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Pelican Cases Review




About Pelican Cases


Your wallet holds more than just spare change these days. It’s often where you store your identification, bank cards, credit cards, receipts, gum wrappers, and enough DNA to incriminate you in an art heist.

That means that losing your wallet means more than just losing your beer money for the weekend. While you can’t do much to ensure you never lose your wallet besides grafting it to your skin, you can take action to protect it.

That’s where Pelican Cases comes in. The American brand makes some of the sturdiest cases that have ever held a phone, wallet, or beer can. You’ll find an instrument for any occasion that requires safeguarding by sifting through the company’s catalog.

Their product page has over 179k Instagram followers while their professionally-tailored page boasts over 185k followers.

You’re probably wondering what drives all those people to keep Pelican Cases in their feed. That’s the question I’ll answer in my Pelican Cases review. I’ll also touch on the brand’s history, some of their available products, their customer reception scores, and more.

Overview of Pelican Cases


The average pelican has a 15 to 25-year lifespan in the wild. Pelican Cases produce cases that may outlive their titular birds. Their first product was a safety device for scuba divers that Dave Parker created in 1976 in his Torrance, California garage.

Clearly, Pelican Cases are making more than buoys. Safety remains at the core of their manufacturing, but nowadays their goods are more tailored towards protecting what’s inside of them rather than their users.

The company has adopted more sustainable approaches over recent years as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) initiative. This protocol guides companies to adjust their goals to build a healthier planet by 2030.

Pelican Cases have done their part to act in accordance with the UNSDG. They contribute to local charities, send aid to victims of calamities, design and manufacture reusable goods, reduce their factories’ waste, and enact company-wide safety measures.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about what goes on behind the scenes, let’s cover what that means on the main stage of this brand’s operation. I’ll look at some major positives in the next section of this Pelican Cases review.


  • Creates durable, high-quality cases
  • Acts alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals program
  • 10% off when you enroll in their email list
  • Financing options available with Klarna
  • Free ground shipping on US orders over $149

Pelican Cases create storage devices and containers like backpacks, travel mugs, coolers, phone cases, and wallet protectors. They also produce functional items like flashlights, portable mugs, canteens, and portable lighting apparatuses.

Pelican Cases Review

I’m going to dedicate this section of my Pelican Cases review to some of the most popular items in the brand’s catalog. These are just a few of the cases that might get your wings flapping with joy.

Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet Review


This wallet case is like a miniature fortress. The Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet should protect your most valuable possession from more than just pickpockets.

How so? Well, this product is waterproof up to 1 meter, which is enough protection to survive most rainstorms. It’s also crushproof with an aluminum shell.

The inside is lined with RFID-blocking materials so nobody can steal your digital identity while walking by you.

With all this protection, you might think that the Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet weighs a ton. Thankfully, Pelican Cases made this wallet so lightweight that you might just forget it’s taking up space in your back pocket.

It opens and closes with the snap of a few hinges. You can snap your belonging into either a black or a grey Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field Wallet for $45.

Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case Review


When you think about it, most people walk around with over a thousand dollars in their pockets in the form of their smartphones.

That value can be taken away by a random life occurrence. The Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case can protect your most precious device from one of life’s freak accidents

This case can fit phones as large as the iPhone Xs Max or the Samsung Note 9.

Your phone will be safe from most accidents like falls from heights, water damage, and dust because this case is padded with rubber bumpers, waterproof up to 1 meter, and has an internal pressure valve.

You can also store your credit cards in the Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case as it has pockets for a few cards. It comes in a variety of colors like black and grey, blue and grey, and white and aqua.

You can buy the Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case for $45.

Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case Review


This is the beefiest case I’ve included in this Pelican Cases review. It’s chunkier than other phone cases, but, as any loyal Campbell’s Soup fan will tell you, chunky can be a good thing.

The Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case is a protective shell that’s best for when you want to take your belongings with you on more dangerous adventures. It can survive off-roading driving, canoeing, and skiing without earning a single scratch.

This case has a rubberized exterior to protect it from blunt force impacts. Its IP68-rated exterior keeps it safe from most weather conditions and liquids while the built-in pressure valve maintains a healthy balance between air and moisture.

You’ll never have to worry about damaging your phone on your wildest excursions if you pick up the Pelican R20 Personal Utility Ruck Case for $55.

Pelican Coolers Review

There are some things in life that you want to keep hot; salsa, your furnace, the romance between yourself and your significant other.

However, there are instances when it’s best to keep it as cool as possible. That’s why I’m looking at some of the best Pelican coolers available.

Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler Review


The first cooler I’ll feature in my Pelican Cases review will be this nifty shoulder bag. It can solve the age-old problem of how to carry beer when your hands are already holding as much beer as you can safely drink.

The Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler can hold up to 8.5L of liquid (and its packaging, not that you’d want to carry a case full of liquid), which is equal to a dozen cans or four wine bottles.

It has a main pocket with a readily accessible opening and a smaller side pocket to store your important belongings. The inside is made from a closed-cell foam that will keep your drinks frosty. The zipper is waterproof and leak-resistant.

That means that even if something were to go wrong inside this cooler you wouldn’t have to worry about it literally spilling over the rest of your day.

You can grab the Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler in a light grey or coyote color for $170.

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler Review


A single-strapped cooler is great, but two straps imply that you mean business. Walking around with the Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler can show off that you came to party and that said party goes wherever you go.

This backpack has two insulated storage compartments. The top pocket can hold either wet or dry items because it has a tough exterior and an insulated interior. However, the bottom compartment is where the fun stays because it’s a dedicated cooler with a leakproof zipper, an ice pack holder, and enough storage space for half a dozen cans of Red Bull.

