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Cotopaxi review : Allpa 35L Travel Pack




About Cotopaxi review

Cotopaxi reviewSo what is Cotopaxi all about? For starters, their motto is “Gear For Good,” so that should give a clue. They’re a certified B Corporation, with 1% of their revenue going towards addressing poverty and community development. To date, they’ve awarded 42 grants in six focus countries. They also treat their workers with dignity and respect, offering fair, sustainable working conditions and allowing them to use their own creativity in the production process (more on that below).

That mindset comes through in the actual design of their products– funky, bold colors that stand out amongst the crowd, employed in garments that utilize recycled materials and left-over fabrics. In short, they’re a company that you just want to root for.

Overview of Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi review
For frequent travelers, finding the right bag to take with you is essential. That bag needs to be large enough to carry everything you need for your trip, but not so big as to get heavy and bulky. It helps if it is smartly designed to help keep you organized, and it needs to be comfortable to carry for extended periods of time too. And as with any piece of travel gear, it has to be durable enough to survive the rigors of the road, without picking up any undue wear and tear.

The gear itself? Outstanding, as you’ll see. Every detail is well-thought-out, and it shows. They’re built to last, and if there’s a problem with a product, they’ll work with you to repair it, exchange it, or get a replacement.

Anyway, that should give you a good background of what you’re getting. Now let’s get into the actual gear.

Cotopaxi Monte Hybrid Jacke

Cotopaxi review

Quilted Polartec insulation | Made of recycled materials | Ridiculously comfortable

MEAGHAN: I’ve never owned anything Cotopaxi before, but every time I see one of their windbreakers, I’m tempted to buy one. They’ve got that cool-retro-80’s vibe that I wish I could pull off. Either way, I jumped at the chance to review their new Hybrid jacket.

The Submarine/Sage color I received is one of my favorites. I also love the bright orange-lined zipper that gives this jacket a little pop, without being over the top. There are two zippered hand pockets and an internal pocket by the chest, great for a phone or some keys. The jacket is slightly fitted, but not tight. You could easily wear a couple layers underneath.

They’re calling it a “hybrid” jacket because it works to keep you warm, but it’s also really breathable. Basically, you can take it out for a walk to stay warm, but won’t overheat out on the run, either. While it hasn’t been cold enough in Baltimore to need this jacket for running, I’ve been wearing it for a lot of dog walking. It’s warm, comfortable, and you can’t deny the stylish design.

Cotopaxi review
Baja Pant

Cotopaxi review

ROBBE: The last piece we got from Cotopaxi is the Baja Pant – a water-resistant, four-way stretch pant that’s super comfortable. Now, I wouldn’t say this is a running pant (despite the photo), but it could work in a pinch (they actually have a jogger, not sure why we didn’t get that instead).

The pant has a looped, twill back and a flat Spandex waistband, both of which land in the ‘extreme lounging capability’ column. That said, I didn’t love this pant for a couple reasons. First, the sizing seemed fairly off for my size small. The pant was just too long and a bit too baggy for my tastes, so you may want to go a size down. Second, the drawstring wasn’t cut? Maybe this was a factory mistake, but there weren’t two ends to pull and tie together, and it didn’t have a toggle, so I just had to tie a knot in it. Very odd.

However, I still wore them around and they are assuredly very comfortable. Would definitely work well for travel if the size fits you right.

Another perk, you can feel pretty good about wearing this jacket – the shell and lining are made from 100% recycled polyester. If you’re in need of a jacket that works for all the activities, the Monte Hybrid is a great option.


ROBBE: You know when you get one of those pieces of clothing and you’re like ‘Yeah, I’m probably going to wear this for the next five years.’ That’s the Monte Hybrid. It is that perfect jacket for the 45-60 degree range (or colder if you’re staying active in it).

The Polartec Alpha insulation in the chest/body keeps you nice and warm, while the recycled polyester stretch fleece in the sleeves allows for a great range of motion (and they have thumb holes!). As Meaghan said, most of this jacket is made from recycled materials, which should make your exploring heart happy.

