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Ganni Reviews 2022




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Flip through street-style photos from basically any fashion week, and you’ll start to notice seemingly everyone is wearing the same few things. Ever ogled that bizarrely brilliant poufy-sleeve plaid maxidress, or perhaps this green polka-dot wrap number? Or maybe you’ve fawned over this fuzzy, chunky color-blocked sweater, a distinctive player in 2018’s ongoing parade of rainbow knits? Guess what: they’re all made by the same brand—ganni.

In recent years the scandinavian label has reached international ubiquity, all while maintaining a relatively accessible price point. (basics hover around $200, versus $500 to $600 per piece for comparable “contemporary” labels.) but its story begins back in 2000, as a side hustle of frans truelsen’s, a copenhagen-based gallerist. Nine years later he would bring in nicolaj reffstrup and his wife, ditte, to manage the business and creative, respectively. That’s really when ganni began its ascent.

Ditte, a former fashion buyer, first got involved by helping truelsen design some shoes, at a time when ganni was bringing in less than one million euros annually, according to the now creative director. “it was really nothing—frans designed a couple of cashmere sweaters, some t-shirts,” she recalls of ganni’s earliest days. Nicolaj, now the brand’s ceo, adds: “it was not coherent, not a fashion collection, really. It was just frans doing what he thought would be cool, one-off products.”

What made ditte want to be involved with the growing brand was a desire to create a different type of scandinavian style: “every time i was out traveling, it really annoyed me that people thought that being scandinavian meant either you were very androgynous or very bohemian, and i couldn’t really recognize myself, my friends, or the girls i’m inspired by in that at all…. I thought there was a ‘scandi 2.0’ style that the world hadn’t seen yet.”

From the beginning the price range has been set to be relatively affordable. (accessories start at $20, and nothing in the collection is over $1,000.) “we just did what we felt was right, a fairly honest price point,” nicolaj says. “democratic fashion is a concept that reflects very well the society we live in and way we think and act. You wouldn’t get an average danish customer to pay $600 or $800 dollars for a basic dress, as is usual for contemporary brands in the u.S…. In return, we get very high sell-throughs.”

He continues: “from a product and a price point, we just did what we wanted to do: we wanted to be perceived as an international premium or designer brand, without knowing it’s not how you’re supposed to do things, we insisted on sitting next to very, very cool brands, in very, very cool specialty stores across the world.”

Ganni positioned itself as on the same level as pricier contemporary labels, but with a lower entry point and a quirkier approach to wardrobe staples: cozy knits in rainbow stripes, easy dresses in bold floral prints, drawstring pouches covered in beads…. Ganni has that charm of being an indie brand based in a very cool city that’s not a fashion metropolis, as well as a tremendous trend-spurring power that stems from understanding what people wear versus shock-and-awe feats of design made for the catwalk and instagram. You’ll absolutely see its wares on your social feeds, but it’s not just on die-hard fashion-industry types—these are the kinds of clothes that speak to intelligent, confident women across creative industries: a mix of slightly off-kilter basics, like high-waisted wide-leg red jeans and a demure shift dress, alongside a zebra print midi dress and a pleasingly duvetlike quilted floral jacket.

Creating pieces that feel directional, interesting, and thoughtful is one thing. Knowing how to get them in people’s closets is another. And the reffstrups have adopted a somewhat unconventional strategy to grow ganni’s business—one that involves turning away potential retail partners.

“again and again, we’ve edited out retailers we didn’t feel were resonating with the brand,” nicolaj says, versus continuing to take on more wholesale buyers, as most indie brands do. Case in point: in fall 2017 ganni dropped around 100 retailers out of approximately 400 total; one of which constituted 10 percent of the brand’s total sales.

A lot of things went into making that decision,” he explains. “we’ve been running this company as you would a tech company, with a very strong vision but no business plan…. We always knew what brands we’d sit next to, and the retailers we wanted to work with. We kept pushing until we got into those retailers.”

That approach has paid off: according to nicolaj, ganni has grown around 50 percent each year—“steady, organic growth that we hope is perceived as sustainable and relevant…. Honestly, we could have probably grown a lot faster, doubled our growth overnight, by not dropping wholesale accounts, taking on even more wholesale accounts, opening more stores, but that’s never been the ambition.”

