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Bitdefender Antivirus review 2022



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Bitdefender has a premium feature (and a power-packed suite) for all your security needs

Bitdefender’s antivirus offering is accurate and reliable, plus it’s absolutely stuffed with valuable bonus features. A fantastic product that we strongly recommend.


  • Stacks of features
  • Effective multi-layered anti-ransomware
  • Speedy scans after the first run
  • Good value

When it comes to antivirus in 2022, bitdefender boasts a power-packed family of top-of-the-range packages and security suites including one of the best mac antivirus. It’s one of the very best providers out there and, through its core three plans, should have something for every home.

The consumer range starts with bitdefender antivirus plus(opens in new tab). As you might guess from the name, it goes way beyond regular malware hunting with a stack of useful security and privacy extras: an additional layer of ransomware protection, wi-fi security scanning to detect network problems, banking protection via a secure browser, secure file deletion, a vulnerability scanner and a password manager.

Antivirus plus also gets you the free version of bitdefender vpn(opens in new tab). That’s limited to a minimal 200mb traffic a day, but it could be worse – the unregistered version of avira’s phantom vpn(opens in new tab) restricts you to 500mb a month.

Bitdefender vpn gains the most new functionality in the 2022 edition, too. It’s smart enough to automatically connect when you need it (well, some of the time); split tunnelling enables choosing which apps use the vpn(opens in new tab), and which use your regular connection; there’s a new android app, and ad and tracker blocking is built in.

Bitdefender’s other new features are harder to spot, though still welcome. An ios security assessment highlights risky security settings and suggests changes; the android app now detects and blocks more link-based mobile attacks; there’s ‘deep level analysis’ to figure out the cause of a windows attack, m1 compatibility and faster scans on mac, and – hooray – dark and light modes for mac and windows.

The other big change this year is bitdefender has dropped its free version. We don’t like to see any free antivirus disappear, but bitdefender’s offering was basic in the extreme, and didn’t really fit with the other products. With sophos also dropping its free sophos home, there’s not a lot of incentive for the big antivirus vendors to give their product away.

Antivirus plus pricing starts at $14.99 for a one year, one device license ($39.99 on renewal), and there are significant discounts if you extend your subscription. A three device, one-year license is $24.99 in year one, for instance, $59.99 on renewal; a five device, two-year license is priced at $109.99, and a ten device, three-year license is $179.99, or just $6 per device per year.

Bitdefender internet security(opens in new tab) extends the package with a firewall, spam filter and parental controls. Webcam protection enables blocking unauthorized access to your webcam, and a microphone monitor lists any apps accessing your microphone.

A one device, one-year internet security license is $24.99 in year one, $59.99 on renewal, 50% more expensive than bitdefender antivirus plus. But again, the price premium falls away as you add more devices and years. A three device, one-year license is $29.99 in year one, $79.99 on renewal; a five device, two-year license is $129.99, and the maximum ten device, three-year license is only $199.99, or $6.67 per device per year.

At the top of the range, bitdefender total security(opens in new tab) adds device clean-up and optimization tools, a simple anti-theft system, and introduces apps to cover mac, android and ios devices, as well as windows – a huge bonus.

Total security pricing isn’t quite as flexible as the rest of the range (there are only 5 and 10 device options), but it’s such good value you’re unlikely to care. A baseline five device, one-year license is only $34.99, for instance, $89.99 on renewal. A ten device, three-year license is $160.99 for the first term (such a good introductory discount it’s cheaper than antivirus plus or internet security), $229.99 ($7.67 per device year) on renewal.

Some of these headline prices can look high, especially when there’s no introductory discount, but they’re generally good value in the long-term. Kaspersky anti-virus(opens in new tab) costs only $79.99 to protect 5 devices for the first two years, for instance, but renews at $159.98. Bitdefender antivirus plus covers the same hardware for $109.99 from the beginning (even covering 10 devices costs only $129.99).

If you’re not yet convinced, no problem: every product has a 30-day trial build available. There are no credit card details required, just register with your email address and you can check out bitdefender’s abilities for yourself.

Installing bitdefender antivirus plus 2022(opens in new tab) is quick, simple and largely automatic. We pointed, we clicked, and within a couple of minutes a reassuring ‘bitdefender is successfully installed’ message told us it was time to get started.

Get bitdefender antivirus plus 2022 for 70% off by clicking here if you live in the us or uk(opens in new tab) or alternatively click here if you live in australia(opens in new tab)!
Bitdefender equipped our test system with 13 new background processes and windows services, some filter drivers and assorted other low-level clutter. That’s not unusual for an antivirus(opens in new tab), but it can be a problem if it’s a drag on your system speed.

Av-comparatives’ october 2021 performance test(opens in new tab) found no real problems, though, placing bitdefender in a reasonable 7th out of 17 for system impact (lower is best.)