Pelican Cases know that a cooler with this much can get heavy so they made the back itself light. They also added padding to the shoulders and a carrying handle so that you can comfortably hoist it if your back gets too tired.

Bring the party along with you with the Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler for $280.

Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler Review


My final inclusion in this Pelican Cases review is a more traditional cooler in form but revelatory in function. The Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler is kind of like the cool kid at the party, and yes that is a pun about how cold this cooler can keep your drinks.

This item can hold two 1-pound Pelican Ice Blocks. It maintains that frigid temperature with its dense polyurethane walls and a freezer gasket lid. Combine those together and you get a cooler that’ll keep your drinks cold until the next ice age.

It also has a magnetic bottle opener as well as a separate tray where you can store dry goods. It really appears that Pelican Cases thought of everything with this product! Have you thought about adding it to your collection? If so, you can for only $110.

Who Is Pelican Cases For? 


Pelican Cases are made for people who don’t want anything to come between them and their life experiences. They want to bring their phones, wallets, and other personal belongings with them every step of the way.

Additionally, those in more specialized and potentially dangerous lines of work (think firefighters or arborists) could benefit from using Pelican Cases.

Pelican Cases Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


How safe can a Pelican Case be? One way to find out is to take a sledgehammer and find out for yourself. Another option – and the smarter one – is to read through a few Pelican Cases reviews that customers have written.

I found that most customers were satisfied with their purchases after reading what they wrote on the Pelican Cases website. Buyers were ecstatic about the durability of their Pelican Cases.

This customer relied heavily on the Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case for all their outdoor excursions. “I have several of these! We keep our “personal” items in these cases on our 4 wheelers and jet skis! These are fantastic!! Protect our phones and wallets from all sorts of damage, water and dust!! Again, well done Pelican!!”

Many other product reviews clamored about how Pelican Cases allowed them to engage in their favorite activities without having to worry about damaging their goods. That’s a sentiment I found on the brand’s Facebook page. Over 2,100 users gave Pelican Cases an average review score of 3.9/5 stars.

Here’s a particularly humorous review about how a Pelican phone case saved a man’s phone after a night spent drinking:

…apparently left my phone on the roof of her car. Drove like 6 miles before it fell off going like 50 miles an hour.. Went back the next morning and found it on the side of road. Was run over a few times but the pelican iPhone case held perfectly. Not even cracked, and the phone is fine. Not damaged at all, only the screen protector. 10 out of 10 stars in my book.

The final place I looked for Pelican Cases review was ResellerRatings. The brand earned an average rating of 4.1/5 stars from more than 190 pieces of customer feedback.

The positive reviews spoke highly of the company’s customer service. It was well regarded enough by some people that they frequently purchased Pelican Cases.

This reviewer was ensnared by the quality of their Pelican purchases. “Have been very pleased with the service and products for this site. I have made a total of 4 orders with them for my company in the past two years. They are always pleasant and helpful on the phones and know their product very well.

If there was one consistent criticism among customer Pelican Cases reviews, it was that the cases didn’t always fit the advertised products.

Some people said that the cases weren’t able to secure their phones, or that they had to remove cards and money from their wallets to that they could fit inside the case.

That may be a case (pun very much intended) of people having too much junk in their trunk, but it was the most glaring complaint, especially among smaller Pelican Cases.

Is Pelican Cases Legit?


I couldn’t find any red flags or troubling anecdotes while conducting research for this Pelican Cases review. Add that to the fact that this company has been operating for nearly 50 years, and I feel safe saying that Pelican Cases are legit.

Is Pelican Cases Worth It?


Pelican Cases are worthwhile in some instances more than others. Their cases are heavy-duty, which is great, only not always ideal if you want a discrete case for a phone or a wallet.

Their cases can protect against weather conditions, human hazards, and butterfingers. This versatility means that anyone from a bull in a china shop to front-line workers can benefit from buying a Pelican Case.

Pelican Cases Promotions & Discounts 


Here’s a deal that would knock your socks off if they weren’t encased in a Pelican Case. You can earn a 10% discount on your first Pelican Cases order if you sign up for the brand’s email newsletter.

They’ll also send you product updates, news about upcoming promotions, and more.

Where to Buy Pelican Cases


Here are some of the most reliable places where you can purchase Pelican Cases:

  1. From the brand’s website, pelican
  2. From one of their trusted retailers, which you can locate on the company’s website
  3. From large online retailers like Amazon
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Camping World Reviews



Camping World

For some people, nothing tops the freedom of spending a holiday at a camping site or tracking to stop at several camping sites along the way. But before you even think about starting a holiday, you will need supplies like a tent, camping gear and more. But where can you get them? One of the shops that offers them is Camping World. But what kind of quality tents do they offer? Will their kettles and toasters really be handy and useful? And do their barbecues provide you with a good meal? Will your order be delivered in time for your holiday? And if something is wrong, can you count on their customer service to try their utmost to make things right? For these matters, read what current, former and regular customers of World Camping have to say about this company. Their reviews can help you to know what you will be getting if you order at World Camping

About World Camping

World Camping is a website that offers camping equipment. They sell items for camping like tents, tent carpets, windbreaks, sleeping bags, air tents, cook sets, lightning solutions, chairs, tipi tents, heaters, tans, first aid kits, outdoor activities, roll mats, air beds, camp kitchens, loungers, lanterns, tableware, backpacking stoves, BBQ’s, gas stoves and more. For caravanning they offer toilets, wardrobes, wheel chocks, awning, chargers, jumpstarters, furnitures, gas regulators, kettles, caravan motor movers, caravan steps, etc. They also have a category of clothing with shirts, belt, sandals, shorts, snow boots, walking stocks, gloves, salopettes, trousers, wellington boots, thermal clothing, fleece clothing and more. They even have a category of bushcraft and military which includes navigation, camouflage, climbing equipment, military cooking gear, survival kits, insect protection, emergency blankets, hand warmers, foot warmers, fire lightning and more. And their assortment includes many brands like Snuggi, Steiner, Trespass, Rogue, Streetwise, Royal, PMS, Quest, Regatta, Campa, Easy Camp and many more.

