to see them. By moving the icons higher up the page, users will more likely see (and hopefully be swayed by) the value offerings. Always place compelling value propositions further up the page.

3. Show Categories with sale/promo tags above the fold to get people to scroll down


There are some products with “Hot Price” red tags just above the fold. This is great, as sale products attract attention and let the user know there could be some great deals below the fold, motivating people to scroll down.

4. Use a visually clear and compelling Newsletter Signup to grow your email list [your biggest asset]


This is a well known best practice, but I had to mention it. A good, visually clear text field asks users to enter their email address. However, the signup heading is a bit ambiguous: “Join the Family!”
When you want users to signup to your newsletter, you’re asking for personal information, so you need to sell it. Try to use an incentive like “Get $20 off your first order! Join the family!” or “Get exclusive online-only deals.”

Category Page

1. Use less distracting and smaller photos to communicate value propositions


On their category pages, I noticed they have a thin banner below the main navigation bar providing information about Free Shipping, Auto Ship discounts and Click and Collect options – this works well as it’s a great reminder for customers and doesn’t take up much space.

However, there are also three additional, larger CTAs for the same information with associated pet images. 

To reduce cognitive load, always avoid repeating information. Additionally, these images push the product content below the fold, when the products should really be the stars of the product category page.

Although the puppers are cute, these images do distract from the product’s content. When adding new elements to a page, it’s important to keep in mind “What’s the objective of this page?”. The Category page’s objective is to help customers find the product that meets their needs. Nothing else should override that objective.


For their mobile version of the page, Petstock might want to look at bringing the products upwards above the fold. They can do this by reducing the size of the value proposition banners or shortening the category description.

2. Use promo stickers to get attention


In this section, the red SALE sticker on some products gets your attention effectively and keeps you scrolling down. With the exception of luxury goods, using promo stickers on Category pages is a must. Customers don’t want to be forced to find the SALE page to figure out what’s on sale. Good job!

The 15% Brand Cashback sticker is enticing, however, it covers the product title – a clerical error I’m sure, but not a great user experience. “Brand cashback” isn’t self explanatory, and seems vague. You don’t want users to navigate away from their buying journey to find out!

The customer doesn’t need to be reminded again that they can save 15% with Autoship since I’ve been told twice before above. 

Taking out the unnecessary content would simplify the page and show the user more products per screen. 

Product Page

1. Price should be super clear. Subscription prices should be smaller in size to avoid confusion.


There’s a bit of a cognitive overload here. 

First off, the different prices, price range and discounted auto-ship pricing is all very overwhelming and confusing for a customer. Simplifying the text, sticking to a simpler pricing and colouring system would create less friction for the customer. For example, instead of giving a ‘price range’, you could say ‘From $24.79’.

I understand there is a push for Auto-ship because subscriptions means recurring revenue, so a less confusing way could be to reduce the size of the Auto-ship pricing in green, so you’re not at risk of compromising the one-off sale. Ideally, this should be AB tested.

It’s great that there is a star rating system for most (not all) products and reviews further down the page. Good social proof.


This is the mobile version of a product page. You can see right off the bat that the product images are laid out in a strange way so there is an inefficient use of space above the first fold.  It is also lacking crucial information above the fold: No prices, no product title, no add to cart button. Remember, always prioritise content that drives buying decisions further up the page so users don’t need to scroll far down to find it.

Here are a few examples from other online pet stores that do this page well:



Notice these sites have very clean and tidy UI, with only the most crucial elements pushing for your attention. Product pages should not have too much unnecessary cognitive load so the shopper can focus on what matters most for their buying decision.

2. Prompt users to go to Cart. And Upsell.


After adding a product to the cart there is no cart popup, just a tiny animation on the cart icon on the header (a pop up does not appear unless “View Cart” is hovered over). The animation is not a clear confirmation that the item has been added to the cart and could be missed.

A good A/B test that could improve Cart visits would be to test a popup appearing whenever a product is added to Cart, with 2 CTAs – CONTINUE SHOPPING and VIEW CART. Customers need to be prompted to go to the next step.


We get a different result when adding to cart on their mobile site. We are taken straight to the cart. (You can find more information in one of our next articles about whether it is best to remain on the product page or take them to a cart page after they click Add to cart.)

One thing clearly missing from this cart page is a product thumbnail image. It is a must.

Upsell opportunity: PETstock could consider showing an added to cart popup. A cart popup can also be an opportunity to upsell related products. If the customer is buying dental chews, they might be interested in a Fresh Mint Rope. 