Next up, we ran our self-protection tests, where we check security apps to see if malware can disable them. Steps include trying to delete or replace files, suspend or close key processes, stop core services, remove or edit scheduled tasks, unload filter drivers, and change key settings. Bitdefender has always been a very well defended product, though, and this time was no different: the package shrugged off our attacks and carried on as normal.

Launching Bitdefender Antivirus Plus for the first time fires up a simple tour highlighting key areas of the interface and explaining what they do. Experienced users will probably figure this out on their own, but it’s good to have this guidance available for those who need it.

Bitdefender’s nicely designed dashboard gives you speedy access to the functions you’ll need most often, with Quick Scans and the VPN just one click away.

A left-hand sidebar organizes bitdefender’s other tools into protection, privacy and utilities areas, and tapping any of these lists the various functions they contain. Most are sensibly named, and if you’ve ever used another antivirus you’ll quickly find your way around, but tooltips are on hand if you need a hint.

If the standard dashboard layout doesn’t quite suit your needs, you can customize it to remove default features or add new ones. Not interested in the vpn, maybe? In a click or two you could replace it with links to the full system scan, the password manager, disk clean-up module or a host of other tools. If only everyone was this flexible.

Overall, bitdefender antivirus plus offers a polished and professional interface which delivers in just about every area. It’s easy and comfortable to use for beginners, but also offers the configurability and control that experts need.

Bitdefender antivirus plus 2022 supports several scan modes. Quick scan checks the most commonly infected areas, and system scan examines everything. Furthermore, file explorer integration enables scanning objects from explorer’s right-click menu, and there’s a bootable rescue environment to assist in cleaning the most stubborn threats.

A manage scans tool lets you create new scan types to check specific files and folders, as well as configuring how the scan works, and setting it up to run on a schedule, or on-demand only. There is also a custom scan, which scans in any system location where there might be potential threats. Plus, a vulnerability scan, to check for privacy risks in application settings as well as for any critical software updates.

This doesn’t quite provide the expert-level options that we’ve seen from vendors like avast and avira (you can’t define specific file types to check or archive types you’d like to handle, for instance), but there’s more than enough power here for most people. Unfortunately, you can’t pin your custom scan type to the main dashboard, so it’s always at least three clicks away.

Bitdefender’s antivirus settings can’t match the geek-level configurability of some of the competition, either, but they’re well-judged and focus on the functions you’re more likely to need.

You don’t get intimidating and overly technical options to scan rar archives to a nested depth of 4, but not scan tars, for instance – there’s just a simple ‘scan archives, yes or no?’ setting

During the review bitdefender occasionally displayed its new ‘threat timeline’, with what seems like a detailed explanation of how we nearly got infected. This all looks very impressive, a flow chart with times, app names and big icons, but in our experience, it doesn’t mean very much.

One timeline started with outlook launching, told us it then launched chrome, which executed software_reporter_tool.Exe, and bitdefender then detected a threat. Anyone seeing this might assume they’d received a malicious email, clicked a link, chrome opened, launched an app, which in turn ran a malicious program.

But in reality, we ran outlook as normal; chrome only launched because we clicked a legitimate link; the link had nothing to do with software_reporter_tool.Exe (that’s a standard part of chrome); and the supposed ‘threat’ (actually a false alarm) was never downloaded in that or any other internet session.

Giving users more information about the source of an infection is a good idea, but during our review at least, bitdefender’s threat timelines caused confusion more than they answered any questions.

Bitdefender antivirus plus scanning speeds are decent, with quick scans taking around 15-30 seconds on our test computer. Regular scans started at 50 minutes to check our target files (209,000 of them, 50gb in total.) that’s a little slow, and for example trend micro antivirus+ security took 15 minutes to scan the same data.

Bitdefender only checks new and changed files in subsequent scans, though, and that makes a huge difference. Antivirus plus took only 50 seconds to scan our test files in run #2, compared to nine minutes for trend micro.

The scanning engine is smart enough to manage simultaneous scans without difficulty, too. If you’re running a lengthy full system scan, for instance, you can still run an on-demand scan of a recent download, or anything else you like. A window pops up to display the results of your second scan, while the first scan continues to run in the background.

The total sum of this is a polished set of malware-hunting tools which go well beyond the basics, but remain easy to use for not-so-technical types. Experts might wish for one or two more fine-tuning options, but in general bitdefender gets the configurability/ usability balance right.

Bitdefender has a great name for protection, and its products have regularly topped the charts with most of the big independent testing labs.

Results are a little more mid-range right now. Av-comparatives’ july-october 2021 real-world protection test(opens in new tab) placed bitdefender equal eighth out of 17, for instance, with a protection rating of 99.7% (trend micro, panda and norton all blocked 100% of threats.)

Av-test’s windows 10 home tests(opens in new tab) use a different rating scheme, scoring out of six for protection, speed and usability. Looking back over the past year (december 2020 to october 2021), bitdefender scored a perfect 6/6 for protection in all six tests: great news.