It’s all in the details on this baby though. The main zipper, often overlooked for some reason, reminds me of old-school jackets: super sturdy, with a nice pull. The interior zip pocket is perfect for stashing your wallet or anything else.

But what really matters is the fit, because it is so rare that I find a perfect fit in a jacket. I’ve found it here. It’s snug without being too tight, which is perfect, because you don’t want any cold air coming in the top or bottom, and it still offers options for layering. The sleeves and hem are just the right length. I’m not kidding you, this thing is just perfect.

Anyway, for all those post-run hangout sessions or easy day hikes, this is the go-to piece of gear to have around. Of course, it’s insanely stylish and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. Put this on the Christmas list, you won’t regret it.

Allpa 35L Del Dia Travel Pack



Carry-on compatible | Theft-proof zippers | Compartments galore

ROBBE: Look, I love backpacks and luggage. From duffels to rucksacks to slingbags, I’m like that little kid who constantly carries around a field journal, binoculars, and his rock collection, just in case. So you could say I was pretty excited to try this pack out.

I had been hoping it would come in time for a vacation to Maine, but it came late, so it was relegated to some weekend trips. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m in love. Where do I start?

How about at the beginning. The Allpa 35 Del Dia is a twist on the more rugged Allpa 35 – instead of a ballistic nylon shell, the Del Dia is made 100% of repurposed nylon in the coolest way possible. Instead of scrapping their leftover fabrics, Cotopaxi uses them to make these one-of-a-kind travel packs. Literally, no two of them are the same. Even better, the factory workers get to choose their own swatches, allowing for some creativity in what could be an otherwise mundane job.

Let’s go deeper. Like I said, I love packs, but I equally love great packing solutions and tons of pockets. The Allpa 35 fires on all cylinders, leaving no pocket unturned in its 35-liter capacity.

All of that is an apt description of the Cotopaxi Allpa 42L Travel Pack, a bag that takes a minimalist approach to its design and yet somehow manages to deliver a lot of features and functionality. This nearly-bulletproof backpack is built for travel adventures and provided you already know how to travel light, will probably be the last bag you ever need to buy.

Compact and sleek, the Allpa travel pack is built to move through airports, urban settings, and other environments with equal finesse. The pack features a streamlined shape designed to easily slip in and out of overhead compartments, luggage racks, trunks, or anywhere else you need to store it. Comfortable shoulder straps make the bag easy to wear, but convenient grab handles and a shoulder sling allow it to be carried like a duffel when needed too. This is a level of versatility that any frequent traveler can appreciate.

Somehow, despite its minimalist looks, the Allpa still manages to be eye-catching. That’s due in part to Cotopaxi’s amazing use of colors—not to mention the company’s fun llama logo—but it also has a lot to do with how this bag was designed and constructed. It also stands out at the luggage carousel, making it easy to identify for those rare times that you might have to actually check it.

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Allbirds Launches Pink Running Shoes




Women's Tree Flyers - Lux Pink

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through links on this post, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thanks.

Allbirds Pink Running Shoes

We’ve all heard the canonical phrase, “on Wednesdays, we wear pink” from the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls, but the phrase has been reincarnated in today’s launch of the Allbirds x Lindsay Lohan collab which declares, “on Wednesdays, we launch pink.” The pink to which the beloved brand is referring is a limited edition Lux pink color of the Allbirds Tree Flyer running shoe, available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The shoe also comes in six other color options and has gained attention for being both sustainable and a comfortable and reliable training shoe.

Women's Tree Flyers - Lux Pink

The shoe was most recently included in Runner’s World’s “What We’re Testing” roundup for May. Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate found the shoe to be lighter and bouncier than Allbirds’ original running shoe, the Tree Dasher. “It’s a little lighter than the Dasher, the upper feels a bit more refined for running fast, and the innovative midsole is soft but can handle my daily runs,” stated Dengate. “It’s still a little heavier than comparable shoes—and there are a lot of great daily trainers you can find for $160—but it shows promise that Allbirds is committed to making a great running shoe without using petroleum-based products.”