Natalie kingham, fashion and buying director at matches fashion, which began carrying the brand this season, highlights the success of scandinavian designers and “their simple, clean aesthetics and effortless wardrobe essentials” on the online retailer. “ganni is a strong addition to the mix of these designers we already have and the brand has quickly garnered the attention of the street-style set; we find that instagram is a powerful shopping tool.”

Net-a-porter discovered ganni a few years ago, first through instagram and then at copenhagen fashion week—before the brand had any online wholesale business. “the brand’s designs were popping up everywhere and being worn by all of the scandinavian it girls,” elizabeth von der goltz, the retailer’s global buying director, says. Sales of the brand are very strong for net-a-porter—without sharing specific figures, von der goltz says: “we keep exponentially expanding our buy with ganni. We noticed very early on that our customers could not get enough of their designs. It’s grown to be one of our top-selling brands.”

There’s an approachability to ganni that saks fifth avenue, another one of its major stockists, credits for its success. “ganni has hit the sweet spot of balancing the storytelling elements of fashion with everyday consumer wearability,” says tracy margolies, its chief merchant. “there’s a romance in the scandinavian lifestyle; it evokes a carefree, lighthearted feeling, and ganni does just that. The clothes are easy to wear, the silhouettes are flattering but never restrictive, and the prints and palettes are always happy.”

Saks fifth avenue declined to share sales figures or distribution changes (previous or planned) for its ganni business, but margolies says customer reactions to the brand have been “very enthusiastic,” with “figure-flattering wrapdresses, feminine silk tops, and easy separates” as best-sellers. (those wrapdresses have also been a hit season after season for net-a-porter too “because they transcend trends and age, can be worn from day to night, and styled in many ways,” per von der goltz.)

“i really love the quirkiness of the pieces they create, and they just have an eye for unique patterns and fabrics i would never think to pick out,” blutstein says. Ganni’s success, she believes, has a lot to do with being “extremely wearable,” while still having unusual twists, that give its designs more mileage.

Stylist alexandra carl praises the fact that ganni “doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is very appealing, because essentially we all just want to have fun. It’s just clothes, after all…. I think they capture something very playful and of the moment; women want to have fun and experiment with their style.”

There’s also a quality that’s hard to describe—a danish je ne sais quoi—that maybe fills a void for shoppers who might feel fatigued by certain fashion tropes, like the fascination with “french girl” and the “new york model-off-duty” aesthetic. Perhaps the timing of ditte and nicolaj’s ganni in the late aughts, ushering in a fresh interpretation of scandinavian style, aligned well with our collective tiring of these mythical style icons. As nicolaj explains: “the copenhagen girls in general have a style of their own. [they] dress well, and they’re confident…. It’s not just like we’re particularly great at dressing themselves; it’s a matter of attitude, and living in a society that’s the most well-balanced places left on earth, and that injects self-confidence and attitude, and affects how they look.”

“growing up in a place where you’re allowed to be yourself; it’s personality, you see the person behind the clothes, not the clothes that wear the person,” ditte explains. Carl calls ganni’s take on it a “liberated vision of scandinavian style, that’s not so clean, strict, and ‘uptight’; it’s quite free and laissez-faire, which i think suits the vibe in copenhagen very much.”

Right now ganni has its sights set globally: “we’re hoping to build an international brand, but we’re trying hard to keep it very relevant and sustainable in the long run,” nicolaj says. The reffstrups are particularly focused on the u.S., with a goal to have a bigger retail footprint stateside. (“we like old-school retail, where you can meet and embrace the customer—they can touch and feel your product, and i don’t think that’s ever going to go away,” nicolaj says.) so don’t be surprised if you start seeing more ruffled skirts or bold prints in your neck of the woods.

So what’s that ganni secret sauce, exactly? “the brand has had a very strong point of view and that’s something that has stayed true despite their global success,” explains net-a-porter’s von der goltz. “ganni is particularly good at building a loyal following and social presence, and i think that’s something every brand should be considering in the coming seasons.”