Add To Cart Popup Example A


Add To Cart Popup Example B


1. Remove distracting links from the Checkout

This is the checkout account login/registration page. Down the page, there is a “Pet Smarts” section. This section has links to their blog posts. Links on checkout pages can potentially distract the checkout process and can lead users off the page. Petstock could consider A/B testing having this section versus not having this section on this page. 


Petstock has split its checkout process into multiple pages. This creates a couple of issues, one being the long load time mentioned previously. Additionally, every extra page is a potential drop off point.


Checkout Sign-in


Shipping Address


Shipping Method

Above are the three steps/pages required before we finally reach the payment page. 

This works for some website audiences where they prefer more consumable steps. But it can also be detrimental.

It’s crucial to review what percentage of customers are dropping-off cross each step in Google Analytics or Heap Analytics. If high, you know you have too many steps.


Payment Page

The user interface of this payment page isn’t optimised for a user-friendly experience.

The payment information fields should be prioritised further up above the fold. The payment methods can also be reduced to a smaller size.

Checkout Page tip: By removing the footer, we can reduce any distraction that may lead customers away from completing payment. 

To sum up…

Petstock has a fairly impressive website and there are some effective strategies other pet stores can learn from. However, there are some areas of opportunity Petstock can optimise or test to increase their conversion rate and profits. Simplifying their product and checkout pages should result in some quick wins and give them an edge in the competitive online pet store market. Meow. 

Whose website should we review next? Let us know in the comments for our next CRO Review!

The above points are best practices. But just using best practices won’t solve all your drop off issues.

For sustainable long-term improvements, your data and real customer evidence can identify the changes and tests your site really needs. You need to be mining your data, observing customer behaviours, seeing which pages are hot (and which ones aren’t), and asking your shoppers what kind of site would keep them coming back.

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Tailor Brands Review (2022) | Get Your Brand Logo Today



tailor brands review

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is on a mission to help ordinary folk build extraordinary brands online.

The better you can make your brand look, the better it’s going to perform.

People are more likely to use your services, buy your products or just visit your website if you have professional-looking branding. You don’t have to be a multinational giant like McDonald’s or Nike to have a great logo.

So how do you create a stylish logo for your site without investing loads of time and money?

Step forward Tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands is a machine-learning tool that helps entrepreneurs and website owners design powerful branding. You don’t need a huge design budget and you don’t need any technical skill to get a logo with Tailor Brands.

It’s one of the best logo makers online and has helped over three million customers.

According to the company, a new logo gets designed every second. So it must be doing something right!

In this Tailor Brands review we’ll look at:

  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Design quality
  • Additional Tailor Brands products…
  • And much more!

You can decide whether Tailor Brands is the right tool to create your logo. The best thing is: designing a logo on Tailor Brands is free. You can see what it looks like first before you decide to buy it.

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Review: Pros & Cons

Top Three Tailor Brands Pros

  1. Ease of use
    This is the first thing to highlight in a Tailor Brands review. The platform is very straightforward and getting a logo design is impressively painless. The presentation of your finished product is also top-quality.
  2. Add-on products
    From Tailor Brands business cards to email signatures and social media help, the full range of products goes beyond logos. Tailor Brands wants to be far more than your logo maker; it wants to be complete solution to your branding needs.
  3. Good value for money
    A wide array of supplementary products and services means Tailor Brands is good value for money. Pricing (more on this later) is clearly laid out on the website and each plan provides solid features as standard. What’s more, you can get a range of logos designed for free – what’s better value for money than that?

Top Two Tailor Brands Cons

  1. No phone support
    As any of you who have created a website will know, being able to speak to someone on the phone can be a huge help. So it’s a bit of a downside that Tailor Brands doesn’t offer phone support. That said, email support is quick and helpful, and the site is full of in-depth guides.
  2. Limited customization
    Tailor Brands does not provide one-on-one consulting with a designer to deliver a uniquely personalized logo. But it’s important to remember Tailor Brands logos are not pre-made and you can make tweaks, such as to the font and color schemes. Logos are created on the spot, based on the information you have given to the company.

How You Use Tailor Brands & What You Get

For our Tailor Brands review, we decided to put this quote on the company’s homepage to the test.

To get a logo on Tailor Brands, you have to answer a short questionnaire about your company and brand preferences. This includes the type of fonts you like and what your company’s name is.

For our dummy run, we launched a vintage car company…

tailor brands review

A bar tells you how much of the process you have left to complete.

tailor brands review

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

You can choose whether you want a logo based on an icon, a name or an initial, and can experiment with different font styles.