No individual reviewer can hope to compete with the testing labs for thoroughness, but we were keen to confirm their verdicts by seeing how bitdefender antivirus plus handled a couple of ransomware threats.

The first, a real-world ransomware specimen, was eliminated almost immediately, with bitdefender killing the process before it could cause any harm.

The second was a custom ransomware simulator of our own. It’s about as simple a malware sample as you could get, but it’s also something bitdefender would never have seen before, allowing us to evaluate how antivirus plus performs when presented with brand new threats.

We ran our test software, and in just a fraction of a second, bitdefender’s engine cut in and displayed an alert. Not only had it detected and killed our test process, but bitdefender’s ransomware remediation technology successfully restored the ten files our software had managed to encrypt.

While this was a great performance, it did leave us with a few small issues.

The ransomware remediation feature isn’t turned on by default, for instance. Bitdefender antivirus plus prompts you to enable it, but if you’re not paying attention, you could lose at least a handful of files in an attack.

The package didn’t quarantine our simulator, either, despite detecting it performing ransomware-like actions. We ran it multiple times, and when we scanned the executable later, bitdefender flagged it as ‘clean.’

The company told us that threats are removed only if they’re detected by the signature layer. Ours was picked up by the behavior layer, which will kill an offending process, but not try to remove it.

Kaspersky anti-virus went further, quarantining our test executable to prevent it running again, and on balance that’s the approach we prefer. But this isn’t a major deal, as bitdefender’s gentler approach doesn’t seem to have any practical effect on system security, as although we were able to repeatedly run the same threat, bitdefender blocked it each time.

That’s a major improvement on many competitors, which either miss the simulator entirely or aren’t able to stop it destroying at least some files (norton antivirus plus lost 57.) on balance, we think bitdefender provides very capable and effective all-round ransomware protection.

Bitdefender’s web protection module monitors your internet access and blocks malicious and phishing links.

Av-comparatives’ tested bitdefender for its july 2021 anti-phishing certification test(opens in new tab). The results were disappointing, with bitdefender’s 87% detection rate leaving it trailing behind avast (96%), trend micro (96%), fortinet (95%), kaspersky (94%) and eset (91%.)

We’ve previously tested bitdefender against 139 brand new suspect urls (malicious and phishing) provided by independent security testing company mrg effitas. These were so new – many reported only hours ago – that they hadn’t all even been verified yet, making them a real challenge to block.

The results were very positive, though, with bitdefender blocking 73% of our test links. For comparison, avast premium security stopped 55% of the same set of links, while windows defender recognized just 30%.

Don’t be distracted by the low percentages: this is a measure of how quickly a vendor responds to new threats, not your overall protection against any dangerous links. The main takeaway point from this test is bitdefender was giving us significantly better protection than others against even the very latest malicious sites.

When you reach a legitimate site, bitdefender’s anti-tracker browse extension aims to detect and block the most intrusive web trackers, then displays a count of these in its address bar icon.

We pointed our browser(opens in new tab) at the newspaper site dailymail.Co.Uk and the extension reported blocking a chunky 35 trackers in two categories: advertising (29) and site analytics (6). (other categories include social media, customer interaction and ‘essential.’)

To compare anti-tracker’s abilities with the ad-blocking competition, we revisited the same site with the excellent ublock origin activated, and this time anti-tracker blocked only five trackers. You can get much the same functionality for free, then, but it looks like bitdefender anti-tracker does offer some additional privacy benefits. (and of course, as we did in our tests, you can run anti-tracker alongside your existing ad-blocker to get the best of all worlds.)

Wallet is bitdefender’s password manager(opens in new tab). Along with regular website logins, it’s able to store credit card details, wireless network passwords, application logins and license keys, email server credentials and details, and assorted personal information (name, date of birth, address, email, phone number(s), and more). Wallet is able to create multiple password databases and sync them across all your bitdefender-equipped devices.

Bitdefender antivirus plus automatically installed the wallet extension on internet explorer and firefox, and gave us the option to install it on chrome, but paid no attention at all to edge or opera.

We found wallet wasn’t as easy to use as top competitors like dashlane(opens in new tab): it didn’t add icons to text fields, didn’t always capture username and password fields as we entered them, sometimes failed to fill in forms correctly, and couldn’t automatically submit forms. However, it just about handled the basics, and is a worthwhile addition to the package.

Safepay is a secure and isolated browser which protects online banking and other transactions from snoopers – or maybe even malware which has somehow installed itself on your system.

Many other security vendors also claim to have similar secure browsers, but bitdefender goes further than most. Safepay makes real efforts to isolate itself from other processes on your pc, running on a separate desktop and preventing screen grabbers and keyloggers from recording what you’re doing.

We checked this by setting up a custom keylogger of our own, and using a commercial screen capture tool to take snapshots of our activities every 15 seconds. Safepay worked perfectly, with no recorded keystrokes and plain white screenshots only.

Bitdefender has considered long-term storage, too. Once the session is closed, safepay clears all temporary files and leaves no trace of our activities.

