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Lane Bryant Review : Plus Size Clothing for Women



Lane Bryant

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About Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

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Lane Bryant is an online retailer of clothing, shoes, and accessories that caters to women of all sizes. It carries retro, hard-to-find pieces picked from small and big-name designers, as well as its own signature collection.

The brand has an outstanding 713K following on Instagram, and encourages women to express themselves by way of bold prints and flattering styles.

Love the spirit of vintage clothing? Your search for the perfect piece may have just ended. Before you start shopping, we invite you to have a read through this Lane Bryant dresses review.

We’ll cover some bestsellers, customer feedback, FAQs, and more, to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your style.

Overview of Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant
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Founded in 2002 by Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger, Lane Bryant has been through a rollercoaster of ownerships while searching for its place in the market. Recently, the brand has landed with Nogin, an expert in the online world of fashion.

Lane Bryant began as a place where women could find out-of-the-ordinary styles, thrilling prints, and vintage designs that had a special feel about them.

The brand—housing its own collection alongside labels like Chi Chi London and Princess Highway—sells retro-inspired picks, along with some versatile basics to compliment funky skirts and overalls.

Lane Bryant’s signature apparel is designed and hand-stitched in Portland, Oregon, but its headquarters are based in LA.

Now that you know a little more about the brand’s roots, this Lane Bryant dresses review will go over some pros and cons.



  • Only ships within the US at this time
  • Short returns window

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is known for its eye-catching designs. Within its collection of dresses, casual attire, shoes, and accessories, you’ll feel as if you’re hunting through a bin of vintage treasures.

Redesigned with modern fabrics and flattering fits, the brand’s apparel features cutesy prints, bold colors, and adorable themes.

This is a Lane Bryant dresses review, so we’ll be sticking to the brand’s dresses mostly, but you’ll also find a few unique swimsuits and cute footwear thrown in as well—because a girl’s gotta cool down, and she definitely needs a heel to go with those outfits!

Lane Bryant Dresses Review

There’s something special about dresses. Maybe it’s their twirl-ability or perhaps that the most gorgeous ones are saved for special occasions. Whether it’s for birthday parties, restaurant dates, or Midi & Maxi Dresses, shopping for a dress is an exciting task.

Casual or fancy, the brand’s collection of flowy dresses is spirited, sweet, and classy (with a hint of drama every now and again). This Lane Bryant dresses review will feature a few of their bestsellers below.

Lane Bryant Gilded Grace Lace Dress Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

The Gilded Grace Lace Dress looks like it stepped off the scene of a fairytale movie. A modern take on a whimsical princess dress, this enchanting gown exudes romance.

A shoulder-skimming neckline is accented by sheet intricate lace detailing, while that same lace rims the bottom hem. Swirls decorated with glints of gold make their way up the tulle skirt.

The dress is made from 100% polyamide, fully lined with polyester and elastane fabric for comfort, and features a side zipper closure.

Feel the love in the Gilded Grace Lace Dress for $180. It comes in blush and champagne colors.

Lane Bryant Wandering Amongst the Lily Leaves Midi Dress Review

Lane Bryant

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Created with fabric in the shade of a gentle morning mist shade, this nature-inspired midi dress is a breath of fresh air. Leaves, delicate beading, and sequins creep across the bodice and down the sheer sleeves, while the high neckline puckers at the top for a modest but eye-catching detail.

The Wandering Amongst the Lily Leaves Midi Dress has a sleek, swishy skirt, ideal for twirling around with the one you love. It would be perfect for the winter season, perhaps at an indoor Midi & Maxi Dresses that takes place in a flower-decorated greenhouse.

Fully lined and made from polyester, this A-line dress is $160.

Lane Bryant Plus Size Review

Plus size clothes don’t need to look different than regular size versions, but yet, so many brands opt for matronly prints or unflattering cuts. Our featured brand doesn’t.

You’ll find the same thrilling prints and complimentary designs throughout their collections, such as their two bestsellers featured below in this Lane Bryant dresses review.

Lane Bryant x Collectif Beauty and The Beachcomber Midi Dress Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Totally tropical, this colorful, viscose dress was born from a collaboration with Collectif, a vintage and rockabilly brand. A traditional square neckline keeps things retro, while navy and white palm trees dance across a pink sky.

This A-Line dress has a sash-tie waist to accent your natural shape, while adjustable tie shoulders add a cute, casual detail. This playful dress is perfect for hot days and relaxing afternoons. And the best part—you’ll find pockets on each side.

