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Features that will Drive the Future of Best Web Development



Best Web Development

Today, generation is evolving hastily and destiny of web development paves the manner for a brand new trend. And one of the trends that witnessed the most traction is net global. This booming net international has over 1.8 billion websites and more than 200 million websites are lively to date.

Still, each day thousands of latest websites are brought to beautify engagement. For enhancing this engagement, a plethora of thoughts and innovations have been added in this ecosystem. Fortunately, maximum of the companies the world over are adopting those innovative ideas to make their commercial enterprise internet site noticeable.

Web development developments are a image of in which the industry is heading and should now not be a supply to comply with blindly. 2020 promises to deliver with it fresh thoughts, present day innovations and new initiatives in internet improvement agency. Let us have a look at the pinnacle traits with a purpose to influence the net development area this year.

Check below traits for destiny of net improvement:

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

When it comes to expand the great cell sites and native applications, progressive net apps are the exceptional choice today. If we positioned the excerpt from the studies conducted on cell usage, cell apps accounted for 90% of the overall time a consumer spends on the internet.

Technically speaking, PWA programs seem like a cell app but are subsequently net pages or websites, aiming to carry native-like experience to customers of all systems and multiple devices.

Anyways, approximately 50% of cell sites have failed to gain the attention of customers as they take 3 to four seconds to load. Here, progressive net apps step in to rescue. Through it, the internet and native applications combine to supply the total app enjoy without installing an application.

It has already been proved that PWA allows brands to grow to be greater visible and make a robust presence, because it supplies full-screen revel in, makes use of push notification to deliver the precise native enjoy. PWA is the ideal spinoff of internet evolution and the widespread adoption of HTML 5.

AI or Bots

Don’t on which idea the chatbots work. It is truely Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. And it has end up an integral a part of the net design and improvement global. This generation performs cognitive features like the capacity to learn, collect information, analyze information, apprehend emotions or solve tough problems.

And in the coming days, the need for AI-enabled communication, automation, and analytics solutions turns into more prevailing. Even the massive names today, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are making an investment a good amount in both AI and machine learning. So AI is inevitable for the net international and builders need to include functions powered via AI.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Facebook, Gmail, and Github are a high instance of the representation of single-page packages. It permits less loading time and eliminates the requirement of reloading the internet page whilst in use by way of loading all of the content thru JavaScript. The maximum special thing approximately this app is that it decreases waiting time, and immediately render the internet pages in the person’s browser.

It has always been considered as an superb preference as it guarantees responsive web sites, supports more than one devices, like a cellular, tablet, and computing device apps. If we communicate approximately web developments on SPA, they’re based totally on React and Angular frameworks that make it more appropriate for hybrid apps.

Motion UI

Every tech consumer wants all the things to be simplistic and spontaneous. Here comes the Motion UI application that may differentiate the design with a minimalistic website with an easy but fashionable and beneficial interface. It usually ensures the implementation of all of the elements and allows you to decorate the conversion charge for your site.

Our internet development employer also contains animated charts, hovers, historical past animations, and attractive headers. And a website is integrated with the motion UI factors, it’ll stand out within the opposition and enhance engagement, and paves the way for more consumer interaction. By the usage of this technology, web developers are greater empowered to integrate alternative to craft a greater functional internet site.


Don’t get pressured here, Java is supposed for growing Android mobile apps. On the opposite hand, JavaScript is supposed to increase web apps. And considering that its inception, it has grow to be one of the maximum comprehensive internet improvement traits. The introduction of latest frameworks and wealthy libraries, it will further strengthen the world of web.

Now it comes to why internet builders prefer this for web development? It empowers them to build strong, clean, and more responsive web sites. Closures, call-backs are some of the noteworthy functions of this robust framework. It may probably the chance inside the future whilst JavaScript based frameworks will drive the web development

Blockchain Technology

One of the contemporary phenomena that have been delivered in the world of era. And if we believe inside the reviews and some enterprise traits, the era should make a capability change inside the web enterprise. Since it’s miles an open and distributed chief and recognised for its secured design, decentralized consensus, and modified-resistance blocks.

With the assist of algorithms, it empowers banks and financial groups to keep a test on the customer’s statistics. It additionally reduces the commercial enterprise costs, reduces the frequency of transaction settlement and improves coins glide subsidized and brings a high degree of transparency in transactions.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The unprecedented increase within the internet get entry to to the public has helped the customers to consume extra records inside the shape of films. However, you possibly can say that it is able to emerge as steeply-priced to layout the video and enforce it at the website. But it has the potential to serve the customers with a better experience and assist you obtain extra interaction.

Today, many prominent websites like Google, YouTube, Microsoft have been enforcing it into their web sites. One can discover and watch interactive movies on those websites via VR. This era in internet improvement developments, in the no longer so distant future, turns into a mainstream shape of video communication.