Women's Tree Flyers - Lux Pink

While sustainability has become a top priority for countless consumers, many companies have fallen short of the mark with their supposedly eco-friendly offerings, which have either become subject to greenwashing or are simply sub-par products. But Allbirds is actually doing the work, creating a quality product that’s also actually eco-friendly. This shoe in particular is carbon-neutral and contains materials like castor beans, eucalyptus fiber, merino wool, and recycled water bottles. The brand has also pledged to continue lowering its carbon footprint as it expands its product offerings.

Women's Tree Flyers - Lux Pink

Besides her fame—and ties to their slogan—Lindsay Lohan may seem like a bit of an odd choice for a running shoe collaboration, but Allbirds says that was intentional. They state on their website, “with Lindsay’s help, we’re reminding the world that anyone and everyone can lace up and move their body.”

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Stradivarius Review




Overview Stradivarius

If your wardrobe is in need of a few –or a lot- more clothing items, there are a lot of clothing shops that you can go to and also a lot of department stores and retailers sell a huge number of clothing and accessories. So this might make your choice where to go quite difficult. We, from BritainReviews, have tried to make this choice a bit easier by asking real customers to write a review about their (least) favourite shop

One of the shops that we ask people about is Stradivarius. Read their reviews about delivery periods, ordering processes, quality and sustainability of the products, (un)friendliness at customer services and many more. Their reviews can help you to a closer look at how Stradivarius really run. You can expect if you decide to shop at their online store. This can make your decision to visit or avoid Stradivarius a bit easier.

About Stradivarius

Stradivarius is a clothing brand. The company founded by one single family in 1994 and its home base in Barcelona. In the years after they first started out, they have opened up many shops around the world and can now be found in, for instance, Maxico, China, Spain, Russia, Italy, Morroco, Egypt, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, France, Colombia and many more countries. In their shops, they sell both men’s clothing and women’s clothing.

Their collection includes coats, jackets, bikers, skirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, bombers, trench coats, parkas, shorts, trousers, blazers, knitwear, t-shirts, jeans, shirts and tops. But they also sell accessories like neck scarves, fragrances, purses, caps, hats, socks, belts, corsets, patches, pins, backpacks, sunglasses, underwear, cosmetic bags and jewellery.

And they sell shoes like sneakers, sandals, boots, ankle boots, heeled sandals, flat shoes, trainers and flat sandals. Besides these wearable products, they also sell lifestyle products like decoration, aromatherapy, stationary etc. And they also sell fragrances and body care.

Services of Stradivarius

On their website, you can create an account, select the products that you want and trust Stradivarius to deliver them right to your home. So you won’t even have to leave your house.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Stradivarius

Do you already own clothing or accessories created or sold by Stradivarius? In that case, would you be willing to tell us about your experience? We would like to know what you think about this company.

What can you tell us about the quality of their products? Do their t-shirts stay in perfect condition for years to come or they really worn off after only one season? Are their dresses fashionable? And what about the people that work there?

Is customer service ready –and willing- to help you in case of a problem, question or complaint? Let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others to get a grip on what kind of shop Stradivarius really is and how they treat their customers.

Read real customer reviews about Stradivarius, a clothing brand with blazers, trench coats, bikers, jewellery, parkas, coats, jackets, shirts etc.


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32 Degrees Review : Clothing & Accessories




32 Degrees Review

About 32 Degrees Review

32 Degrees Review

Activewear generally isn’t cheap, and gearing up for your morning runs, evening HIIT workouts, and days where you don’t feel like wearing real clothing can take a toll on your wallet.

32 Degrees offers functional clothing at a much lower price than some of the other brands out there, but how does its quality measure up? This 32 Degrees review will give you the lowdown on just what it is they offer, and what they don’t.