Services of Camping World

Their whole assortment of camping gear can be ordered via their website. If you order via their website, you will get £25 off on the first order that you place. The people from Camping World will make sure that your order is delivered to your home. They have a 365 return policy so you have a whole year to change your mind and send an item back

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Camping World

Have you ever ordered something from Camping World? In that case, we would love to hear what you think about this company. Were you satisfied with your order? Are their camping beds comfortable? Do their sleeping bags keep you warm enough? Are their windbreakers durable? Do their tents withstand rain, wind and other forms or bad weather? And in case of a problem, did Camping World and its customer service help you to solve the complaint? Let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others to find out how things at Camping World are really run.

Is Camping World the best place to look for camping gear? Read reviews about their camping beds, tents, military equipment, tablewarem gas stoves etc

MacSports Club Chair


Extra spacious to allow comfort for everyone, the MacSports Club Chair can be used indoors or outdoors, at the beach, campsite, backyard, anywhere you need comfortable seating. This padded, cozy, comfy chair is made with durable, water-resistant polyester fabric to withstand even harsh outdoor conditions. The powder-coated steel frame supports up to 225 lbs. but only weighs 18 lbs. to allow easy transport in its carrying case.

• Cozy, oversized cushioned club chair
• Durable, stain and weather-resistant fabric that can easily withstand the harsh outdoors
• Folds up easily for transport in its carrying case
• Durable steel frame supports up to 225 lbs.
• Overall Dimensions: 34″W x 33″D x 33″H
• Seat Dimensions: 21″W x 22″D x 19″H
• Folded Dimensions: 12″ x 10″ x 42″

Club Chair, Ottoman and Table Bundle


Live life comfortably with the Club Chair, Ottoman, and Table bundle. Outdoor living doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience with this bundle, which includes a chair, ottoman, and table to make your outdoor space just as livable as live indoors.

Club Chair: The wide, padded club chair sits like an indoor chair, but it’s made for the outdoors! The Club Chair unfolds easily for cushy seating at any outdoor event. The club chair features heavy-duty water-resistant polyester fabric on a powder-coated steel frame with large foot pads for stability. Weight capacity of the club chair is 225-lb.

Outdoor Folding Ottoman: Perfect match for any patio chair. Easy to transport around the campsite, tailgating and more with folding capability. Heavy duty steel frame and water proof! Can support up to 80 pounds.

Outdoors Personal Table: Designed for strength and stability. 3-adjustable heights: 24 in. 26 in. and 28 in. Stain resistant and easy-to-clean. 1.4 In. table top thickness. Powder-coated weather resistant steel frame. 0.7 In. leg tubing diameter. Closed dimensions: 18″W x 1.5″H x 37″ L. Indoor/outdoor use. 2 year limited warranty.

North Shore 8-Person Cabin Tent


Big enough to house the whole crowd, the 8-person cabin-style North Shore Tent features a straight wall design that provides ample room for everyone. A room divider is included to create separate spaces, and an E-port provides electrical access. Easily assembled, the North Shore Tent is designed with a pin-and-ring pole system that makes setup simple.

• Capacity: 8-person
• Tent Floor Size: 12′ x 10′ plus 50 sq.ft. screened porch
• Center Height: 7’4″
• Screened Porch Floor Size: 8’W (front) x 12’W (back) x 5’D
• Canopy/Fly Material: 185T Coated Polyester Taffeta
• Floor Material: Welded Polyethylene
• Straight wall design for ample room
• Room divider to create separate spaces
• Reflective stake lines for visibility
• 3 storage pockets
• E-port for electrical access
• Waterproof taped seams
• D-style door with inside flap
• Fiberglass and steel poles
• Pin-and-ring pole system for easy setup
• 210D duffel carrying case

Framed 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike


The Framed Cruiser is designed with a clean look and padded seat to get you where you’re going in style and comfort. This cruiser bike offers a simple ride with a coaster brake rear wheel for easy consistent stopping. The steel frame is outfitted with raised cruiser handlebars that allow you to ride in a more natural upright position for less fatigue. The 26″ cruiser wheels with puncture-resistant tires help smooth out the ride. The Framed Beach Cruiser is your best choice for a comfortable, confident, enjoyable bike ride.

• Handlebars: U-Type
• Stem: Alloy, 30°
• Grips: Silicone, 125-130mm
• Tires: 26″ x 2.125″
• Rear Brake: Coaster
• Fender: K-Type
• Pedals: 1/2″ with CPSC Reflectors
• Reflectors: Front White / Rear Red
• Center Kickstand

Coleman Powersports BT200X Mini Bike


The Coleman Powersports BT200X Mini Bike features the BT or Big Tube design with a little weight added for increased stability while riding. The front forks and suspension increase ride comfort and handling.