Because fit and quality are important, the Beauty and The Beachcomber Midi Dress has a zipper and hook and eye closure. Available in sizes 4–30, you can feel the breeze in this shift dress for $90.

Lane Bryant Frill Seeker Pleated Mini Skirt Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

This skirt is so 70s. With pleats, pastels, and popping yellow, the Frill Seeker Pleated Mini Skirt shouts fun from the rooftops. Remembering to keep things classy, it’s lined with polyester and spandex for comfort, with just a hint of thigh shown at the base through the sheer overlay.

Tuck a simple tee in this high-waisted piece, and finish the look off with a jean jacket and low-top sneakers. Artsy details like splats of muted colors and an off-center button closure pump up the volume and make this polyester skirt one to be admired.

Available in sizes 0–16, the Frill Seeker Pleated Mini Skirt costs $70. \

Lane Bryant Swimsuits Review

The Lane Bryant swimsuits collection is full of vintage-inspired cuts with popping prints and colors. High-waisted bottoms and full-coverage tops fill the brand’s lineup, along with classy one-pieces that provide coverage but don’t skimp on pretty detailing.

This Lane Bryant dresses review will feature two of the brand’s most popular picks below, to give you an idea of what we mean.

Lane Bryant The Brooke One-Piece Swimsuit Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Sweet daisies decorate the cool, minty backdrop of The Brooke One-Piece Swimsuit. With a halter top tie and plunging V neckline, though this suit is more on the modest side, it makes sure to accentuate your curves.

The tie waist makes sure too, cinching you in at your smallest point. With a bikini cut, you’ll get full coverage on front and back, though the edgy criss-cross detailing on the back pumps up the fun.

It’s made from a mix of polyester and elastase, as most swimsuits are, but provides SPF 50 protection. Get it in sizes XS–4X for $100.

Lane Bryant The Lula One Piece Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Bring out your inner kid with this quirky aquatic swimsuit. The Lula One Piece features a mix of calming blue and white dots with a few happy dolphins swimming across the surface.

A deep neckline down to your belly button brings some sex appeal to the one-piece, which has a strap underneath your chest for a little extra support. Thick shoulders straps keep things retro, while the open back lets you show off while doing those laps.

Made from polyester and elastane, The Lula One Piece swimsuit is yours for $90.

Lane Bryant Shoes Review

Shoes add the finishing touch to any outfit. The wrong pair can totally create the wrong look. If you’re browsing Lane Bryant’s collection for clothes, then you can keep things retro with your choice of kicks as well.

This Lane Bryant dresses review will fill you in on the brand’s most popular heels below. One of these might pair perfectly with the outfit you have in mind.

Lane Bryant Such a Babe Platform Heel Review

Lane Bryant

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Strut your stuff in the Such a Babe Platform Heel. The block heel and platform base give these Lane Bryant shoes a totally vintage look that pairs well with a variety of looks.

Available in a tender pink shade, wear these leather heels with a long jean skirt and a casual tee. Or, go bold with a tiny jumpsuit, sun hat, and oversized, round sunnies.

Do the hustle in the Such a Babe Platform Heel for $82.

Lane Bryant Traverse and Chorus Heel Review

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Classy and full of character, the Traverse and Chorus Heel looks like it was kicked off the foot of Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a low, thicker heel, with just enough height to give your calves a sexy boost.

The tiny peep toe adds a sweet detail, while the crossing straps and subtle stitching add elegance. Step into the past with the Traverse and Chorus Heel for $72.

Is Lane Bryant Ethical?

Lane Bryant doesn’t give enough information on its website to tell if it is an ethical line or not. In the Good On You directory, the brand gets a 2/5 smiley face rating, meaning they need to do better.

Who Is Lane Bryant For?

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

If you find yourself digging through the racks at thrift stores in your spare time, then you probably would find Lane Bryant’s pieces enchanting. With a throw-back style to ‘50’s, ‘60s, and ‘70’s fashion, the brand uses fun and interesting prints to offer out-of-the-box clothing.

The company’s collection is full of modest cuts; some display sexy detailing without going overboard. Offering a Lane Bryant plus size collection, women up to size 30 can find something within the various categories.

The fun prints mean the brand would be enjoyed by Gen Z, but the quality and fit are what captures the attention of Gen X.