Once you’ve switched out a button-up and slacks for a compression tee and joggers, it’s tough to go back unless you’re going out to dinner, popping into the office, or otherwise being social.

These days my activity generally revolves around working at home, working out at home, and running out for groceries so I can cook and eat at home. My neck hasn’t seen a collar since 2020.

The problem I’ve run into is that wearing activewear day in and day out can cost a small fortune.

32 Degrees is looking to solve this problem and offer high-quality, low-cost activewear that isn’t as risky as picking up one of those mystery brands from T.J. Maxx.

Do they deliver? Keep reading to find out.

Overview of 32 Degrees Review

32 Degrees Review

32 Degrees is an activewear brand that has a mission of providing functional clothing at prices that won’t flatten your wallet.

They offer a full range of activewear and outerwear for both men and women, from base layers and accessories to tees, polos, puffer jackets, and more. Basically, if it’s a performance garment, 32 Degrees likely has at least a few options for you.

Basic is the name of the game with this brand. You won’t find many of the wild prints and highlighter colors that you’ll see with brands like Under Armour or Adidas.

With 32 Degrees, these are clothes that solve a problem. It’s not the most fashionable activewear around, but you also won’t have to refinance your house to pick up a new week’s worth of gym clothes after you’ve dropped a few pounds.

From the products I’ve tried and thumbing through the rest of the products they offer; fashion isn’t at the forefront of what 32 Degrees offers.

If you’re on the hunt for stylish loungewear that can handle a workout and look good enough to hit the town afterward, you’re going to end up spending more mon

32 Degrees Review32 Degrees Review Cool Classic Crew T-Shirt

32 Degrees Review

The Cool Classic Crew T-Shirt is one of the best values for the price that I’ve seen on activewear anywhere. Ever.
On paper, this shirt isn’t groundbreaking. Its 90% polyester, 10% spandex construction is pretty standard for activewear. The fit isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, but it’s also pretty standard for a performance tee.

What sets this shirt apart, like many of the other products offered by 32 Degrees, is the price. You can pick up three of these tees and not even be at the price of one performance shirt from some of the other activewear brands out there.

I put this shirt through a workout, and it delivers on its promises. The four-way stretch kept up with me and the moisture-wicking kept me dry from the treadmill to the kettlebells.

The knowledge that this shirt also costs about as much as a nice cup of coffee may have also affected my impression of its quality, but how couldn’t it?

This isn’t the most high-tech workout shirt I own. It also doesn’t have the most flattering fit. However, what it offers at the price it’s offered makes this shirt a great deal.

Cotton Terry Pullover Crew and Joggers Set

32 Degrees Review


It seems as if the last two years have been almost entirely appropriate for sweats, which means I’ve had to stock up.
The Cotton Terry Pullover Crew and Joggers Set from 32 Degrees gets the job done well for the price.

Honestly, when I hear “Cotton Terry,” I expect a certain softness from the quality. These sweats are certainly soft, but they’re just about as soft as any other pair of cotton sweats. However, because of their price point, I don’t hold it against them.

I opted for the olive green, which I’m happy they offer, and the set looks great. Although I’ve mainly worn this set of sweats inside while catching up on work and scrolling through Netflix, I’ve comfortably popped out of the house in them to snag groceries and pick up a latte.

The top has a regular fit that’s a touch roomy in the midsection, but it’s slim enough to fit well in the chest and arms while also being great for layering. The bottoms fit somewhere in between standard sweatpants and joggers.

I’ve found that the joggers have a much better silhouette if you pull up the pant legs a bit and let them scrunch. Then they’ll have a cropped bottom that you can easily pair with sneakers to run errands in style.

Overall, I’m happy with this set of sweats. They didn’t blow me away, but for the price, I’m not convinced they can be beaten.

The 32 Degrees Active Mesh Boxer Briefs pleasantly surprised me. Some underwear from activewear brands tends to be too tight and rigid.