?• Wider frame for extra durability
• Dual front-end suspension for a smoother ride
• Headlight for safety at night
• Easy pull-start operation
• Powerful 196cc engine provides plenty of power
• Low pressure tires provide a soft, stable ride
• Rugged and proven clutch, jack shaft, and chain drive
• Rear-drum, handle-operated brake

Extra Large Director’s Chair


The Extra Large Aluminum Folding Director’s Chair is built with an extra-wide seat to offer plenty of room for comfort. A heavy-duty aluminum frame provides sturdy support while maintaining a light weight. Non-skid leg tips add stability. Durable, weather-resistant polyester fabric in the seat and back cleans easily with just a damp cloth. The seat has no crossbars that risk pinching. Foam-padded armrests help support easy entry and exit of the chair. Folding side table with built-in cup holder holds your favorite drink, book, and other personal items conveniently by your side.

Extra Large Folding Outdoor Director’s Chair Dimensions
Open: 27.13″W (36.25″W w/table) x 22.5″D x 36.63″H
Seat: 16.5″W x 15.38″D x 19.3″H (from ground)
Folded: 7.5″ x 25″ x 37″
Side Table” 18″ x 10.75″
Capacity: 300 lbs.

Seaflo 8’9″ Sit-on-Top Kayak with Paddle


Designed for fun-loving paddlers, the Seaflo Sit-on-Top Kayak comes with a hard plastic backrest for extra comfort when paddling. A tail wheel built into the kayak makes it easy to transport. Blow-molded polyethylene construction makes this kayak super lightweight, while the slim hull design increases speed. The rocket head and arch shape easily break the waves and ensure excellent maneuverability.

This Seaflo Kayak comes with a durable 86.6″ aluminum paddle.

• Front handle and rear lift handle for easy transport
• Rear cargo area with bungee
• Folding backrest
• Hull designed for outstanding stability and tracking
• UV-protected, high-density polyethylene construction
• Self-bailing scupper holes for draining water
• Easy-roll tail wheel for enhanced tracking and easy transport
• Molded-in footrests and cup holder

Padded Folding Sports Chair


Add some comfortable seating to your journey with the Padded Folding Sports Chair. Foam padded seating and backrest provide a welcome place to rest, while the sturdy steel frame provides lasting support. Features a handy built-in cup holder. Includes a carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transport. 300-lb. weight capacity. Overall: 24-1/2″W (arm-to-arm) x 38-1/8″H x 25-3/4″D. Seat is 21-1/4″W x 17″D.
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Benefit Cosmetics Review




About Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is a beauty brand known for its line of one-of-a-kind brow products. They rose to fame with a rose-tinted lip stain, but also offer mascaras, primers, bronzers, and of course, brow definers.

If you’ve ever been to Sephora, you might have come across the Benefit BrowBar, a service where trained cosmeticians use the brand’s products to transform your eyebrows.

The company has 6.2M followers on Facebook, and 10.1M on Instagram and has been featured in E! Online, WWD, Refinery29, Elle, InStyle, New York Post, The Guardian, Glossy, and many other publications.

This Benefit Cosmetics review will take a close look at the brand and its best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if Benefit makeup is worth the buy.

Overview of Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics was founded in 1976, originally called The Face Place. Twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford decided one day to start some type of business, and chose to open a cosmetics company.

Good thing they did, because Benefit is now sold at over 2,000 beauty counters in over 30 countries.

The brand put its roots down in San Francisco, where they are currently still headquartered. Their first ever product, Rose Tint, now known as Benetint was created for an exotic dancer. It’s one of their bestsellers still to this day!

Benefit Cosmetics was later bought by LVMH in September 1999 and is now spearheaded by Jean and Jane’s nieces and daughters, Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson.

Next up, this Benefit Cosmetics review will provide an overview of the brand’s pros and cons.


  • A variety of cosmetics and accessories to choose from for the eyes, face, brows, and lips
  • Over 40 years of expertise with cosmetics
  • Offers a wide range of quick fixes to beauty dilemmas
  • Does not use toxic heavy metals in its formulas
  • Available in over 30 countries
  • BrowBar service introduces potential customers to their brow products
  • The brand also offers waxing and makeup application services at local Sephora locations (COVID-19 regulations permitting)
  • Virtual brow consultations featuring brow mapping
  • Virtual try-on’s included with each individual product page
  • Affordable prices for high-quality products
  • Get a Big Brow Love Set for $30 (a $72 value)
  • Students get a 10% discount
  • Great sale section
  • Free U.S. ground shipping with the code: ‘FREESHIP’
  • 60-day returns


  • Some customers have complained about the flaking of their mascara, and the quality of products in regards to application

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

Whether you’ve over-plucked your brows, or your eyelashes are too blonde to be seen, Benefit Cosmetics has a beauty solution for you.

This Benefit Cosmetics review will feature the brand’s best selling beauty products; from eye-opening, long-lasting mascara, to volumizing brow gel, and their infamous cheek and lip tint.

Benefit Cosmetics Mascara Review

Mascara is one of the most basic makeup products many women can’t go without, but we all have different goals of what we want our lashes to look like.

Whether you’re after simple, natural curls, or dark and dramatic lashes, Benefit Cosmetics’ best-selling mascaras, featured below, will open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara Review

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

Mascara has the ability to make eyes appear larger, and most makeup looks are incomplete without it.

Available in both mini and regular sizes, this They’re Real Lengthening Mascara adds dramatic length to lashes, while lifting and curling for a glamourous effect.

The domed-tip brush adds volume and flare to natural lashes without pesky clumping. Perfect for all-day wear, They’re Real Lengthening Mascara comes in Jet Black and Beyond Brown colors.

Draw more attention to your beautiful peepers with Benefit They’re Real Mascara for $13–$26. 

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara Review

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

These aren’t the magnetic falsies you’ve seen online. These are your own, real lashes. This mascara uses the power of magnetic force to draw your lashes outwards.