Comparison: Lane Bryant vs. A’Gaci

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Clothing from the past is very attractive. The designs, the details, the patterns…It’s no wonder fast-fashion brands are taking inspiration from it today. And why there are brands who offer similar lineups.

In this section of our Lane Bryant dresses review, we’ll be doing a quick comparison between our featured brand and A’Gaci, a modern clothing retailer that’s all about empowering women through clothing. Let’s see how the two stack up against one another.

Though A’Gaci certainly has some styles that reflect vintage designs—like off-the-shoulder tops, and playful jumpsuits—overall, it’s not a vintage-inspired brand. In terms of what it offers, its categories are similar to Lane Bryant, being that they carry clothing, dresses, plus size, accessories, and swimwear items.

Though A’Gaci doesn’t carry shoes, Lane Bryant doesn’t carry lingerie, so we can consider them equal at this point. How about price and quality?

When searching through A’Gaci’s breezy collection of shirts and flowing sundresses, it was tough to find an item that matched in terms of looks. They all have a more modern cut, whereas our featured brand is totally retro.

We went with The Lane Bryant Tiered Sleeveless Shift Dress ($90) and the A’Gaci Gingham Tiered Dress ($73), which though the cuts are different, the idea is the same.

In terms of quality, we’d say they’re on par. Both made of 100% cotton, they are equally as lightweight, though our competitors may be a bit thicker. Is thicker a sign of greater quality? Not always.

The main difference between these companies is the design of the clothing. The prices aren’t too far off, but Lane Bryants, in general, tend to be higher. It also has fancier selections, and a less fast-fashion feel to it.

Lane Bryant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

We get it. Online shopping, though exciting, is tough. And sometimes you add 27 items to your basket and never checkout simply because you’re unsure of the quality of the clothing and the reliability of the brand.

That’s why this Lane Bryant dresses review exists. We’ve done the search for real customer feedback for you so you can enjoy your online shopping experience for what it should be: easy and fun!

Lane Bryant showcases customer comments, but it hasn’t received a ton of ratings for its clothing. We’ve rounded up a few for you below, but just keep in mind that without a substantial amount of reviews, these ratings may not give an accurate depiction of the brand.

  • Something Borrowed Something Blithe Dress: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Gilded Grace Lace Dress: 4.3/5 stars from 300 reviews
  • A Spring Garden Fling Fit and Flare Dress: 3.5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • You’ve Been Ghosted Fair Isle Sweater: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • A MidSummer’s Daydream Embroidered Maxi Dress: 3/5 stars from 3 reviews

The Gilded Grace Lace Dress stands out from the bunch as the brand’s most popular dress. Let’s find out why. One buyer writes, “Not uncomfortable. Never worried something was draping wrong. It’s just beautiful and perfect.”

Lots of shoppers actually bought this as their Midi & Maxi Dresses, so considering they felt gorgeous and comfortable all day and night while wearing it says a lot.

There are quite a few 3/5 star reviews for this piece, with most of them concerning the overall appeal of the dress. One important comment about the color reads, “The champagne color is a lot more yellow than in the picture.” Color differences are always a little disappointing, but in terms of fit, dresses will look different on unique bodies, so it’s important to keep that in mind when shopping.

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

To see if we could find a source with more reviews, we headed over to Influenster to see how its members ranked the brand. The site showed a 4.3/5 star rating among 1,027 reviews. We’ve included the rating snapshot below in case you’d like to see how those numbers were calculated.

So, about 97% of customers had an average to excellent experience with Lane Bryant, and a very small number said that it was poor or bad. We tried to find some common themes. Shoppers speak of well-made pieces, along with “fantastic customer service,” and fast shipping.

One Lane Bryant dresses review mentioned the brand’s selection of plus size clothing. It reads, “As a plus sized shopper I cannot stress enough how hard it is to buy clothes that fit properly and are stylish. To me this company should win many awards just for the fact that they have this.” Inclusive, attractive clothing is a must, and something that we’re glad this brand carries.

So what did those 3% not like about it? Well, one angry customer seems to sum all complaints up in one unhappy comment, “The quality has gone way down. Takes forever for returns. Sizing is inconsistent. Tired of seeing the same hideous clothes in newer uglier prints,” and it goes on. Yikes. It’s always sad to see reviews like this, but style is a preference.

To see if the brand truly holds up in the customer service department, we switched over to the Better Business Bureau. Finding an A+ rating and just 15 issues noted in the last 3 years, we learned that Lane Bryant resolved all of those complaints and only received 3 in the last 12 months.