Top Tip: To get the most out of Tailor Brands, think about your business before you start. Is it formal or fun? A product or a service? Local or national? Working out your business’s identity first will help Tailor Brands generate the right logo for you.

Once you’ve finished, Tailor Brands’ algorithm will generate a number of logo options based on your answers. You can see how each one would look on things like business cards, bags and T-shirts.

Here’s our chosen logo on a website homepage, for example:

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

Overall, we found Tailor Brands’ system smooth, dynamic and even fun! We liked the fact that you can go back to a previous page if you’ve made a mistake without starting again.

Worried that Tailor Brands sounds too robotic?

Don’t be. Sure, Tailor Brands is automated but it doesn’t just churn out logos at random. The results are highly personalized because they’re based on the information you provide. It’s pretty rare to see this level of individuality in an affordable logo generator.

It’s like working with a designer, without the wince-inducing bill at the end! Of course, you won’t get exactly the same creativity as working with a full-time designer. But if you’re working to a budget, don’t know where to start, or don’t want to scan through thousands of graphics, Tailor Brands is a great option.

Is Tailor Brands easy to use?

Simplicity is Tailor Brands’ unique selling point. It’s the kind of tool we love because it democratizes web design – suddenly anyone can get a great logo for their brand!

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Traditionally, to get a stylish logo you’d have to work with a professional designer. This involves up-front costs and lots of back and forth discussions. At the end of the commission, you may not even end up with a logo you like!

But to generate a great logo on Tailor Brands, all you need to be able to do is:

  • Point
  • Click
  • Type

It’s really that straightforward.

Here’s an example from the Tailor Brands process:

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

Because the tool is so simple to get to grips with, it’s possible to try it multiple times until you find the best logo for you.

Once you’ve found your design, customizing it with new fonts or colors is very intuitive. This customization might feel a little limited if you have a very clear idea in your mind of the logo you want. But for most people, the designs will be more than enough. There’s also nothing stopping you taking your logo and using a tool like Adobe to jazz it up even further.

Tailor Brands also makes it very easy to preview how your logo is going to look before you decide to buy it.

You can download your logo as a high-resolution PNG or JPEG for online use, or as a printable Vector EPS file (only on the premium plan – more on plans later).

To find out how easy Tailor Brands is to use, give it a go on the button below…

Design: How Good Are Tailor Brands Logos?

So Tailor Brands’ logos are easy to make, but are they any good?

One important thing to say is that Tailor Brands is very transparent. Whether you think the logo is good, bad or ugly, there’s no hidden surprises. What you see on the screen is what your logo is going to look like.

The quality of Tailor Brands logos is high because the logos and fonts it uses are very polished.

Tailor Brands creates the most unique designs when compared to its competitors. It gets its images from a third-party vendor called Noun Project, which takes care of all licences from the image’s creator.

Noun Project’s library of icons is vast and the spec is very high. This is why Tailor Brands stands out among the low-effort, low-cost logo generators on the market.

Strictly speaking, there’s no guarantee your design will be unique to you. That’s also true of working with any designer or agency, of course! But Tailor Brands creates over a million different logo options for every order, so it’s highly unlikely your logo won’t be personal to you.

Tailor Brands treads the line between simplicity and affordability, and quality of designs. It’s why it’s a very good option if you’re a freelancer, a small business owner or entrepreneur, someone looking to create a brand online for the first time, or just if you’re working to a budget but don’t want to compromise completely on quality.

Just because you don’t have pockets as deep as McDonald’s doesn’t mean you should settle for a shoddy logo design, right?

This is a common question from customers, so we put it to Tailor Brands.

The company told us that while you are free to use your logo for non-commercial or commercial means, if you want to trademark it you’ll need to speak to an attorney.

This is because trademark laws vary from place to place. Tailor Brands is “not able to give legal advice” (and neither are we).

Tailor Brands Customer Support

Even with the easiest tools in the world, it’s encouraging to know help is available if you get stuck. So now’s the time in our Tailor Brands review to talk about customer support.

If there’s one downside to Tailor Brands it’s that it doesn’t offer phone support.

We know from building websites that having phone support on tap is an invaluable resource. There’s nothing quite like explaining your issue to a human being.

Having said that, Tailor Brands’ website has a solid FAQ section full of in-depth guides to answer your most pressing questions.

Customer support is available through an online form or through email on [email protected] In our first-hand experience, responses are quick, considerate and helpful. Tailor Brands says it aims to respond in 24-48 hours. We got an answer to our query comfortably within this window.