The magnitude of its trend-spawning, copenhagen-cool-dispersing effect, though, is nearly impossible to explain, even for the couple responsible: “we’re both insecure overachievers,” nicolaj says with a laugh, noting that when the brand gets lauded for being a global trend-creating force in and of itself, the couple tends to “feel even more insecure and work even harder; we’re not too good at stopping to appreciate things. We like to be very honest and sincere!”

In fact, it’s all about moving onto the next—as ditte describes: “after our show this summer, people were very positive about it, and the first thing i’m thinking is, oh my god, what am i doing next time?!”

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B&H Photo Video Review




About B&H Photo Video


B&H Photo Video is an American photography and video equipment retailer. It was founded in 1973 and is based in New York City. The company operates a large retail store and a well-established online store, B&H Photo Video .

B&H Photo Video offers a wide range of photography and video equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and studio equipment, audio equipment, drones, and more. They also offer a range of services, including rental equipment, repairs, and photo printing.

One of the key strengths of B&H Photo Video is their large selection of products and their knowledgeable staff, who are available to help customers find the right equipment for their needs. Additionally, the company offers competitive prices and fast shipping, making it a popular destination for photographers and videographers looking to purchase new equipment.

Overall, B&H Photo Video is a reputable and reliable source for photography and video equipment, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of professional and amateur photographers and videographers alike.

Overview of B&H Photo Video


B&H Photo Video is a leading retailer of photography and video equipment, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of professional and amateur photographers and videographers alike. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, the company has established a reputation for providing high-quality products at competitive prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support.

B&H Photo Video is the online store of B&H Photo Video, offering a convenient way for customers to shop for their photography and video equipment needs. The website offers a wide selection of products, including cameras, lenses, lighting and studio equipment, audio equipment, drones, and more. The website also offers helpful resources, such as product reviews and tutorials, to help customers make informed buying decisions.

In addition to their online store, B&H Photo Video operates a large retail store in New York City, offering customers the opportunity to see and test the equipment before they buy. The company also offers rental equipment, repairs, and photo printing services to meet the needs of customers in a variety of different scenarios.

Overall, B&H Photo Video is a comprehensive resource for photography and video equipment, offering a wide range of products, services, and support to help customers find the right equipment for their needs.

Who Is B&H Photo Video For?

B&H Photo Video and its online store, B&H Phphoto Video, is primarily for professional and amateur photographers and videographers. The company offers a wide range of photography and video equipment to meet the needs of customers at all levels of experience and skill, including:

  • Professional Photographers and Videographers: B&H Photo Video offers high-end equipment and a comprehensive selection of products that can meet the demands of professional photographers and videographers.
  • Amateurs and Enthusiasts: B&H Photo Video offers a variety of entry-level and mid-range equipment, making it accessible and affordable for amateur photographers and videographers to start or continue their photography and videography journey.
  • Students and Educators: B&H Photo Video offers educational discounts to students and educators, making it a great resource for those in photography and videography programs.
  • Businesses: The company also offers a range of equipment and services suitable for businesses in a variety of industries, including event photographers and videographers, commercial photographers, and more.

Overall, B&H Photo Video is a one-stop-shop for photography and videography equipment and accessories, serving customers of all levels of experience and skill.

B&H Photo Video Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


B&H Photo Video and its online store, B&H Photo Video , generally receive positive reviews from customers. Many customers appreciate the wide selection of products offered and the knowledgeable staff who are available to help with any questions or concerns.

Customers also frequently praise the competitive prices offered by B&H Photo Video and the fast shipping, which helps to make their shopping experience convenient and efficient. The company’s reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service has earned it a strong and loyal customer base.

However, like any company, B&H Photo Video is not without its critics. Some customers have reported issues with customer service, particularly when it comes to resolving issues with orders or returns. Others have criticized the company’s return policy, which they view as inflexible or difficult to navigate.

Overall, the majority of customers have positive experiences with B&H Photo Video and are satisfied with the products and services offered. While there are some areas for improvement, the company remains a popular destination for photographers and videographers looking to purchase equipment.

Is B&H Photo Video Worth It?