From our research, it appears that Lane Bryant is a solid brand with a reliable customer service team and quality clothing. At times, customers vent about the pricing as well as how certain items fit, but there were very few disappointed with the quality.

Is Lane Bryant Worth It?

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

High quality and style need to back up a steep price tag. From what we’ve seen and read about Lane Bryant, their clothing appears to check off both boxes.

Lane Bryant carries other designers as well as its signature line, such as Betsy Johnson and even Hello Kitty. So as you can imagine, the price range varies depending on the label.

The idea behind the brand is meaningful and its clothing resembles the well-made hand-sewn items of the era it takes inspiration from. Lane Bryant suits a particular style, yes, so not everyone who enters its site is going to fall in love with the collections.

If you like bold prints, fun designs, and classic styles, Lane Bryant may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Based on our findings, we believe that the company is worth checking out.

Lane Bryant Promotions & Discounts

Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

We know all too well how quickly that cart total adds up! To help lessen the blow, the company offers a few discounts. You’ll find them compiled into a neat little list directly below in this Lane Bryant dresses review.

Get a 15% off Lane Bryant coupon when you sign up for the brand’s newsletter
BOGO Dress Sale: To buy one and get one 50% off, use the Lane Bryant promo code LBESS50 at checkout
Free shipping on orders over $125

Where to Buy Lane Bryant

You can shop the brand’s vintage-inspired collection exclusively on Lane Bryant .com.


Lane Bryant

Buy Now At Lane Bryant

Who is Lane Bryant owned by?

Lane Bryant was originally founded by Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger. It has since been passed around among several parent companies, including Walmart, Go Global Retail, and now Nogin.

Where is Lane Bryant made?

Lane Bryant carries different designer labels that manufacture items around the world. The brand’s signature line is stitched in Portland, Oregon.

Does Lane Bryant fit true to size?

Fit is a personal thing. There have been a few customer reviews that mention Lane Bryant’s clothing runs large, but generally, their items fit true to size.

Lane Bryant carries quite a few different labels, all with their unique measurements. Typically, they stock the following sizes in dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes (some items have limited sizes):

  • Dresses: XXS–4X
  • Tops: XXS–4X
  • Bottoms: 00–30
  • Shoes: 36–42

If you need more information about Lane Bryant sizing, have a look at the chart below.

What is Lane Bryant’s Shipping Policy?

Lane Bryant normally ships to the US and international locations, but until further notice, they have canceled international shipments. You can find all domestic delivery options listed below:

Contiguous US:

  1. Ground shipping: 2–5 business days, $8, or free on orders over $125
  2. Expedited shipping: 2–3 business days, $14
  3. Next-day shipping: 1 business day, $21
  4. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico:

SmartPost standard shipping: 10–12 business days, $19


  • USPS: 10–15 business days

Lane Bryant estimates processing times to typically fall between 1–3 business days. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link.

What is Lane Bryant’s Return Policy?

Some things to keep in mind when returning Lane Bryant items:

  1. The brand must receive your return within 30 days from the date of purchase
  2. All items need to be in brand new condition with tags attached
  3. You cannot return final sale items
  4. Domestic US returns are free, a shipping label will be provided
  5. Return processing can take up to 14 days

To start a return, head to the Lane Bryant’s returns portal.

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REI Hiking Boots Review




I am so happy to say that rei co-op has come up with a new line of hiking boots! The reason why this makes me so excited is that i love rei co-op products. One of my first hiking backpacks was the rei co-op flash. I still have it to this day because it is of excellent quality and it is pretty durable. Most of rei’s products are pretty affordable, and that includes the rei co-op flash hiking boots. The hiking boots are great for beginner hikers or for people that would love some lightweight hiking boots. Another plus is that they are made from recycled material! I am all about companies that strive to make the planet a better place so check out below to get my full rei co-op flash hiking boots review. I talk about comfort, traction, water resistance, weight, support, value, and much more.

REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots Review

How I Used The REI Co-Op Flash Hiking Boots

I hiked with the rei co-op flash hiking boots on 4 different trails around washington state. I experienced these shoes on different terrains like crossing streams, steep rocky areas, and muddy trails. Overall my experience was pretty great with the rei flash hiking boots, and i loved how lightweight they felt! Here are the trails i hiked to test them out:

  • Lake stuart: 9 miles round trip, 1665 ft. Elevation gain
  • Emmons moraine: 3 miles round trip, 900 ft. Elevation gain
  • Suntop lookout: 2.1 miles round trip,1100 ft. Elevation gain
  • Colchuck lake: 8 miles round trip,2280 ft. Elevation gain


The one thing that stops me from using hiking boots all the time is weight. Most hiking boots can be a little heavy or bulky when compared to hiking shoes. Luckily, the rei co-op flash hiking boots is on the lighter side compared to many other hiking boots in the market. Many hiking boots are usually over 2 lbs, while the rei co-op flash hiking boots is around 1 lb 13 ounces.

Usually, when hiking long trails, the boot’s weight can start to weigh you down, but luckily, while hiking colchuck lake (9 miles round trip), the weight of the rei co-op flash hiking boots didn’t bother me.


Colchuck Lake trail is known to be one of the rockiest trails in Washington. I was thankful that the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots worked well with the nonstop rocks and high elevation gain. This was especially true when going downhill, which is usually my least favorite part of the hike. Most of the time, I have trouble, and I slip or fall on trails, but the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots prevented this while hiking Colchuck Lake.

Water Resistance

There are streams and rivers all over Washington, and I was able to test out how waterproof the shoes were. Even though I walked through countless streams, my socks stayed nice and dry. So I submerged them in a shallow river to test them out, and yup, my socks were still dry!

When hiking shoes are waterproof, there can be some problems with breathability. This usually leads to blisters because your feet start to sweat when hiking. I luckily didn’t get any blisters on my feet the whole time I was testing out the shoes, which means that the shoes are waterproof yet breathable. This is a huge plus!


After putting the boots through hell on those 4 hikes (I am not the most graceful hiker), the shoes still looked in pretty good condition. There were no major scratches, no major peeling, and the fabric looks fine.


The rei co-op flash hiking boots will need to be broken into. Like most hiking boots, it is recommended to use them around town, at home, or on leisure walks before going on a difficult hike.

They are stiff at first, but they eventually mold to your feet. I do like that there is room in the toe box. I ordered half a size over my regular shoe size (i am usually a size 7 and got a size 7.5), and it fit just fine. I had no problems with my feet swelling or my toenails feeling uncomfortable.


My ankles usually bend like crazy after hiking many miles, and it definitely happened to me while hiking Colchuck Lake. Luckily, the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots was able to help prevent any major damage to my ankle when it bent(I have injured my ankle this past year while hiking while wearing other boots). I was pretty happy with the ankle support the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots gave me.

The boots’ insoles felt pretty supportive, but I know that this could be different for others. I have high arch feet, and the insoles felt perfect for me.


I have reviewed and bought many hiking boots throughout the years, and the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots is the most inexpensive boots I have had on hand. I always love that REI Co-op makes its products available to everyone while still maintaining good quality. The cost for the boots ($130) is a great price, especially for budget buyers and new hikers.

REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots Appearance

The REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots comes in three colors;  Bark/Moss, Granite Black, and Smoke/Lilac. I picked the Smoke Lilac because I usually wear more pink colors on my hikes. I really loved the Lilac color and even got compliments of the color on the trails. I love when outdoor brands make hiking apparel more attractive and fun for women! I hope REI Co-op adds even more fun colors in the future!


What I loved about the REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots is how little they resemble hiking boots. Some hiking boots can look pretty manly, rugged, and bulky. Luckily, I can pretty much wear the boots in many places, not just the trails. Hey, I am all about versatility!

The style of the shoes and the weight makes it pretty easy for me to head to the grocery store or to the mall. When it comes to hiking, looks are probably one of the least important factors (which is why I put it at the bottom), but it is nice if your shoes are versatile. Plus, I like looking cute on the trails because that is my jam and my brand!

Eco-Friendly Materials

Usually, when you think about hiking boots, you do not think about Eco Friendly. Well, my friend, the new REI Flash hiking boots are made with recycled materials. Here are some of the specs:

  • Membrane uses 75% recycled polyester
  • Upper sole is 99% recycled PET
  • Upper sole is also 30% recycled TPU
  • TerraGrip rubber is 20% recycled

As someone who loves the outdoors, I am always so excited to hear when outdoor brands use eco-friendly materials, which is a huge plus. Read more on the recycled materials they use here


Thanks for reading all about the new REI Co-op Flash Hiking Boots! Let me know if you have any questions and make sure you check out some of my other hiking posts:


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