Part of the support offered, of course, is how easy Tailor Brands is to use. A lot of hard work has gone into making the logo-generating process as easy to use as possible.

We’ve designed tons of test logos using Tailor Brands and have never needed assistance.

Tailor Brands Pricing: How Much Does Tailor Brands Cost?

So how much does this all cost? No Tailor Brands review would be complete without a look at pricing.

There are three Tailor Brands subscription plans:

  • Basic: $9.99/month or $3.99/month if you pay for the year upfront
  • Standard: $19.99/month or $5.99/month if you pay for the year upfront
  • Premium: $49.99/month or $12.99/ month if you pay for the year upfront

There’s also an extra discount if you stump up for a two-year subscription. For example, the Basic plan only costs $2.50 per month if you pay for two years upfront!

And remember, it’s FREE to play around with the tool and create a logo.

All plans give you:

  • High-Resolution logo
  • Full ownership of your logo
  • Social media logo sizes
  • Logo resize tool

When you upgrade from the Basic plan to the Standard plan, you unlock more professional features, including:

  • Vector EPS files of your logo
  • A business card and stationery tool
  • A special seasonal logo generator

The Premium plan gives you even more, such as access to social media analytics and automations.

It’s important to note that you can cancel at any time and you’ll still get your logo and commercial rights. You’ll just lose the ongoing perks of being a Tailor Brands customer.

So if you just want to get your logo and don’t want an ongoing cost, we recommend you pay for one month on the Basic plan. But if you’re after a more long-term investment in your brand, and have worked out a reasonable budget, then a yearly Standard plan is worth looking at.

The big difference between the Basic and the Standard plans is that the Standard option is a fully-fledged branding solution. The Premium plan has the tools to take your branding to the next level through social media marketing.

Tailor Brands is fairly priced because of the additional features included on the Standard and Premium plans, and the cost is roughly on a par with market rivals.

Tailor Brands is well on its way to become far more than a logo generator. It’s a one-stop-shop for lots of your branding needs. To make changes to your logo, you’ll need to be on a premium plan rather than the free version.

Tailor Brands: Additional Services & Products

Sign up to a premium plan with Tailor Brands and you’ll get access to an impressive array of products and services.

This includes:

  • Logo resize tool
  • Brand strategy advice
  • Business cards design tool
  • Social media support (including Facebook posts and adverts, and social cover design tools)
  • Online brand guidelines
  • Branded presentations
  • Branded business deck
  • Branded watermark tool (perfect if you’re an artist selling images online)

We won’t run through all of them here (this is a Tailor Brands review, not a sales pitch), but we’ll give a digestible analysis. For a full list, visit Tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands’ additional services are particularly good if social media is a big part of your brand’s presence online. It will help you craft posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and create perfectly-sized logos and images for each of these platforms.

You can also get support adding your logo to an email signature. These are the kind of fiddly tasks that can eat up your time, especially if you’re not experienced with design. But there also tasks that if you don’t do properly can make your brand look amateurish.

There’s no doubt the extra tools will help you build a powerful online brand. A well-developed brand will translate to more revenue, so your monthly expense will pay off in the long run.

However, if you’re looking to keep things simple then they may just be an unnecessary complication (not to mention cost!)

BUY NOW At Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Review: Conclusion

Tailor Brands is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and cost-effective way to create a logo.

If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a professionally-designed logo, or you’re worried your tech skills aren’t up to scratch, Tailor Brands might just be the answer.

It gives small-business owners and one-man-band online merchants the chance to punch above their weight in the branding arena and compete with the big boys.

Some of you may just be starting out on your branding journey. You may be unsure what you want or what’s available. Tailor Brands is a good first stop to discover logo designs that can help build your brand’s image.

More experienced users may find the customization options a bit limited, or be put off by the pre-designed icons.

But thanks to the features available on its premium plans, Tailor Brands can also offer a more long-term service. It can be your automated branding consultancy.

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Frontgate Reviews 2022- Product Guide (Buy or Avoid?)





Frontgate-We can create a Difference

We trust there could be no more prominent inclination than being encircled by who – and what – you love. Furthermore, it’s our objective to assist you with making a home you’ll very much want to reside in, regardless of whether you’re engaging the entire family or partaking in some calm R&R all alone. We plan everything in light of you, from furniture and assistants to pool floats and occasion stylistic layout. Your life. Your Way. Your style. Your family.

Unique Designs

Each piece we make begins with energetic architects about excellence, craftsmanship, and solace. No detail is excessively little to our planners, so you’ll observe each part of our furnishings and style has been painstakingly thought of – from the capacity and reasonableness to the feel. What’s more, because our in-house group plans the vast majority of our assortment, you won’t find our interesting items elsewhere.