They’re Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara keeps lashes long and lovely for up to 36 hours without smudging or flaking.

Improving the look of lash length by 40%, this mascara uses an extender brush and an added magnetically charged coil core to pull the formula out beyond the length of your natural lashes.

You may be thinking, magnets sound hard and heavy, but They’re Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara is actually lightweight and flexible. Available in mini and regular sizes, this item is $13–$27.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara Review

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

It’s all about the eyes with this Roller Lash Curling Mascara. The Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs lashes, separates and lifts them, then curls them for a subtle, but flirty look. This formula sets your lashes 12 hours, an appropriate choice for wearing to the office.  

The Roller Lash Curling Mascara has a conditioning effect because of Vitamin B5 and Serin. So while the mascara makes your lashes look good, it’s actually strengthening them as well.

This mascara is available in a satin finish of Ink Black or Brown, in mini and full sizes for $13 or $26 respectively.

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Mascara Review

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

This water-resistant, smudge-proof mascara uses aero-particles sourced from space technologies to lift and lengthen lashes for 36 hours.

This mascara does more than make your lashes reach for the skies, the Provitamin B5 included also helps to naturally thicken them over time, so you can still rock a flawless natural look on those days you just can’t be bothered to do makeup.

The BADgal BANG! Mascara uses a Slimpact! Brush that coats your lashes from root to tip for some extreme volume. Try the BADgal BANG! Mascara for $13–$26. 

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

You use a primer before you put your makeup on your cheeks, eyes, and t-zones, but why aren’t we using primer for the most essential and delicate part of our face? Our eyelashes!

The They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer acts as a guard for your lashes against harsh mascaras and makeup while adding a layer of tinted volume before mascara application.

Known for its water resistance, the primer can also be worn alone for a subtle nude look. Plus, the formula is confused with Provitamin B5 to support last strength and growth.

In a brief customer consensus, it appears that this is one of the brand’s most loved products. Here are some numbers to prove it:

  • 91% of customers said the primer was soft and buildable with mascara for over 6 hours
  • 94% of users noted lash definition
  • 92% of buyers stated the primer added volume

Grab this brand’s They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer for the bargain price of $25.

Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrows Review

Big, bushy brows have been in style for a few years now. For some, the bushier the better. For others, simple and sleek is the way. Some want a filler to amp up the volume, while others need a gel to help control their natural shape.

Benefit Cosmetics’ best-selling eyebrow products, featured below, can help you to fill, accentuate, or define your brows.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel Review

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

You’ve got the raw materials, but you struggle with keeping your brows in place. Instead of accidentally overplucking, try the Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel.

This gel tames and tints your arches slightly, depending on the color you choose. Got super blonde brows but rich, chestnut hair? Choose the Warm Auburn Brown, which is just one of Benefit’s 10 shades of this classic brow gel.

This waterproof brow gel contains microfibres that actually create a fuller-looking brow. Of, course, penciled on brows are stunning too, it’s just about preference here.

Available in full, mini, and value sizes, the Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel ranges from $13–$48.

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen Review 

Benefit Cosmetics

Buy Now At Benefit Cosmetics

Pencils give you some control over defining the shape of your eyebrows, but the point is never fine enough. The Brow Microfilling Pen allows you to create precise strokes that look akin to eyebrow hair, for that ultra-natural look.

Don’t worry about scalding summer days and sweat dripping down your perfectly painted brow, this pen is waterproof and lasts all day.

With a similar look to microblading, the Brow Microfilling Pen lets you have gorgeous, thick brows without ever having to leave your home. Available in 4 shades, this brow pen comes in full size only, for $25.

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain Review 

Benefit Cosmetics

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Benefit Benetint, the product that started it all. Originally developed in the 1970s, this Cheek and Lip Stain gives a rosy, youthful glow to cheeks. Or a just-bitten, electric pink look on lips. It’s cute, sassy, and works on a range of skin tones.

This rose-tinted stain has a natural-looking finish and glides on with ease. Start with a little bit and build your way to a more vibrant eye-popping color. This cult-favorite Cheek and Lip Stain is available in full size for $18.

Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer Review

Benefit Cosmetics

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This Benefit Cosmetics review believes there’s nothing worse than spending hours on your glam, only for it to disappear a couple hours into your night of fun.

Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer sets your face up for smooth success with foundation, allowing for longer wear throughout the day or night.

Use before nights out on the town and dance to your heart’s content. Or, keep your makeup in place for hours of photos during your little brother’s graduation!

The POREfessional Face Primer minimizes shine, giving your face a matte look. Minimizing pores and deep creases, this primer is also silky and lightweight, containing Vitamin E to protect skin from free radicals.

The helpful POREfessional Face Primer comes in mini, full, and value sizes for $13–$54.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer Review 

Benefit Cosmetics
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The Hoola Matte Bronzer delivers a sun-kissed (and not orange) look to cheeks, adding depth with its natural color. Easy to apply and blend, this bronzer comes with a built-in mirror and a powder brush that makes application a breeze. 

If you’d like a bronzer and blush combo to really bring your face to life, try the Benefit Cheekleaders Set. The Hoola Matte Bronzer comes in 4 shades in both mini, full, and value size, for $17–$44. 

Benefit Cosmetics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Benefit Cosmetics

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This Benefit Cosmetics review searched the web for helpful customer testimonials on the brand’s best-selling products.

Below, you’ll find real customer reviews sourced from the brand’s website, Sephora, and Shoppers Drug Mart, which highlighted the products’ quality, application, color options, and overall effectiveness.