Much like the safe browsing competition, safepay doesn’t support installing third-party extensions, as they open you up to many more privacy problems. But it does have a handful of useful built-in extras, including a virtual keyboard as an extra defense again keyloggers, and a pop-up blocker to protect you from web trickery.

Safepay isn’t just some throwaway extra, then – it’s a real highlight of the suite, and using it for the most confidential web tasks could go a long way to keeping you safe.

A vulnerability scan checks your system for missing application updates and critical windows patches, as well as weak windows account passwords, simple wi-fi network issues, and now includes more checks for altered and poorly configured system settings.

We turned autorun on, a risky setting which can automatically run software when you plug in a removable drive or media, and the vulnerability scan warned us and offered to fix the issue. It also spotted some far more obscure options – our system wasn’t restricting access to site management policies for security zones, for instance – and, more usefully, spotted missing java and firefox updates.

This is a basic tool, with one or two usability issues. There’s no ‘fix all’ button, so you must choose an action for each individual item. You can’t tell the vulnerability scan to ignore a particular issue, either; even if you’re entirely happy with having unrestricted access to site management policies, it’s going to warn you about the ‘problem’ each and every time.

Still, there is value here, particularly with the checks for missing updates, and overall, the vulnerability scan is a worthwhile addition to the suite.

This is a strong all-round antivirus tool which does a good job of keeping even brand new, undiscovered threats at bay, and throws in some useful extras, too. Bitdefender antivirus plus 2022 is an absolute must for your pc security shortlist.

Bitdefender’s firewall works exactly as you would hope, automatically blocking incoming attacks, intelligently deciding which apps are safe to allow online, and which apps really, really aren’t. Most people can leave the firewall to do its work, never seeing any prompts, or having to tweak a single setting.

If you’re more experienced in the ways of networks, you can take plenty of low-level control, drilling down to the rule level and tweaking settings for protocols, ports, ip addresses and more.

Bitdefender exposes this functionality carefully, though, so newbies aren’t hit with all the gory details immediately. A smartly designed interface begins by enabling users to block or allow network access for individual apps, for instance, with a simple on/ off switch. The rule editor enables setting custom local and remote ip addresses, port and more, but again, you’re not hit with all that complexity unless you go looking for it, and on balance it’s relatively easy to use.

Internet security comes with a simple spam filter, which in theory should have automatically added a tab to our outlook setup. This didn’t happen for us, and digging deeper, we found an outlook alert reporting that ‘bitdefender antispam… Caused outlook to crash. As a result, it was disabled.’

Enabling it manually, we found the filter has only a bare minimum of features, little more than outlook’s own junk filter (blacklists and whitelists, is spam and not spam options to mark misidentified emails, simple blocking of messages with asian or cyrillic characters).

This lack of control doesn’t seem to affect functionality, though, with our brief tests suggesting the filter blocks more than 90% of junk mails, while falsely flagging less than 1% of legitimate emails as spam. This was only a very quick check, but it suggests that bitdefender’s filter matches the best of the specialist antispam competition.

Bitdefender’s parental controls feature has a reasonable set of features for monitoring and controlling your children’s digital activities. You’re able to block websites by content, restrict application use, block device usage for specified periods (like bedtime) or set a daily limit of screen time which includes both mobile and desktop devices.

After creating a profile for each child at bitdefender central (your account area on the bitdefender website), your rules are enforced by windows, mac, android and ios clients. Return to bitdefender central at any time and you’ll find reports on your child’s activities: device usage, apps launched, websites visited, your child’s latest phone contacts, and more.

A webcam protection module gives you control over which applications can access your webcam. This has more options than usual, with settings to block access to all but your chosen applications, block browsers only, or disable the webcam for everything. We tested this with our custom command line capture tool, and internet security correctly notified us that it was trying to access the webcam, and blocked it when requested.

The microphone monitor takes a slightly more basic approach, raising alerts for apps which access the microphone, but not allowing you to block them, or set up rules to block all future microphone access.

This clearly isn’t as useful as it could be, but it’s vastly better than most competitors, who typically have no microphone-related features at all. We’re happy to see it added to the package, and hopefully it’ll gain features in upcoming releases.

The real benefit of upgrading to bitdefender total security 2022 is you get apps for android, mac and ios devices, as well as pcs. And although the new apps can’t match the power of the windows edition, they’re well worth having.

The mac app looks out for malware and adware and includes time machine protection to keep your backups safe from ransomware. Top quality anti-phishing blocks access to malicious links, and the 200mb a day version of bitdefender vpn is thrown in.

Bitdefender mobile security for ios is mostly about detecting malicious websites, but it does this well, and that alone could save you from real problems. As a bonus, an account privacy tool raises an alert if your web accounts are involved in a privacy breach.

Bitdefender mobile security for android includes everything you get in the mac and ios builds, and adds on-installation scanning for dangerous apps, an app locker to prevent others accessing your personal data, and anti-theft to remotely locate, lock or wipe a missing device.