The Active Mesh Boxers are made from a performance mesh for plenty of airflow. The length on the legs is great, and they don’t ride up throughout your workout, so you’re not constantly making adjustments.

This pair of underwear also fits well in the waist, being fitted and stretchy without the elastic squeezing the life out of you.
The moisture-wicking and anti-odor qualities of these boxers, along with the mesh, make them a great addition to your gym bag, especially at the low price point that’s consistent across the brand.

I’ve found only one issue with this underwear, which is that the mesh is a magnet for lint in the dryer. Of course, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but if you’re going to pick these up it would do you well to only wash them with other performance fabrics, as I’ve spent longer than I’d like to admit picking cotton lint out of them.

Ultra-Light Down Packable Jacket

32 Degrees Review
A stylish, high-quality down jacket at an extremely affordable price point that packs down to not much larger than a two-hand burrito? They live in the same place as leprechauns, right?

They’re real. And they’re made by 32 Degrees.


The Ultra-Light Down Packable Jacket is by far my favorite item I’ve tried out from this brand, and it also offers a pretty insane value.

Let’s go through the specs. 650+ power down fill that meets the Responsible Down Standard put forth by the Control Union, a water-repellent finish on the polyester shell, side-zip pockets, and a hood. The jacket also packs down into a small carrying case that you can easily toss into a backpack or a carry-on.

Honestly, the only gripe I have about this puffer jacket is the fit. However, that’s not a gripe that doesn’t extend to pretty much every other puffer jacket out there—they’re just not made to have a super tailored fit.

Getting what you get from this jacket at its price point makes it a winter must-have, especially if you’re going to be traveling.

What do Other Reviewers Say About 32 Degrees?

32 Degrees Review

The reviews are a little all over the place when it comes to 32 Degrees. Some reviewers share the same sentiments I do, applauding the quality you’re getting for the price point. Other reviewers seemed to be expecting the quality and the bells and whistles that come with higher-priced brands.

I’d say overall the reviews are positive, but low price-point items like these will always be divisive.My Overall Thoughts On 32 Degree

What I Like The low price point allows you to stock up on activewear basics without spending a fortune.

I like the range of products they offer—if I need to pick up some workout sweats, tees, or performance clothing on the cheap, I know just where to go.

The quality of the puffer jacket was really surprising for the price, and I love that it packs down to such a small size.

What I Don’t Like

Aside from the puffer, the quality of the other pieces I tried wasn’t super high. This is by no means a dealbreaker, as you can’t pay the prices they offer and expect them to compete with the fits and quality of more expensive brands.

Who is 32 Degrees for?

32 Degrees Review

32 Degrees is for someone who is looking to stock up on cheap performance basics and isn’t too fussy about the fit or fabric. Their clothes are sturdy enough, but they aren’t investment pieces or stylish enough to fall into that athleisure category a lot of people are looking for right now.

These are clothes for lounging around at home or hitting the gym that you can pick up for an extremely approachable price.

Other brands like Unbound Merino or Barbell offer a more high-fashion alternative, but the price point is in a completely different ballpark.

The Verdict Activewear can be quite expensive, 32 Degrees offers


 a more affordable alternative.

32 Degrees Review

Now, am I a little spoiled with my activewear? Sure. However, I appreciate what 32 Degrees brings to the table. If you’re not in the spot to drop a lot of money on clothing that isn’t going to be in the office, they offer a solid option.

Their shirts, sweats, and underwear are a solid value, and they have multi-packs where you can save even more. Their performance fabrics get the job done, and the fits are solid for the money.

The puffer jacket is where this brand defied my expectations. I went out and about in this puffer, I packed down into the carrying case, and I unpacked it and fluffed it. Something that’s travel-ready and can keep me toasty in late November in Chicago at that price? A pretty sweet deal.

Overall, 32 Degrees had one standout piece and others that were pretty equal to my expectations. For activewear at this price, you’re not likely to find a better deal.

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