Whether B&H Photo Video is worth it depends on the individual needs and preferences of the customer. However, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Wide Selection: B&H Photo Video offers a wide selection of photography and videography equipment, making it a convenient and comprehensive resource for customers.
  • Competitive Prices: The company offers competitive prices on its products, making it an attractive option for customers who are looking to save money.
  • Good Reputation: B&H Photo Video and its online store, B&H Photo Video , have a good reputation in the industry, and are known for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
  • Fast Shipping: Customers can expect fast shipping on their orders, making it a convenient option for those who need their equipment quickly.
  • In-Store Experience: For those who prefer to see and test the equipment before making a purchase, B&H Photo Video operates a large retail store in New York City.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. For example, some customers have reported issues with customer service and the company’s return policy.

In conclusion, whether B&H Photo Video is worth it will depend on the individual needs and preferences of the customer. But, with its wide selection of products, competitive prices, and good reputation, it is definitely a company worth considering when shopping for photography and videography equipment.

B&H Photo Video Promotions & Discounts

B&H Photo Video and its online store,, offer a range of promotions and discounts to its customers. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales & Clearance: B&H Photo Video regularly runs sales and clearance events, offering customers the opportunity to save on a wide range of products.
  • Educational Discounts: The company offers educational discounts to students and educators, making it a great resource for those in photography and videography programs.
  • Bundle Deals: B&H Photo Video also offers bundle deals, where customers can purchase multiple products at a discounted price.
  • Coupons and Promo Codes: From time to time, the company may offer coupons or promo codes, which customers can use to receive discounts on their purchases.
  • Loyalty Programs: also has a loyalty program, which rewards customers for their purchases and provides access to exclusive promotions and discounts.

It is important to note that promotions and discounts may vary, and not all offers may be available at all times. Customers can stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and discounts by visiting the B&H Photo Video website and signing up for the company’s email newsletter.

Where to Buy B&H Photo Video


B&H Photo Video is an online store that specializes in photography and videography equipment. Customers can purchase products directly from the website, B&H Photo Video .

In addition, B&H Photo Video operates a large retail store located in New York City, where customers can see and test the equipment in person before making a purchase.

Customers who prefer to shop in-store can find the B&H Photo Video retail store at 420 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001. The store is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 7pm, Friday from 9am to 1pm, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The store is closed on Saturday.

B&H Photo Video FAQ

B&H Photo Video offers a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on its website to assist customers with their questions and concerns. Some of the most common topics covered in the FAQ include:

  • Ordering and Shipping: Information on placing an order, shipping options, and delivery times.
  • Payment and Financing: Details on payment options, financing, and billing information.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Information on the company’s return policy, and instructions for making a return or exchange.
  • Warranty and Repair: Details on the company’s warranty policies, and information on how to get equipment repaired.
  • Technical Support: Answers to common technical questions, and information on how to get support for specific products.
  • Product Information: Detailed information on specific products, including specifications, features, and compatibility.

Customers who have questions or concerns not covered in the FAQ can reach out to B&H Photo Video customer service team for further assistance. The company offers a variety of contact options, including email, phone, and live chat.

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With three levels of cover, petbarn pet insurance provides up to 100%  back on eligible vet bills, with no excess and no annual claim limit. Alongside a few additional extras, this cover also allows petbarn regulars to earn friends for life points on their premiums.

Who is Petbarn?

Active in the australian market for more than 35 years, petbarn is one of the country’s best known pet supply retailers, with 140 stores nationwide. Petbarn is part of greencross limited, australasia’s largest integrated consumer facing pet care company, which owns more than 130 veterinary practices and over 200 pet speciality stores.

In terms of its pet cover, petbarn pet insurance cannot be purchased in its stores. Plans are only available online or over the phone. What else is worth knowing? Petbarn pet insurance is administered by petsure and underwritten by the hollard insurance company, two of the biggest names in australian pet insurance.