You can get a lot of this functionality elsewhere for free – there’s no shortage of app locker or anti-theft apps, for instance – but as we discussed earlier, bitdefender’s malicious url blocking outperforms much of the competition, and could justify the install on its own.

F you’re still in doubt, check the prices. A baseline bitdefender internet security 2022 license protects up to three pcs for $30 in year one, $80 on renewal. Upgrading to bitdefender total security 2022 protects up to five devices, which could be any mix of windows, mac, android or ios, but only costs from $35 in year one, $90 on renewal.

Covering up to 10 devices with total security still only costs $40 in year one, $100 on renewal, and you can save more money by adding years to the license.


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With three levels of cover, petbarn pet insurance provides up to 100%  back on eligible vet bills, with no excess and no annual claim limit. Alongside a few additional extras, this cover also allows petbarn regulars to earn friends for life points on their premiums.

Who is Petbarn?

Active in the australian market for more than 35 years, petbarn is one of the country’s best known pet supply retailers, with 140 stores nationwide. Petbarn is part of greencross limited, australasia’s largest integrated consumer facing pet care company, which owns more than 130 veterinary practices and over 200 pet speciality stores.

In terms of its pet cover, petbarn pet insurance cannot be purchased in its stores. Plans are only available online or over the phone. What else is worth knowing? Petbarn pet insurance is administered by petsure and underwritten by the hollard insurance company, two of the biggest names in australian pet insurance.

Petbarn Pet Insurance

Core Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit of $500 (per policy period)
  • Up to 90% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 9 years old

Core Plus Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit of $1,000 (per policy period)
  • Includes cover for cruciate ligament conditions
  • Up to 90% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 9 years old

Total Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit as set out in PDS
  • $750 of dental included (6 month waiting period applies)
  • Includes cover for cruciate ligament conditions
  • Up to 100% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 7 years old

Some examples of limits on specific conditions on total cover include $1,500 for tick paralysis, $2,500 for snake bites, $4,000 for cancer and $6,000 for bone fractures (per policy period).

It’s worth noting that total cover also provides cover on certain treatments that other policies don’t cover, such as behavioural therapy, dental illness and prescription diets.

What We Love

  • Intro offers: petbarn often provides introductory discounts and offers to attract new customers to sign up. To find the latest offers on petbarn pet insurance, check out our promo codes and discounts page before you apply.
  • Rewards book: when you apply for petbarn pet insurance, you will receive petbarn’s little book of big savings. This book contains vouchers valued at $1,000, covering everything from free gifts and bonuses, to upgrades and discounts.
  • Multi-pet discount: planning on getting pet cover for more than one pet? With petbarn pet insurance, you receive a generous 10% discount on your premiums on all additional policies.
  • Reimbursement: with core and core plus cover, you can claim up to 90% back on all eligible vet bills, while with total cover, you can claim up to 100% back. Bear in mind that the amount you get back will be subject to the per condition limit put in place on your particular policy. For example, if have core cover and your vet bill comes to $800, you would receive 90% back on a limit up to $500.
  • No overall claim limit: unlike many pet insurance plans in australia, petbarn pet insurance does not have an overall annual benefit limit. Instead, petbarn puts in place a per condition limit, which varies according to the level of cover
  • No excess: there is no excess on any of petbarn’s pet insurance plans. If you visit the vet frequently, this could help to reduce the upfront costs associated with making a claim. However, it is worth noting that plans offered elsewhere in the industry typically have higher premiums on policies with no excess, compared to policies that come with an excess. To make sure you find the plan that best suits your budget, be sure to compare pet insurance options thoroughly.
  • Any vet: you can visit any vet (other than yourself) that is licensed to legally practice as a veterinarian in australia.
  • Claim flexibility: when it comes time to make a claim, you can use petbarn’s gaponly feature, which assesses your claim in real time at the vet, so you only pay the gap. Alternatively, you can pay the entire vet bill upfront, then make a claim either online or on paper.
  • Request pre-approval: if you’re unsure whether your policy will pay out on a particular procedure, you can contact the provider in advance to ask for pre-approval. This can give you peace of mind before visiting the vet, knowing that you won’t be out of pocket when it comes time to pay.
  • Earn points: as a regular either at greencross vet clinics or at petbarn stores, you may already be a member of the friends for life loyalty program. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can earn friends for life points on every dollar you pay on premiums. Once you’ve earned 6,000 points, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 loyalty voucher to be used on your next purchase, instore or online. Members enjoy further discounts and benefits instore, including up to 20% off participating dog and cat food when shopping instore as part of the frequent feeder program.
  • Cover for life: provided you apply for a policy before your pet reaches that policy’s age limit, you can enjoy cover for life as long as there is no break in cover, and as long as petbarn provides that policy.
  • Cured pre-existing conditions: like most other pet insurance plans, petbarn pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. But, if you can prove the condition was temporary, and there have been no signs of it in the previous 18 months, it will no longer be excluded from cover. Be aware that chronic conditions and several other specified conditions do not fall within this category.