First up, the Hoola Matte Bronzer is rated with an average of 4.6/5 stars by 277 customers on One customer with olive skin remarked on the quality of this bronzer:

This bronzer is unmatched. I’ve tried a few different bronzers but I keep coming back to this one. It gives your face a beautiful warmth and is so easy to apply.

Another customer, who has a lighter skin tone, loved this bronzer as well. She wrote, “Finally a bronzer that I don’t have to try to convince myself looks good on me…it actually does, phew. The lite is just a perfect shade for defining pale skin.”

negative customer review read, “It made my face greasy, brown and rubbed off my makeup. It caked everywhere and only lasted three hrs.” 

Benefit Cosmetics

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The Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil is rated at 4.6/5 stars by 4.9K customers on Sephora. One customer who was happy with the application and color options of the Benefit Cosmetics‘ brow pencil wrote:

It’s precise like its description, so I’m able to draw individual hairs and fill in any sparse areas. What I love most is the shade range and how easily it glides on and lasts. I also love the spoolie which I use to comb my brows and my lash extensions.” 

One customer who prefers the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil to this one wrote, “Terrible, I wish I could return it but the whole thing crumbled apart and broke off while using it. I got about 4 uses out of it and it broke twice. I threw it in the garbage. Their goof proof is 100 times better.

They’re Real Magnet Lengthening Mascara is rated 4.3/5 stars by 3,784 customers on Shoppers Drug Mart. A customer who loves the effects of this mascara wrote:

“mascara needs to be pigmented, lengthening, and volumizing. And this mascara does just that! The wand is nice and stiff so it really gets in there, and the formula is a great consistency. I LOVE how my eyes pop with this mascara.” 

Another customer shared that this product does not hold true to its non-flaking claims:

I’d check my face after a few hours and there will be black flakes all around my eyes, not the best look.” This Benefit Cosmetics review would recommend replacing your mascara every few months, as dry formulas that are close to the expiration date are more prone to flaking.

Are Benefit Cosmetics Worth It?

Benefit Cosmetics

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The company offers solutions to beauty problems and does it all with a light-hearted vibe.

This Benefit Cosmetics review likes the angle the brand is coming from and the fact that they develop products that are innovative and effective. After reading customer reviews, the majority believes so as well.

The brand has been around for over 40 years and is available in 30 countries around the world, so their expertise is one thing you can rely on.

They often have promotions and offer discounts, offer free U.S. shipping, and have an extensive Benefit Cosmetics sale section for products they are phasing out.

These luxury beauty products are quite affordable for their high quality, and many customers have been able to find at least one product that they claim to purchase again and again.

Although some have mentioned that certain products are ineffective or dry out over time. Unfortunately, this is a certainty with many beauty products after they reach their expiry dates.

If there are more considerable issues with your Benefit Cosmetics products, they do have a 60-day return policy that has your back for a full refund.

For all of these reasons, this Benefit Cosmetics review believes that the brand is worth the buy. 

Benefit Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts 

Benefit Cosmetics

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This Benefit Cosmetics review found the following promotions and discounts available on currently.

  • Get a Big Brow Love Set for $30 (a $72 value)
  • Free U.S. ground shipping with promo code: ‘FREESHIP’
  • Students get a 10% discount
  • A free weekender makeup bag with purchases over $80. Use code ‘READY2GO’
  • Great sale section

Where to Buy Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

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To access deals and discounts, buy Benefit products directly from The brand is available in over 30 countries, in stores including:

  • Sephora
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Beautylish
  • Cosmetics NOW
  • TSC
  • Mode Sens
  • Walmart


Benefit Cosmetics

Who invented Benefit Cosmetics? 

Benefit Cosmetics‘ founders, Jean and Jane Ford invented the line of beauty products. They moved from Indiana to San Francisco to start the company in 1976.

What company owns Benefit Cosmetics?

Benefit is a subsidiary of the company LVMH. They were acquired by the French multinational corporation in 1999.

Is Benefit Cosmetics made in China? 

This Benefit Cosmetics review found one source that said that their cosmetics are designed and manufactured in San Francisco, and another that says they are made in Europe.

Are Benefit Cosmetics natural? 

Benefit is not a natural makeup brand. But, they do refrain from using heavy metals in any of their makeup products and put their customers’ safety first.

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MAC Cosmetics Review




About MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC is one of the most iconic names in makeup, loved for its high-performing cosmetics. In its collection, you’ll find pigmented colors, full-coverage foundations, and long-wear liners.

Conveying its popularity almost seems unnecessary, but just to give you the full grasp of how successful and adored this brand truly is, a simple quote of its 24.3 million followers on Instagram should do it.

With write-ups in pretty much every popular publication, flip through any AllureGlamour, or Harper’s Bazaar, and you’re sure to see MAC’s name.

If that’s not enough, MAC has also collaborated with some people and brands that you’ll surely recognize, from Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to Barbie and Hello Kitty.

So what’s in store for this MAC Cosmetics review? Mostly us grasping to convey how spectacular this brand really is through background information, best-selling products, and feedback. You’ll also find answers to important FAQs. Let’s dive in.

Overview of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

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Inspiring beauty enthusiasts across the globe to get creative with makeup, MAC’s mission is to “enable limitless self-expression by turning makeup into art for ALL – you included.” The brand was launched in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo—and it quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

Over the years, the brand has come to stand for something so much bigger than makeup: equalityexpression, and kindness.

But if you had the ability to rewind back to 1984 when the brand was just getting started, you’d see the two Frank’s mixing their own formulas at home.

Upon launching the brand, the pair chose to package their mixtures into what would become their signature black pots—something MAC is still known and loved for today.