Styles Made For Life

We guarantee to meet and surpass our clients’ best standards. We gladly support each thing we sell with top-notch client care and an industry-best fulfillment ensure. An uncommon 10-year underlying casing guarantee upholds all Frontgate open-air furniture casings and oven-dried hardwood outlines. And all our vacation trees – incorporating lights – accompany a three-year restricted contract, so they’ll stay splendid and excellent, a large number of seasons.

Design and Style Services

At the point when your innovativeness meets our specialists, enchantment occurs. Visit us coming up – or go along with us from the solace of your home – to find support on any home undertaking, inside or outside. Regardless of whether you’re chipping away at a total overhaul or adorning for an evening gathering, our plan specialists are good to go to respond to brief inquiries or make a plan. Also, regardless of the size of your undertaking, a committed creator will direct the whole interaction from start to conveyance.

We are committed to using the Best Materials and Techniques

We utilize unquestionably the best materials for all that we make, from all-climate wicker to DNA-ensured Egyptian cotton to simple to-clean execution textures. Our fashioners venture to every part of the globe looking for elite artisans who gave to their art with the goal that we can present to you the sturdiest furnishings, exceptional works of art, handmade legacy commendable occasion trimmings, and that’s just the beginning. We highly esteem firm quality that suffers consistently throughout the whole home.

Engaging and Everyday Living

From furnace-dried hardwood outline couches upholstered in premium textures to stunningly created eating tables and seats, you’ll observe inside furniture that hoists your space to the exceptional. What’s more, when it’s an ideal opportunity to engage, we take care of you. Regardless of whether you’re getting a charge out of ordinary suppers or facilitating a proper supper get-together, our expert quality serves ware and must-have table settings make the ideal social event spot for loved ones. Also, once the dinner is made, it’s a perfect opportunity to set out toward the game room and home bar for an evening of poker, foosball, air hockey, and that’s just the beginning.

Your Holiday Headquarters

We gladly transform into a Christmas sweetheart’s objective equaled simply by the North Pole each Christmas season. From life-sized nutcrackers for your entryway patio to the most sensible-looking trees, we put it all out there to make special times of year more mystical. Our remarkably themed assortments of treasure-quality mouth-blown trimmings will change your Christmas tree or supplement your own appreciated embellishments, and you’ll think that they are here.

Our Locations

Experience all that Frontgate brings to the table face to face at one of our retail stores. Shop our whole assortment and get one-on-one assistance from our devoted partners and plan specialists. In a rush? Request on the web and have it transported to the store.

  • Plano, Texas

Legacy West

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Phipps Plaza

Retail Outlets

Stop in our retail stores early and frequently – new debuts show up day by day, so no one can tell what you’ll find. From overloaded things to stand-out examples, our outlets are about the excitement of the find.

  • Roswell, Georgia

Holcomb Bridge

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

Carolina Pavilion

  • West Chester, Ohio

Association Center Outlet

Trade and Contract

We have two particular projects to help the great necessities of both Trade and Contract plan experts. Fashioners, designers, and beauticians in our Trade program get a 25% rebate and the administrations of a devoted salesman delegate to oversee orders from origination to fruition. We offer a select markdown, a provincial committed deal delegate, and admittance to our index of outsider BIFMA/ANSI endorsed business grade items through our Contract program.

The World’s Best Outdoor Furniture

Each thing in our outside furniture assortment is planned in-house by our configuration group in light of you – your style, your solace, your family – and made to endure consistently. We start with the best materials, simple to-clean execution textures, and great teak. Then, at that point, we change each part of each piece, from the end of the arm to the weave of the wicker, until they’re exceedingly agreeable and exceptionally snazzy. Also, because we’re sure about our unrivaled quality, all our outside furniture outlines are upheld by an industry-driving 10-year underlying edge guarantee. So regardless of which assortment you pick, you can have confidence that your open-air furniture is best in class.

Unique Design for Everyday Healthy-Living routine

Our unique plans make it simple to style a home where you’re prepared all the time to invite visitors or unwind. With our extraordinary, engaging arrangements, offhand social events become essential and peaceful. You’ll begin consistently feeling revived and loose with the plushest towels and gentlest sheet material. Also, the world’s best open-air furniture makes each outing to the lawn a moment’s escape.



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Best Traeger Grill Reviews: Are Traeger Still King in 2022?



When it comes to pellet grills, Traeger are king.