What To Consider

  • Cost: premiums for petbarn pet insurance are pricey, coming in well above the average price in our annual pricing survey.
  • Reduced reimbursement: once your pet reaches the age of eight, the amount you can claim back on vet bills falls to 65%. Petbarn states this is due to the fact that older animals generally spend more time at the vet, increasing the amount the insurer has to pay out. Petbarn says it decreases the reimbursement rate to keep premiums “affordable”, however, as many pet owners of older pets will attest to, premiums on older pets are already costly. Consider whether as you visit the vet more as your pet ages, you would be happy to receive less back on your vet bills.
  • Per condition limits: where other pet insurance providers have sub-limits, petbarn pet insurance has per condition limits. This is basically the total amount each policy will pay out per condition, according to the level of cover chosen. As an example, with core plus cover, the per condition limit is $1,000, so if you want to make a claim on a costly procedure such as a cruciate ligament, you would only receive $1,000 back. With total cover, that limit is set at $4,000.
  • Waiting periods: all pet insurance plans in australia put in place waiting periods. With petbarn pet insurance, there is no waiting period for accidental injury. For illness, total cover has a waiting period 20 days, while for core and core plus cover it’s 30 days. For cruciate ligament conditions, there is a 6 month waiting period on core plus and total (cruciate ligament is not covered on core cover).
  • Exclusions: similarly, all policies have exclusions. In the case of petbarn pet insurance, exclusions include consultation fees, pre-existing conditions, routine or preventative treatments, some elective treatments, and breeding or obstetrics. On core and core plus, additional exclusions apply. Always read the pds for full details.
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Shoe Review: OOFOS Recovery Sandals




Slide into something comfortable with OOFOS recovery sandals.

You’ve likely seen OOFOS recovery sandals on the feet of fellow athletes after races, workouts and gym sessions. OOFOS sandals are made with soft, squishy foam and generous arch support to cradle your feet and relieve pressure on your joints. Plus, they’re available in a variety of comfortable styles and spiffy colors.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested the OOFOS OOahh Slide, the OOFOS OOlala Sandal and the OOFOS OOriginal Sandal. Here’s what you can expect when you slide into a pair of OOFOS.

OOFOS Foam Absorbs Impact


Most running shoes provide energy return with each step, helping you pop back off the ground into your next stride. But when you’re done running, you want to sink your feet into something soft. OOFOS recovery sandals feel like pillows, cushioning your feet and cradling your arches the moment you slide into them.

“Wow. Just wow. There’s a lot going on under the surface with these shoes because they do not at all feel like your normal rubber. I really like them,” Nate says.

OOFOS recovery sandals use proprietary OOfoam technology to absorb impact and reduce stress on your feet, ankles and other joints. OOFOS says their closed-cell foam absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional EVA foams. More impact absorption leads to less wear and tear on your body, keeping your feet and legs feeling fresh.

“These are by far the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. I can never go back to wearing other sandals again after trying these. I always make sure to bring these along to races so I can slip them on after I finish – it’s a much needed relief after pounding the pavement for hours at a time,” Caroline says.

Patented Footbed Supports Arches


All OOFOS sandals use the same patented footbed that cradles your arches for a soft yet supportive fit.

The arch support provides stabilization while standing and walking, meaning your feet don’t have to work as hard during these movements. This helps you recover faster from tough runs and training sessions so you can get back to performing at your best.

“The arch support is subtle but definitely noticeable and helps my feet feel less fatigued after a long run or tough workout,” Caroline says.

Both the OOFOS slides and the sandals feature the same OOfoam technology and patented footbed, offering the same luxuriously comfortable fit. All you have to do is choose your preferred style.

“OOfos sandals always feel good, but their shining moment is when you first put them on after wearing anything else, or even after going barefoot. When my feet or legs are tired, it feels so good to put on my Oofos,” Kate says.

Because OOFOS doesn’t make half sizes for their recovery sandals, you’ll have to go up or down a half size depending on the shape of your feet. A good rule of thumb is to go up to the closest full size for men and down to the closest full size for women, but this will depend on the shape of your unique feet. If you’re unsure about the shape of your feet, get fit at your local Fleet Feet.

Comfortable Styles are Perfect for Relaxing


Whether you’re hanging around the house or running a full day of errands, OOFOS recovery sandals are your new best friend. They offer reliable support for your feet while remaining lightweight and easy to pair with any outfit or occasion.

“I have been wearing OOFOS for just over three years now. I love that they have different styles that all have a similar, amazing feel, but give you a chance for a different look,” Kate says.

With multiple colors to choose from, you can easily find a pair that suits your style. Plus, the waterproof materials are perfect for wearing to the pool, the beach or jumping in the shower after a sweaty gym session.