Petbarn Pet Insurance

Core Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit of $500 (per policy period)
  • Up to 90% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 9 years old

Core Plus Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit of $1,000 (per policy period)
  • Includes cover for cruciate ligament conditions
  • Up to 90% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 9 years old

Total Cover

  • No annual claim limit
  • Per condition limit as set out in PDS
  • $750 of dental included (6 month waiting period applies)
  • Includes cover for cruciate ligament conditions
  • Up to 100% back on eligible vet bills (subject to per condition limit)
  • Up to 65% back for pets over 8 years old
  • No excess
  • From 8 weeks up to 7 years old

Some examples of limits on specific conditions on total cover include $1,500 for tick paralysis, $2,500 for snake bites, $4,000 for cancer and $6,000 for bone fractures (per policy period).

It’s worth noting that total cover also provides cover on certain treatments that other policies don’t cover, such as behavioural therapy, dental illness and prescription diets.

What We Love

  • Intro offers: petbarn often provides introductory discounts and offers to attract new customers to sign up. To find the latest offers on petbarn pet insurance, check out our promo codes and discounts page before you apply.
  • Rewards book: when you apply for petbarn pet insurance, you will receive petbarn’s little book of big savings. This book contains vouchers valued at $1,000, covering everything from free gifts and bonuses, to upgrades and discounts.
  • Multi-pet discount: planning on getting pet cover for more than one pet? With petbarn pet insurance, you receive a generous 10% discount on your premiums on all additional policies.
  • Reimbursement: with core and core plus cover, you can claim up to 90% back on all eligible vet bills, while with total cover, you can claim up to 100% back. Bear in mind that the amount you get back will be subject to the per condition limit put in place on your particular policy. For example, if have core cover and your vet bill comes to $800, you would receive 90% back on a limit up to $500.
  • No overall claim limit: unlike many pet insurance plans in australia, petbarn pet insurance does not have an overall annual benefit limit. Instead, petbarn puts in place a per condition limit, which varies according to the level of cover
  • No excess: there is no excess on any of petbarn’s pet insurance plans. If you visit the vet frequently, this could help to reduce the upfront costs associated with making a claim. However, it is worth noting that plans offered elsewhere in the industry typically have higher premiums on policies with no excess, compared to policies that come with an excess. To make sure you find the plan that best suits your budget, be sure to compare pet insurance options thoroughly.
  • Any vet: you can visit any vet (other than yourself) that is licensed to legally practice as a veterinarian in australia.
  • Claim flexibility: when it comes time to make a claim, you can use petbarn’s gaponly feature, which assesses your claim in real time at the vet, so you only pay the gap. Alternatively, you can pay the entire vet bill upfront, then make a claim either online or on paper.
  • Request pre-approval: if you’re unsure whether your policy will pay out on a particular procedure, you can contact the provider in advance to ask for pre-approval. This can give you peace of mind before visiting the vet, knowing that you won’t be out of pocket when it comes time to pay.
  • Earn points: as a regular either at greencross vet clinics or at petbarn stores, you may already be a member of the friends for life loyalty program. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can earn friends for life points on every dollar you pay on premiums. Once you’ve earned 6,000 points, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 loyalty voucher to be used on your next purchase, instore or online. Members enjoy further discounts and benefits instore, including up to 20% off participating dog and cat food when shopping instore as part of the frequent feeder program.
  • Cover for life: provided you apply for a policy before your pet reaches that policy’s age limit, you can enjoy cover for life as long as there is no break in cover, and as long as petbarn provides that policy.
  • Cured pre-existing conditions: like most other pet insurance plans, petbarn pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. But, if you can prove the condition was temporary, and there have been no signs of it in the previous 18 months, it will no longer be excluded from cover. Be aware that chronic conditions and several other specified conditions do not fall within this category.