Joe Traeger invented this new type of grill back in 1986, and they remain the top selling brand of pellet grill to this day.

In this detailed guide, we review the best Traeger pellet grills, explore the differences between each option and see how they stack up against the competition.

A new Traeger pellet grill is a major investment, so it’s important for you to do your research before you decide to pull the trigger.

Especially when there are lots of brands making excellent quality wood pellet grills.

In a rush? The Traeger Pro 575 is the best-selling pellet grill in the world and represents the best value for most people.

Understanding the Traeger grill lineup

Shopping for a Traeger grill can be very confusing. With so many years in business, you’ve got a lot of different models and versions to compare.

These days Traeger produces 4 main lines of pellet grill.

How to understand the Traeger pellet grill lineup

  • Traeger Pro series The most popular mid-range option now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the Traeger app for all 2019 models.
  • Traeger Ironwood Series – A step up from the Pro series, offering slightly larger sizes plus some funky new tech known as DownDraft Exhaust and TRU convection to help optimize cook times. You also get Super Smoke mode, the option to push a button and ramp up the smoke production.
  • Traeger Timberline series – The largest and most expensive option. Comes with 880 square inches of cooking space, all the features of the Ironwood plus pellet sensing tech that lets you monitor your pellet levels on the app. There’s a new Timberline XL model released in 2022 with 1320 square inches, a new cart, touch screen, and built-in induction cooktop.
  • Traeger Tailgater As the name implies this is a portable model, with 300 sq inches and a lot less tech but some nice features for taking it on the go.

For all 2019 models, the number in Traeger’s product name refers to the cooking surface, so the Pro 780 has 780 square inches of cooking surface.

To help you decide which Traeger grill is best for you, we have reviewed our picks for the best models. This comparison tool is also very useful for comparing different Traeger models.

Best Traeger Grill Reviews

1. Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill

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The Traeger Pro is the most popular and best selling Treager grill. It comes in two sizes. The 575 square inch model has enough space to cook 5 racks of ribs at once, or 4 chickens which should be plenty for most people.

You can also choose between black or bronze color.

The big change in 2019 is the addition of Wifi technology to the Pro lineup. This ‘WiFIRE’ feature lets you connect your grill to the Traeger companion app, and control it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We have a guide that covers which Traeger grills have WiFi.

Traeger Pro 575 Specifications:

Temperature is controlled by the Pro D2 direct drive controller which lets you cook anywhere between 180 – 450°F.

The RTD probe measures the temperature every second to maintain even temperatures within 15 degrees.

Another benefit of the D2 direct drive technology is the turbo temp fast startup which lets you start cooking quickly.

You get an 18lb hopper, and thanks to the cleanout feature you can quickly change pellet flavor during a cook.

In terms of efficiency, the grill will go through about 2 lbs of wood pellets per hour on high heat and only 1/2 lb per hour on smoke mode.

If you are having trouble deciding between the Pro 575 and the Pro 780, Traeger has a handy comparison guide.

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The Pro is the best bang for your buck out of Traeger’s lineup. While you do give up on a few handy features, some of these can be added later like the pellet sensor.

2. Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill

The Ironwood series is a new addition to the Traeger lineup of pellet grills.

Available in either 650 or 885 square inches you get a larger, more versatile grill than the pro series, without the large price jump you see on the the Timberline series.

Having said that even the smaller 650 square inch Ironwood is over the $1,000 mark so this is definitely not a budget grill.

Traeger Ironwood 650 Specifications:


Design wise the Ironwood is similar to the more expensive Timberland. You get the ‘DownDraft Exhaust’ and ‘TRU Convection’ features that used to be unique to the Timberland.

 Traeger Grill Reviews

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While it does sound a bit like marketing jargon, these features promise to help circulate fresh smoke, keeping smoke in the chamber and maintaining even temp.

All things that we like to hear.

You’ve also got some handy features that make this grill easy to use. Like the keep warm mode and options to create custom cook settings via the digital control panel or app.

What we like:

  • Option for searing – The bottom cooking grate can be lowered for searing, or raised for grilling and smoking.
  • Better insulation – The Ironwood uses double side 304 stainless steel for better insulation and temperature control.

The Ironwood series is all about offering a middle range between the pricier Timberline and smaller more basic Pro series.

3. Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet Grill

 Traeger Grill Reviews

The Timberline represents the latest and greatest from Traeger, and it’s got a price point to match.

When the Timberline series was launched back in 2017 it used to have a few more unique features. This year some of these have made their way down to the cheaper Traeger models so it’s not quite as impressive as it used to be.