A avenue to summary

With the introduction of new frameworks, layout tendencies, and cell net app developments, the web enterprise is asking greater promising and doing a first rate job to fulfill the expectations of tech customers. And still, there is lots of potential untapped so it’ll thrive, flourish, and enhance at the person. So it is excessive-time for businesses to replace their competencies on net improvement.

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HostGator Review (Everything You Need to Know in Easy Ways)




The market is flooded with multiple web hosting providers these days. Choosing the best among those is surely a task. Afterall, every web hosting provider comes with a fancy set of features which makes the choice difficult.

Luckily, we have rescued you from this trouble. Here we are decoding everything about HostGator to let you get into its details.

About HostGator

45 Days money back guarantee scheme which is actually longer than other service providers.
Advertising Credits for search engines.
Free Website Transfer Assistance.


There are a few complaints regarding long customer support.
Best Pricing on longer contracts.

Types of hosting services
HostGator’s Plan Costing

The pricing plan is divided into three parts, basic, better & best.
The shared hosting plan starts at $2.75 per month and can be renewed at $6.95 per month. The detailed plan is given below-

Shared $2.75 $3.95 $5.95
Cloud $4.95 $6.57 $9.95
WordPress $5.95 $7.95 $9.95


Reseller $19.95 $24.95 $24.95
VPS $29.95 $39.95 $49.95
Dedicated $118.99 $138.99 $148.98


  1. Shared hosting: It is considered best for small sites with low traffic, like single page blogs.
  2. Cloud hosting: It is considered best for sites that often face hikes and dips in traffic, like stores running online sales.
  3. WordPress hosting: This hosting is good for WordPress websites of all sizes.
  4. Reseller hosting: Such hosting is appropriate for those starting their own hosting business.
  5. VPS hosting: VPS hosting is considered good for the standard websites.
  6. Dedicated hosting: It is suitable for large websites and online stores that need advanced customization and security.

HostGator Cloud Web Hosting Cost

Cloud hosting is the place where the website’s data is stored across multiple virtual servers. There are no physical servers as shared by normal shared hosting purposes. This actually helps in preventing server failures. There are other servers automatically taking over which overcomes server failure. Cloud hosting is really reliable, and versatile.

HostGator’s Cloud Hosting Plans

HostGator has three cloud hosting plans. The plans start from $4.95 to $9.95 per month:-

  1. Hatchling plan: It starts at $4.95 & renews at $8.95 per month. This plan gives a free domain name and SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, and can host one site.
  2. Baby plan: This plan starts at $6.57 & renews at $11.95 per month. This plan gives you exactly the same features as the Hatchling plan, only you also can host unlimited sites.
  3. Business plan: Business plan can be obtained for $9.95, & renewed for $17.95 per month. Business plan provides the same features as the Baby plan, along with SEO tools and a better SSL certificate.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Cost

WordPress sites are highly popular. In fact, it is all over the internet. And all the WordPress sites need good hosting.

WordPress hosting takes care of all the special requirements of a WordPress website. For instance, hosting includes security and protection services & updates to keep the WordPress site safe.

HostGator’s WordPress Hosting Plans

HostGator has three WordPress hosting plans. The cheapest one starts at $5.95 per month, & the most expensive one is available at $9.95 per month.

1.   Starter plan: This plan can be acquired at $5.95, & renewed at $9.95 per month. The plan includes hosting a site along with free SSL & a domain name. Also, it supports upto 100k visits a month.

2.   Standard plan: This plan can be acquired at $7.95, & renewed at $15.95 per month. The plan includes hosting up to two sites, with free SSL and the domain name. You can even get the support up to 200k visits per month.

3.   Business plan: This plan can be acquired at $9.95, & renewed at $22.95 per month. With this plan you can host up to three sites, with free SSL and domain name. It also supports up to 500k visits per month.


HostGator is a great choice for those who are looking for a cheap hosting option. The unmetered hosting is its best feature. This feature is even good for a smaller website. The customer support is excellent. HostGator is surely easy to work & is a great choice for smaller sites.


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Why WordPress CMS is a Good Choice for Any Online Website




WordPress CMS

The world is changing and it is imperative to have a strong online presence for a business. In order to have that, a professional website is a must. It helps you to garner the attention online, and to create an effective dialogue with the audience. After all, the online presence of your business matters a lot in today’s digital world. The market is jam-packed with website builders which can assist in making a decent website. You can find out plethora of website developers and builders, claiming to offer incredible services. However, credibility, expertise and trust matter the most. After all, it’s related to your business, security and customers. To serve the purpose of success, trust, WordPress is the best choice to make. It is the most reputed platform to develop your business site with incredible features and services. It is a one-stop for all website-development related services & tools.

It offers a sure-shot way to succeed with open source content management system (CMS). Many people are adopting WordPress because of it being user-friendly. Also, CMS is quite easy to operate than other mediums. It does not require any professional skills or technical knowledge to use it. Another thing about WordPress is that it offers many updates which makes it the best CMS choice for online websites.