What To Consider

  • Cost: premiums for petbarn pet insurance are pricey, coming in well above the average price in our annual pricing survey.
  • Reduced reimbursement: once your pet reaches the age of eight, the amount you can claim back on vet bills falls to 65%. Petbarn states this is due to the fact that older animals generally spend more time at the vet, increasing the amount the insurer has to pay out. Petbarn says it decreases the reimbursement rate to keep premiums “affordable”, however, as many pet owners of older pets will attest to, premiums on older pets are already costly. Consider whether as you visit the vet more as your pet ages, you would be happy to receive less back on your vet bills.
  • Per condition limits: where other pet insurance providers have sub-limits, petbarn pet insurance has per condition limits. This is basically the total amount each policy will pay out per condition, according to the level of cover chosen. As an example, with core plus cover, the per condition limit is $1,000, so if you want to make a claim on a costly procedure such as a cruciate ligament, you would only receive $1,000 back. With total cover, that limit is set at $4,000.
  • Waiting periods: all pet insurance plans in australia put in place waiting periods. With petbarn pet insurance, there is no waiting period for accidental injury. For illness, total cover has a waiting period 20 days, while for core and core plus cover it’s 30 days. For cruciate ligament conditions, there is a 6 month waiting period on core plus and total (cruciate ligament is not covered on core cover).
  • Exclusions: similarly, all policies have exclusions. In the case of petbarn pet insurance, exclusions include consultation fees, pre-existing conditions, routine or preventative treatments, some elective treatments, and breeding or obstetrics. On core and core plus, additional exclusions apply. Always read the pds for full details.
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Shoe Review: OOFOS Recovery Sandals




Slide into something comfortable with OOFOS recovery sandals.

You’ve likely seen OOFOS recovery sandals on the feet of fellow athletes after races, workouts and gym sessions. OOFOS sandals are made with soft, squishy foam and generous arch support to cradle your feet and relieve pressure on your joints. Plus, they’re available in a variety of comfortable styles and spiffy colors.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested the OOFOS OOahh Slide, the OOFOS OOlala Sandal and the OOFOS OOriginal Sandal. Here’s what you can expect when you slide into a pair of OOFOS.

OOFOS Foam Absorbs Impact


Most running shoes provide energy return with each step, helping you pop back off the ground into your next stride. But when you’re done running, you want to sink your feet into something soft. OOFOS recovery sandals feel like pillows, cushioning your feet and cradling your arches the moment you slide into them.

“Wow. Just wow. There’s a lot going on under the surface with these shoes because they do not at all feel like your normal rubber. I really like them,” Nate says.

OOFOS recovery sandals use proprietary OOfoam technology to absorb impact and reduce stress on your feet, ankles and other joints. OOFOS says their closed-cell foam absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional EVA foams. More impact absorption leads to less wear and tear on your body, keeping your feet and legs feeling fresh.

“These are by far the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. I can never go back to wearing other sandals again after trying these. I always make sure to bring these along to races so I can slip them on after I finish – it’s a much needed relief after pounding the pavement for hours at a time,” Caroline says.

Patented Footbed Supports Arches


All OOFOS sandals use the same patented footbed that cradles your arches for a soft yet supportive fit.

The arch support provides stabilization while standing and walking, meaning your feet don’t have to work as hard during these movements. This helps you recover faster from tough runs and training sessions so you can get back to performing at your best.

“The arch support is subtle but definitely noticeable and helps my feet feel less fatigued after a long run or tough workout,” Caroline says.

Both the OOFOS slides and the sandals feature the same OOfoam technology and patented footbed, offering the same luxuriously comfortable fit. All you have to do is choose your preferred style.

“OOfos sandals always feel good, but their shining moment is when you first put them on after wearing anything else, or even after going barefoot. When my feet or legs are tired, it feels so good to put on my Oofos,” Kate says.

Because OOFOS doesn’t make half sizes for their recovery sandals, you’ll have to go up or down a half size depending on the shape of your feet. A good rule of thumb is to go up to the closest full size for men and down to the closest full size for women, but this will depend on the shape of your unique feet. If you’re unsure about the shape of your feet, get fit at your local Fleet Feet.

Comfortable Styles are Perfect for Relaxing


Whether you’re hanging around the house or running a full day of errands, OOFOS recovery sandals are your new best friend. They offer reliable support for your feet while remaining lightweight and easy to pair with any outfit or occasion.

“I have been wearing OOFOS for just over three years now. I love that they have different styles that all have a similar, amazing feel, but give you a chance for a different look,” Kate says.

With multiple colors to choose from, you can easily find a pair that suits your style. Plus, the waterproof materials are perfect for wearing to the pool, the beach or jumping in the shower after a sweaty gym session.

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