But there are still some notable improvements. As well as offering an absolutely whopping 1300 square inches of cooking space, the Timberline is the only Traeger model to include a pellet sensor.

Traeger Timberline 1300 Specifications:

This handy feature monitors your pellet consumption and lets you check on your phone so you don’t have to worry about pellets running out.

While this shouldn’t happen too often, especially if you remember to fill the 24lb hopper.

It’s still really handy that you don’t have to worry about running out mid-cook and restarting everything.

You get three removable grill grates that can be positioned for searing or smoking.

4. Tailgater Portable Pellet Grill

 Traeger Grill Reviews


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The Tailgater is Traeger’s attempt to offer the convenience and flavor of cooking with pellets, in a portable format.

With 300 square inches of cooking space, the Tailgater should still be able to handle 3 racks of ribs or up to 2 whole chickens.

The grill weighs 62 lbs and measures 36 x 37 x 18 inches. The pellet hopper can hold 8 lbs which should allow 4-6 hours of cooking without refilling.

The EZ-Fold legs are a handy feature that allows you to wheel the grill onto the bed or your truck.

What you gain in portability you give up on features. The Tailgater doesn’t include WiFi or any of the other improvements in the Pro, Ironwood, or Timberline grills.

 Traeger Grill Reviews

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Having said that, this grill still performs well and can handle anywhere from 180 – 450 °F. The digital elite controller keeps temperatures fairly stable within 20 degrees of your set temperature.

Traeger Tailgater Specifications:

 Traeger Grill Reviews

Traeger also sells the smaller Ranger which we cover in more detail in our best portable pellet grills guides.

While there’s something nice about grilling with charcoal when you are camping, you can’t beat the versatility of a pellet grill. Being able to bake, grill and smoke is super convenient when you can only take one grill with you.

Where are Traeger grills made?

According to Traeger, all residential grills have been manufactured in China since 2008.

Their larger commercial grills are still manufactured in the United States.

Some people have complained about Traeger moving to manufacture their grills in China but the simple fact is the vast majority of consumer grills are manufactured there.

If buying American-made is important to you, then you might want to consider a Yoder pellet grill, although you’ll end up paying at least double the price.

Other brands to consider

Thanks to the popularity of Traeger wood-fired pellet grills, there are now many more brands to choose from. While Traeger is still the most popular, these brands are definitely hot on their tails.

I’ve tried to provide a general overview of how each brand compares with Traeger, but because each brand produces many different grills if you need specifics I would suggest comparing individual specs from the manufacturers and then looking at a few different reviews.

Camp Chef VS Traeger

I’m a big fan of Camp Chef and their flagship Woodwind Classic which is our favorite pellet grill on the market for most people.

The popular SG 24 Deluxe pellet grill is also worth checking out.

Unlike Traeger, Camp Chef produces a variety of outdoor cooking products and other types of grill, so they definitely aren’t as specialized.

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The option to purchase a sear box with Camp Chef is really nice, since even a top-of-the-line Traeger can’t get quite hot enough for searing.

Camp Chef has a really nice system to dump and switch out the wood pellets.

Traeger is definitely more expensive and comes with more technology. If WiFi connectivity is important for you then you should go with the Traeger.

To learn more, check our detailed Camp Chef vs Traeger head to head comparison.

Green Mountain Grills VS Treager

 Traeger Grill Reviews

Green Mountain Grills (GMG for short) have been gaining a lot of popularity since they launched in 2008.

They were ahead of the game when it comes to including WiFi as standard option with their wood pellet grills. No other brand offers WiFi at this low price point.

Well built and competitively priced, they are a strong alternative to Traeger.

A lot of their fame comes from the excellent Trek portable pellet grill, which is one of our favorite portable pellet smokers. This grill competes with the Traeger Tailgater, but with the GMG you get WiFi which is really handy when you are camping.

If you aren’t interested in a portable grill, they also sell the popular Ledge Prime which competes with the Traeger Pro 575.

For the price, Green Mountain Grills make an excellent Traeger alternative. You just don’t have the full range of sizes available.

Pit Boss VS Traeger

Pit Boss line of wood pellet grills is their attempt to take on Traeger by offering very similar grills at a lower price point.

Pit Boss 440 Deluxe and going all the way up to the Austin XL with 930 square inches of grill area.

One unique feature on the Pit Boss is the way they handle searing. A small plate slides to open and shut access to the firepot. You can see how this feature works in our detailed review of the Pit Boss 700FB.

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On the upside you can hit temps as high as 500°F which is a full 50°F higher than on the Traeger Pro.