Let’s take a look at some of the important features that make it the best CMS for any online website.

A comprehensive range of Customer base

WordPress is not limited to one type of customer base, like bloggers. Every person can try their hands on it. From small businesses to large businesses, everyone can use WordPress for building their online website. Through this, one can control as well as manage their websites and it’s content. It is super time-saving, and cheaper than other website builders. It is a prevailing software that has the ability to fulfill the demands of every sort of customer base.  One can’t find any restrictions in any of the features, it’s very flexible in nature. The best part is that it saves a lot of time, and doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket.

SEO friendly

SEO is utterly essential to mark the success of a website online. Many people have no knowledge about SEO which is the reason they are unable to taste the success of their website, or find it difficult to do self-posting on a website or a blog. SEO brings audiences in huge numbers to the website.

SEO friendly

Thus, WordPress helps in maintaining good content and makes the website SEO friendly. It does the SEO coding and keywords selection for you without putting you in trouble. The only thing which the user has to do is target the keywords, and get a right theme for proper coding.

Great money saver

WordPress is a great money saver. There are no money charges on its installation. Also, the user gets complete freedom while using the software. The website can be modified according to one’s own preferences. The website can be built and used in any way one wishes to. On the other hand, features like CSS modification, and various potent features, one has to spend some money.


We all know that online security is the most important aspect of any online website. Without security, it’s very dangerous to operate any online website. Thus, WordPress puts a lot of attention to it’s security features. It offers a highly safe platform for any business site. It has a dedicated team of experts which keeps working behind to safeguard all the websites from a versatile range of malicious attacks, viruses, and hackers. The special WordPress Development team does a lot of research in developing super secure online atmosphere for all types of websites in order to secure the important data of clients.

Numerous themes/plugins

The most prominent feature which WordPress has is its ability to offer numerous themes/plugins.

Numerous themes/plugins

The website user gets easy access to these pre-designed themes which he finds suitable for its business website. On the other hand, it offers plugins that are quite beneficial in controlling the website content, website designs, image/video uploading, optimisation, etc. All these themes/plugins are reachable to mobile users as well. The more responsive the website, the better rankings on the search engines.

One can do all this on their own or can hire a professional.


There is no need for hardcore technical experts to understand WordPress. It is simple to operate and build a business website. With a plethora of templates, themes, plugins, and security features, WordPress stands out from the crowd, and makes it super easier for any amateur to start his own website without getting into technicalities. Thus, it is, undoubtedly, the best CMS and website builder for any website.

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Technical steps to launching a website for your business




launching a website

There were times when having a business was just about constraining it into a specific space. But now things have changed and people are understanding the new norms of businesses like having a website. However, building a website for a business can be a daunting task and costs a huge amount of money. But what if now one can build and launch a website on their own.

It is important to understand that by not creating a business website can be of a great hindrance for the business to grow. This is the reason that you should start thinking of how to build a website from scratch. Nevertheless, the whole process of launching a website for the business involves an investment of a few dollars and is quite easy to do single-handedly.

Here are some technical steps which one can follow to launching their business website:

Get a place for the website to live

The foremost thing which is needed to be done is to get a place for your website to live which means web hosting. It is a simple process that involves buying a hosting platform from a provider. This is usually provided by the domain name registrar.

But there are few things to not skip while looking for web hosting like uptime reliability, customer service, and speed of the hosting.

Eye-catching name

It is imperative to think of a good and thoughtful name of your website. After all, it is the name of the website which attracts the user.

A website name usually gives a general idea about the website. Therefore, taking time in deciding an eye-catching name of a website is crucial.

Easy CMS for editing and constructing a website

CMS known as content management system helps in editing the website through the domain. It helps in editing the layout, settings, new posts, templates, and content of the website. CMS makes the operations of the website super easy and time-saving process. There are various CMS available that have weaknesses as well as their own strengths. Therefore, go for the one which is most suitable for your website.

Choose a beautiful design

By reaching this point, there is some kind of website done, and now is the time when you design it well. Install a theme through CMS. Themes allow the website to look great and function in an awesome way. There is always a theme for businesses, entrepreneurs, podcasters, bloggers, etc. to choose the one which serves your purpose.

Editing the website

There are times when you need to edit something on your website. Therefore, it can sometimes mess the things for the beginners as well as professionals. This is the reason that it is essential to keep the website protected with a child theme.

It is a theme that has a style sheet that is separately set on the webserver from other theme files. While using the child theme, it does not break the website and protects from the updates.

The final touch-ups

By reaching this stage, the website is completed with the technical stuff and requires few touch-ups like customisation of a logo, basic content on the website, installation of analytics, and great marketing strategy.


All these technical steps are essential to building a website and brings a huge difference. But it does not guarantee success overnight. Therefore, be patient and keep on working on your website.

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