Of course, those pots are just one thing that this revolutionary company is associated with. Throughout its history, MAC has always been one to give back, donating to help the fight against HIV/AIDS, rallying for equal rights, and supporting the LGBTQIA community.

Although MAC was founded in Toronto, it now operates from its headquarters in NYC. The brand’s products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, and it operates more than 500 stores.

Since you’ve now got a feel for the faces behind this iconic brand, our MAC Cosmetics review will move on to its celebrated makeup collections. Let’s first summarize its highlights to give you an idea of what the company is all about.


  • Wide range of products for face, eyes, and lips
  • Inclusive & expressive color line
  • High-quality formulas
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Tons of deals & discounts
  • Ships around the world
  • Free US shipping & returns

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC has an incredibly vast selection of makeup, covering the must-have list of products for your face, lips, and eyes. The brand’s M.O is pro beauty, and in addition to makeup, it offers removers, tools, and brushes to help you get that flawless look you’re really after.

Coming up, this MAC Cosmetics review will joyfully dive into the brand’s makeup bag, pulling out crowd-pleasing lipstick, foundation, powders, brushes, and mascara.

MAC Lipstick Review

If you love options, you’re going to fall for this MAC line. It’s packed to the brim with dreamy lipsticksglosses, and liquid lip colors, and, oh boy, does it pour on the color. Out of its large range of options, one reigns supreme, and just below, you’ll find out exactly which lipstick and color that is.

MAC Matte Lipstick Marrakesh Review

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC is the #1 selling lipstick line in the US, and it’s not hard to see why. Offered in 30 delicious colors, the one featured here is called Marrakesh, a spicy, earthy shade that calls to mind hot nights and sun-kissed skin.

It’s the terracotta red your exotic dreams are made of, swiping on a high-pigmented shade and settling into a sexy matte finish. Pick up a 0.1 oz tube of MAC Matte Lipstick Marrakesh for $19.

MAC Foundation Review

Foundation is something that MAC is known for, and it has quite the collection to prove it. Ranging from full-coverage sculpting formulas to silky waterweight liquids, its best-selling foundation lies somewhere in between. You’ll find all the details below.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15 Review

MAC Cosmetics

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Perhaps the brand’s most popular product ever, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 pulls its weight. You’ll get up to 24 hours of wear from this impeccable oil-free foundation, along with sweat and humidity resistance for the stickiest of climates.

Promising shine-free wear, Studio Fix Fluid provides medium to full coverage and comes in 63 shades. The end result is mattified and smooth, like your favorite filter. See what all the fuss is about with a 1 fl oz bottle for $35.

MAC Powder Review

MAC powders come in all shapes and sizes. In its collection lies shimmery highlighters, contouring bronzers, foundation, and those to give you coverage and a natural finish. This MAC Cosmetics review will showcase the brand’s number one selling powder, an all-day matte foundation.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

MAC Cosmetics

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Powders are an oily face’s best friend, absorbing extra moisture and giving you a smooth, matte look without blocking pores and causing acne. The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation keeps up with your busy life for 12 hours.

It doesn’t cake or settle or streak, only controlling shine and reducing the look of pores. In other words, it’s a selfie-hero. Get picture-perfect skin in your choice of 53 shades with a 0.52 oz compact for $35.

MAC Brushes Review

MAC is all about giving you professional results, so the right brushes are non-negotiable.

You’ll find an extensive selection of synthetic brushes for everything from blending to liner to lipstick online. Below, you’ll read about the brand’s most coveted brush, perfect for seamlessly blending concealer.

MAC 270 Synthetic Mini Rounded Slant Brush Review

MAC Cosmetics

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The key to professional-looking makeup is all the brushes. The MAC 270 Synthetic Mini Rounded Slant Brush is sure to please, using soft fibers to blend and buff liquids and creams into a stupor, working them into a natural, soft look.

Rounded and domed, 270 is a miniature version of the 170 Brush. Affixed with a wood handle and nickel-plated brass, MAC brushes are pretty enough to keep out on display. Pick one up for $25.

MAC Mascara Review

Add dimension, lengthen, and perk up your lashes with the MAC mascara collection. With a range of formulas and brush types, we’ll tell you all about the brand’s top-selling mascara below.

MAC In Extreme Dimension 3d Black Lash Mascara Review

MAC Cosmetics

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Mascara is easily one of the most popular cosmetic products in existence, and the MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara promises lovely length and curl.

Along with making your lashes look great while wearing, this formula will actually condition and soften them, giving you a gorgeous, natural look too.

Carbon black for intensity, this light-as-air mascara uses three reservoirs that pile on the drama. The formula is non-clumpingflake-proof, and safe for those who wear contacts. Get a 0.44 oz tube for $25.

MAC Concealer Review

MAC Concealer is the first step to any flawless look. The brand’s collection is small but includes lots of room for personalization, offering custom shade palettes, as well as brush-on liquids and compacts.

Up next, we’ll fill you in on its number one selling dermatologist-tested concealer adored for its long-lasting coverage.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review

MAC Cosmetics

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Foundation is great, but it doesn’t always do the trick for dark circles, patches, or redness. For that, the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is king, and this full-coverage formula promises to put in the work.

It’s technically light enough to be considered a foundation but has the cover-all effect you love from your favorite thick formula.

Experience non-smudging and non-creasing coverage for up to 24 hours of whatever environment you find yourself in that day. Water park? Go for it. This one is water-resistant and won’t transfer onto your fav white bikini.

Non-acnegenic, Pro Longwear is even safe for sensitive skin. Grab a 0.3 oz bottle for $28.