Since 2018 Pit Boss has offered a 5-year warranty (2 years more than Traeger). Note that this isn’t retroactive so if you bought the grill before then you still only have a 1-year warranty.

Build quality is pretty similar to Traeger.

Z Grills VS Traeger

Z grills logo
Z Grills are the newest competitor to Traeger. While it looks like they appeared out of nowhere, they’ve actually been manufacturing grills out of China for other companies (potentially including Traeger) for a number of years.

Check out our detailed Z Grills Review.

The main advantage of Z Grills is value for money. The Z Grills 700D3 offers 700 square inches of cooking space, a 3-year warranty, and similar construction quality to Traeger, all for a significantly lower price.

They also have a smaller 450 square inch model that has a similar construction and the suitcase-style Cruiser 200A that competes with the Traeger Ranger.

After some people reported issues with the temperature control unit, this has been upgraded in the latest 2019 models.

Z Grills are a good choice if you don’t mind buying from a relatively unknown brand without a lot of customer service history.

Traeger VS REC TEC

REC TEC are a much smaller company than Traeger and is developing a reputation for high-quality pellet grills at a mid-range price point.

The popular RT-700 AKA “The Bull” compares positively with the Traeger IronWood.

Check out our detailed REC TEC VS Traeger comparison for more information.

Other factors to consider when buying a pellet grill

With so many models and brands available, deciding which model to buy can be intimidating.

But finding the best grill is all about weighing up your needs. I find it helpful to think about a few different factors when buying a new grill.


The Pellet grills we’ve looked at in this guide range from 300 – 1300 square ft. An easy way to narrow your search down is to work out how big you want to go.

Generally the larger you go, the more expensive the grill will get. Although a large grill from a budget brand like Z Grills will still cost less than a more premium brand like Traeger.

If you go too small you won’t be able to cook enough food to feed all your guests. But if you go too big your grill will cost more to run and you’ll waste some wood pellets.

You also need to think about size of the pellet hopper. The larger the hopper the more cooking time you get without re-filing it.

My recommendation is to choose a grill slightly larger than you think you’ll need.


Some people like to have all the latest tech on their grills, while others prefer to invest all their budget in a grill that focuses on superior build quality.

Have a think about which features are nice to have, and which are non-negotiable.

Some common features on pellet grills include:

  • WiFi connectivity – Do you want the ability to control your wood pellet grill from your mobile phone?
  • Searing ability – Pellet grills make great smokers and ovens, but can struggle to sear. Lots of manufacturers include a searing attachment, or come up with a clever way to achieve higher temperatures.
  • Portability – Do you need a light weight grill with legs that will fold up ? Think about if you will ever need to take this grill on the road.


Every factor we’ve talked about contributes to the price. Pellet grills have more tech in them, and generally cost more than other types of smoker.

I would recommend a starting budget of $400. From there you can go all the way up to $2,000 for the largest state of the art Traeger.

Traeger Brand History

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I always like to know a little bit about the brand of grill I’m buying. And Traeger has quite an interesting brand story.

Traeger grills was the result of Joe Traeger and Jerry Whitfield experimenting with wood pellet burning stoves.

Joe Traeger was the first person to develop the pellet grill in 1985 and he patented it in 1986.

Thanks to this patent, Traeger had the pellet grill market all to themselves for the next twenty years.

Early Traeger grills used a simple LMH controller which lets you choose between low, medium and high heat.

These early models were fairly basic, as the auger timing didn’t allow for weather conditions or the amount of food being cooked.

During this time Traeger remained a small family company based out of Oregon.

When the original patent expired in 2006, there was a rush of new brands entering the pellet smoker market. By 2014 there were 27 different companies manufacturing pellet grills.

Jeremy Andrus joined Traeger in 2014 when he acquired the business in with private equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners and moved the business to Salt Lake City.

Today Traeger is still the largest manufacturer of pellet grills, selling more than $300 million worth of product per year.

Like any big company, you hear mixed stories when it comes to customer service. From digging through the complaints it seems like most people object to long wait times to order replacement parts for faulty grills.

Wrapping it up

For many years if you wanted a pellet grill Traeger was the only option you had.

With the rush of companies entering the market, Traeger has had to seriously up their game.

With the release of the 2019 lineup of Traeger wood pellet grills, they are now offering some of the most advanced pellet grills available in terms of technology.

Having said that, as a big company they do spend a lot on marketing and you can definitely get good value deals on some of the other brands like Camp Chef or Green Mountain Grills.

We suggest you shop around and look at a few different models before you pull the trigger.

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