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Are Huffy Bikes Good? (Review 2022)



Huffy has been an eminent bike manufacturing brand in the american market. However, whether the brand can be trusted for heavy-duty bikes that can be used for professional rides or suitable only for beginners is debatable.

Bikers opine that the brand that one used to manufacture excellent quality bmx bikes can now only come up with cruiser bikes that can be used for daily commute. So then, what accounts for the immense popularity of huffy bikes? Their incredibly low price!

Are Huffy Bikes Good?

Huffy is a popular manufacturer of different kinds of bikes for women, men, and children. One of the main reasons why people resort to huffy bikes is that they are incredibly low-cost.

Huffy manufactures many models of mountain bikes. Although they have a robust frame and steady handlebars, riders seem to be dissatisfied with the suspension system of the mountain bikes. If you are fond of aggressive riding, huffy bikes may not be the right choice for you.

If not for the exceptionally good bikes, huffy makes decent daily commuter bikes. The kids’ bikes are sculpted in different sizes for children belonging to different age groups.

Is Huffy A Good Bike Brand?

You cannot associate huffy with high-end professional quality bikes, but the entry-level bikes are good value for money. Whether the brand works for you depends solely on what you expect from your bike.

The company has been bought and sold way too many times to combat the financial challenges that it had been facing. Ever since the production department of the bikes was moved to china, the brand started compromising the quality of the bikes.

The components used are of cheap quality and do not have much endurance. However, since the brand sells bikes at cheap rates, one can own a comfort or cruiser huffy bicycle for casual biking.

If you are a beginner and plan on biking, huffy is a good brand to begin with. You can get your huffy bike from any departmental store like target or walmart.

Are Huffy Bikes Made In The USA?

Huffy was founded in 1892 by george huffiman. Initially, the brand manufactured all its bikes in the us. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, huffy faced major financial trouble. It succumbed to the pressure that walmart had subjected it to.

Walmart demanded bikes in bulk but insisted on reducing the price of the bikes. To keep up with the soaring demand and to cut down the expenses, huffy had to move its production to china, mexico, and taiwan.

Once the company moved its production to china, the quality of the bicycles degraded considerably.

What is The Quality of Huffy Bikes?

Huffy is a bike brand that is synonymous with comfort and affordability. Although you will get a good cruiser or comfort bike at an affordable price, the quality of the bikes is not exceptional. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for!

Build Quality

The bicycles manufactured by huffy ensure a comfortable and pleasurable ride for riders. The seats and handlebars are designed to provide the optimum comfort to the riders to ride the bicycle for long hours without feeling fatigued.

The bike frames are usually made of aluminum. They are lightweight and resistant to rust.

However, the brand does not promise extraordinary robustness. For instance, the huffy mtb is not equipped with the best suspension system and fails to provide proper insulation to the riders. Therefore, they will not last long if you take them for rides along rough, challenging terrains.

Suspension quality

Your bike has to be capable of enduring many jerks if you decide to take a ride uphill or downhill. This requires a bike to have full-suspension. Full-suspension of bikes absorbs the shocks that are caused due to rocks, pebbles, or gravels and keeps the rider insulated against jerks.

Neither the cruiser bikes nor the mountain bikes by huffy have rear suspension that can be relied upon. This strains the rider’s body when he takes the rough road. This, however, won’t diminish your biking experience on the road.

Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy-duty bike that will enhance your experience of a weekend adventure ride along the hills, huffy bikes may not be the best option for you.

Quality of parts

To make sure that a bike runs smoothly and efficiently, it is important to use high-quality components. Although the quality of the parts used in huffy bikes is not as good as they used to be, the brand still maintains a standard.

Huffy pays the utmost attention to the riders’ comfort. Therefore, they have adjustable components that an individual can customize according to his convenience to eliminate the strain on his neck, back, and shoulders.

Design & Technology

Simplicity and affordability are the two prime components of huffy bikes. Huffy has designed bicycles that will suit the varying requirements of customers. From mountain bikes to cruiser bikes, huffy has it all.

The bikes’ frame is kept light so that riders can cut through the wind at the speed of a jet. The handlebars and the saddle are customizable so that riders can adjust them according to their convenience and reduce the strain on their shoulders and backs.

Some of the bikes also have wide tires which is both an advantage and disadvantage depending on the terrain on which you are riding. Huffy bikes also have strong handlebars and a highly responsive brake system. This allows the riders to have immense control over the bikes and lowers the risk of accidents.

Although the bikes are designed for comfortable rides, there are a few drawbacks. The suspension of the bikes manufactured by this brand is not of top-notch quality. The shock-absorption property of these bikes is insufficient, and they cannot be used for adventurous activities.

Aesthetics and Styling

To enjoy the most pleasurable cycling experience, it is important to have a visually and aesthetically appealing bike!

Huffy has a wide range of bikes that are suited for different kinds of outdoor needs of individuals. All the bikes have catchy designs and colors that make them fit for all kinds of activities: from being used as a bike for daily commute, to being used for an adventure sport.