Who Is MAC Cosmetics For?

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Cosmetics is for true lovers of makeup and for those who want more from what they swipe on. This brand is certainly one for the books, and those who wear it, wear it with pride.

With high-performing cosmetics, you won’t find wishy-washy colors or formulas here. They’re made with ingredients that are good for your skin, packed with purpose, and designed to turn any makeup novice into a full-blown cosmetics queen.

Whether you like neutrals or bold shades, MAC has you covered, but its formulas are definitely more substantial than your average corner store brand. Be prepared for a lipstick that actually lasts all day and foundation that won’t budge.

Is MAC Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC doesn’t own animal testing facilities, nor does the brand itself test its makeup on animals.

With that said, it does sell its cosmetics in China where animal testing is required by law. Our featured brand doesn’t personally do the testing, but a lab in China will so that the country can sell its products.

MAC Cosmetics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

MAC Cosmetics

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Hearing from customers is a crucial part of determining the worth of a brand, and in this section of our MAC Cosmetics review, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

We’ve scoured the web for feedback to help us better understand if this iconic brand really lives up to its reputation. Spoiler alert: it does. But let’s go ahead and see why.

Our first stop for feedback was where we gathered a selection of ratings for some of the brand’s best-sellers. You’ll find those below:

  • Pro Longwear Concealer: average of 4.1/5 stars from 962 reviews
  • Magic Extension 5mm Fiber Mascara: average of 4.2/5 stars from 1,304 reviews
  • Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: average of 4.5/5 stars from 953 reviews
  • Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15: average of 4.4/5 stars from 5,131 reviews
  • Matte Lipstick: average of 4.4/5 stars from 609 reviews

Because the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation looks to be the brand’s most popular product, we decided to take a closer look at the comments. Buyers said it matches well with their skin tone, is breathable, and gives a flawless look. One MAC Cosmetics review read:

I’m new to the makeup world and I wish I would have tried this makeup line before I wasted so much money on the others. I purchased NW50 and this product blended in so beautifully. I have teenage daughters and they both told me how beautiful my makeup looked.

Since teenagers are the new makeup experts (these days, they truly are), their praise means a lot. But besides that part of the comment, what we can learn is how well Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 blends and matches, two things you want in a foundation.

For our next dollop of feedback, we headed over to SiteJabber to get an overall feel for what customers think about the brand and what their online shopping experience was like. The site shows a score of 4.1/5 stars from 343 shoppers made up of the following ratings:

  • Service: 4/5 stars
  • Value: 4/5 stars
  • Shipping: 4.4/5 stars
  • Returns: 4/5 stars
  • Quality: 4/5 stars

After browsing the comments, we came to understand a few things about the brand. The number one being the quality of its products.

In almost every single MAC Cosmetics review the company’s quality was noted, and while some argue about its affordability, the fact that its products are high-performing is agreed upon across the site.

One MAC Cosmetics review that sums up customer feedback reads, “I ordered a lipstick and got shipped within a few days. I was satisfied with product as it was of excellent quality and beautiful colour. They have a wide range of items with color variety and reasonable price. Good and helpful customer service.

In terms of the quality you get from MAC, the price really is reasonable. Maybe it’s a little high for those used to buying drug store brands, but its formulas are, of course, much better and worth it.

During our search for feedback, there was one particular product that kept popping up, the MAC Matte Lipstick Velvet Teddy. Apparently, this is a really popular color, and so we couldn’t help but look into it.

Heading over to Makeup Alley for an opinion from a broad audience, we found a 4.3/5 star rating from 353 shoppers—79% confirm they would buy it again.

A matte, mauve-nude shade, according to customers, this versatile lipstick is loved for daily and special occasions wear. One MAC Cosmetics review revealed why that is:

Mac solid lipstick was one of the best I used. It spreads the same color all over the lips. It has a long shelf life and is not easily removed from the lips. For my wedding day, I asked my face stylist to use this brand for my face make-up to make sure it lasts.

Long-lasting on your lips and in your makeup bag, Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick appears to be held in high regard by the majority of those who have used it.

It’s a lipstick staple and must-have for your personal collection and promises the same long-staying power and saturated color that all MAC matte lipsticks do.

Well, we’ve reached the end of this part of our MAC Cosmetics review and we don’t want to say, “we told you so,” but, we kind of did. This beauty brand is incredibly popular and its feedback is a great reflection of how high of quality its products really are.

Is MAC Cosmetics Worth It?

MAC Cosmetics

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A somewhat rhetorical question, if you haven’t got the vibe from us that MAC is totally worth it, then we’ll lay it out plainly for you here. The brand pumps out makeup that lasts, stays put, and is kind to skin. It also gives back, advocates, and supports noble causes.

Above all else, it makes professional makeup that looks accessible and attainable. We’re so here for companies that make products that actually do what they claim to and price them affordably at the same time. Believe it or not, that’s rare.

Where to Buy MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC is a global brand and you’ll find its boutiques around the world. To see which one’s closest to you, use the store locator tool on the website.

Rule the e-based world? All virtual queens can shop online at


MAC Cosmetics

Who owns MAC Cosmetics?

MAC is now a subsidiary of The Estée Lauder Companies. It’s headquartered in New York City, NY.

Is MAC Cosmetics vegan?

It’s not considered a completely vegan company, but it does have many products that don’t contain animal-derived ingredients (think: beeswax, shellac, carmine, etc.).

Does MAC Cosmetics ship internationally?

MAC ships all over the world, but you’ll need to make sure you’re on the correct version of its website. To shop the one that does deliver to your country, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click the link under where it says “choose location.”

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