The kids’ bikes are adorned with flashy colors and designs so that your baby can enjoy a joyful ride. In addition, there are specially themed bikes like disney, marvel, and many more, which you kid cannot wait to take out to the playground and flaunt!

What Types Of Bikes Huffy Makes?

Huffy manufactures various bikes for different kinds of users so that nobody misses out on the joy of riding. Each bicycle, such as cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, etc., has different models specially designed for men and women.

Have a look at the different categories of bikes manufactured by huffy:

Mountain Bikes

A ride on a huffy mountain bike can make your adventure trip even more memorable! If you are a sucker for rocky terrains, get hold of an mtb by huffy.

The huffy mtb has a sturdy build, although it is not the best that you will find in the market. The frame is rugged, and the handlebar is designed to let you own full control over the bike. Riders are especially fond of the efficient and responsive brake system.

However, these mountain bikes do not have a reliable suspension system. Hence, professional and advanced-level bikers refrain from buying mountain bikes of this brand.

Cruiser Bikes

If you are looking for a bike on which you can take a long, leisurely weekend ride, a cruiser bike by huffy is a must-have for you. These bikes will serve your purpose without burning a hole in your pocket.

The huffy cruiser bikes are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable ride through the town. They have solid and robust frames. In addition, the soft, comfortable grips, seats, and handlebars are sure to provide you with an enriching experience.

Once you get hold of a huffy cruiser bike, no destination will feel too difficult to cover. So get ready to get drenched in the joyous ambience of your cityscape! However, whether your bike will last for a decade depends on how you use it.

Comfort Bikes

Be it a short ride across the town or a long getaway on your bike, the huffy comfort bikes are incredibly versatile. They are a perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

These bikes have decent designs. The soft, comfortable seats and handlebars are positioned in such a manner that they allow the riders to maintain an erect position without straining their neck, back, and shoulder muscles.

Electric Bikes

An electric bike by huffy will give you that extra push you need to cover an extra mile on your bike. These bikes have pedal assists that amplify the effort that you put in pedaling.

Electric bikes are battery-driven that need to be changed from time to time. These bikes can run smoothly on a variety of terrains and allow you to enjoy a low-effort yet wholesome experience!

BMX Bikes

Do you want to flaunt your biking skills? From smooth cycling tracks to dirt trails, the bmx bikes by huffy can handle them all. These bikes are lightweight yet sturdy. There are many different models of huffy bmx bikes that you can choose from.

However, assembling a huffy bmx bike might be quite a challenge for some people.


Who said tricycles are only for kids? Break this stereotype with a stylish adult tricycle from Huffy. These tricycles for adults assure you an added stability while you ride. These three-wheeled bikes also have extra storage space.

Kids’ Bikes

Huffy also makes bikes for kids. The themed design and colors of these bikes will bring your childhood memories back. They are available in different sizes and are suitable for children belonging to different age groups.

Huffy also makes bikes for kids. The themed design and colors of these bikes will bring your childhood memories back. They are available in different sizes and are suitable for children belonging to different age groups.

Pros & Cons

Investing in the perfect bike requires a lot of forethought. If you are still confused about whether to buy a huffy bike, here is a list of the pros and cons of bringing home a huffy bike.


  • The fact that huffy bikes are available at extremely affordable prices makes huffy a much sought-after bicycle brand.
  • There are many bike models to choose from.
  • The design and the technology used in the bikes are modern and trendy.
  • The kids’ bikes are a major attraction of this brand. They adorn different kinds of themes like disney or superhero, which immediately attract the attention of kids.
  • They ensure a comfortable ride for the riders.
  • Huffy’s comfort and cruiser bikes are an ideal choice for those who want to own a general bike for commuting or leisurely riding across the town.


  • These bikes are not very robust; therefore, they might not suit the needs of advanced bikers.
  • The bikes cannot perform well on rugged, rocky terrains.
  • Mountain bikes by huffy have a poor suspension system which does not offer the optimum insulation to the riders.
  • Some users find it difficult to assemble the bikes.

Are Huffy Bikes Worth The Money?

Huffy manufactures bikes for men, women, and kids that are designed to just do the job. They are nothing extraordinary. The bikes are not heavy-duty and cannot be used for heavy, strenuous activities.

These bikes are not likely to last for a decade. They do not have any cool features either. However, whether a huffy bike is worth the money you are spending is at the rider’s discretion.

If you are looking for a durable mountain bike, it would be wise to avoid huffy. But if you are looking for a good comfort or cruiser bike within budget, a huffy bike is a decent choice!


Hope this gives you a thorough idea about the different kinds of huffy bikes and their quality. With the variety of models that the brand manufactures, huffy provides its potential customers with many options to choose from, that too at extremely pocket-friendly rates.

Have a look at all the features of the huffy bikes, read a review or two, and decide for yourself which bike suits you the best.

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