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QVC UK Review: A Unique In-Home Shopping Experience



Would you like to shop without getting off the couch?

Yeah, me too.

Lucky for you (and me), you don’t even need a computer or smartphone. All you need to do is simply flip to a particular channel and make a call to make your next purchase — if you prefer.

With QVC UK TV, you can sit back, relax, and have various presenters show off today’s trendiest products.

And if TV isn’t your thing, QVC UK also offers online shopping for those of you who like to browse the web.

Don’t like computers? Watch TV! Don’t like TV? Use the website!

With QVC, you have options.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about these options and how to use them.

What is QVC UK TV?

QVC UK TV is a television-based shopping platform.

And if you’re wondering, “QVC” stands for quality, value, and convenience.

Throughout the day, they roll different programs, some live and others not, where products are presented to viewers.

While people are awake at all different times of the day, so is QVC UK TV. Their schedule is 24 hours a day. No matter what time it is, you can turn on the TV and buy something.

Are you wondering what kind of products they’re showing off all day long?

Well QVC UK TV typically broadcasts programs on products from the following major categories:

  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty
  • Home & Tech

They might not be an Amazon with the variety of the products they offer. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking QVC UK only offers a limited range of products. There are many other subsections within these major categories that you can check out on the QVC UK website.

What the QVC UK TV guide has to offer

If you’re stuck wondering how on earth you’re supposed to know when to turn on your TV to find the products you want, then hang on.

Let’s take a look at the QVC UK TV guide.


The TV guide is the tool you need to find out what’s being broadcast and at what time. You can see both the daily and weekly layout for programs on the guide’s schedule.

By clicking on the calendar located in the top left, you can see the programming for seven days prior and six days ahead of the current day.

Every hour QVC UK is broadcasting something, and the QVC UK TV guide lets you take a look at what shows are on and even sorts them into categories. This is perfect for quickly narrowing down your search.

If you know the name of a brand or the presenter that you’d like to see, then try the search bar at the top right to see all the categories and times that specific brand or presenter comes on.

QVC UK’s most popular items

Let’s pivot away from the TV and move to the QVC UK website for the time being. It’s time to check out their most popular selling items.

When visiting the website, you can take a look at the “Trending Now” page, located on the QVC UK menu.

Take a look for yourself:


The trending now page allows you to see what’s hot today and what has been hot more recently. This section frequently changes, so you’ll have to check back often to discover what the most popular items are in the now.

You don’t have to buy anything from this page, but it can be a useful tool when wanting to see what’s currently grabbing people’s attention.

Is QVC safe to buy from? Addressing the haters

If by “safe” you mean they won’t steal your credit card information, then yes! QVC UK is safe to buy from. Alternatively, if you say you’ll get your items on time without any problems, then you may be in for a letdown.

If customer reviews are anything to go on, then QVC might seem like a hit or miss.

Keep this in mind: Remember that people who have bad experiences feel more inclined to leave reviews. However, when people have an average to good experience with a company, then they’re less likely to leave feedback. This often happens to airlines, so take written online reviews with a grain of salt.

So going forward, 61% of nearly 500 reviews on Trustpilot about QVC UK are on the negative side. Whatever your risk profile might be, the average shopper might be wary about buying from a company with ratings like that.

When this type of review makes up over half of a company’s reviews, everyone should be on the lookout.

The most common customer issues are as follows:

  • Not receiving packages
  • Difficulty with returning packages
  • Slow customer service
  • Broken or missing items

These issues might seem annoying, but when it comes to e-commerce and ordering things through the mail, they’re nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

If you’re seriously concerned about hitting a dud with your QVC purchase, you can take a breath of relaxation.

All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Quality: Are QVC products authentic?

Like in the previous section, according to reviews, the authenticity and quality of QVC UK products might seem like a tossup when left to online 3rd-party review sites.

But you can rest easy knowing that their products are indeed authentic.

Reviews from glowing, happy customers like this speak for itself:



And then there are some not-so-happy customers.

This might leave you with some questions and uncertainty, but QVC firmly stands by their 30-day money-back guarantee.

But just like with anything, it’s always best to check out reviews of specific products before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

Value: Does QVC give the best deals?

QVC UK advertises tons of deals across all of its product categories.

But does that mean people find them to be good deals?

Much of the time, yes, they are, and their prices even match up with some of the biggest e-commerce giants.

After comparing prices on some products to Amazon, it appears that they generally match Amazon pricing.

However, there were some stark differences in pricing when you take a look at the clothing category.

As a shopper, you should always do your due diligence on a product before making a purchase.

QVC UK does offer their best sales on select products daily in the form of “Today’s Special Value,” otherwise known as QVC UK TSV. More on that later.

Another deal that may be very attractive to some users is the installment deals or “Easy Pays,” as QVC calls them. These deals allow customers to purchase some products in monthly installments rather than all at once.

This can be a helpful service available to people interested in financing their bigger purchases.

The pricing on the products is overall pretty standard except for some clear markups. But another issue many customers have is in the cost of postage and packaging. Also known as “shipping and handling.”

But for the haters, QVC still has some products that don’t require any payment of P&P.

Convenience: Does QVC UK make online shopping easier?

Now, you might be sitting there wondering:

Why do so many people choose to shop with QVC?

Well, the answer is simple:


So let’s go over the online shopping experience with QVC UK that makes it easy for everyone.

Their online shopping platform is pretty standard fare. And they have everything you’ve come to expect from today’s online shopping systems.

However, one gripe is that you MUST make an account to buy anything from the online platform. Other platforms and companies usually ask you to create an account but will at least let you bypass it and make a purchase anyway.

But obviously, for most shoppers, this isn’t a problem at all.

Once you have an account, it’s as easy as clicking some buttons on your screen.

One helpful feature that QVC offers is a “Speed Buy” option that allows you to reorder items every 90 days automatically. This is great for people who don’t want to remember to order their favorite toiletries.

Are the QVC UK Today’s Special Value deals any good?

Remember that QVC UK TSV thing mentioned above? Well, let’s look at it in greater detail.

Here’s an example of a TSV:


Here’s an example of a TSV:

The TSV deals are select products on a discounted price. Pretty simple. They’re on sale, so it’s better than if you found them in the regular category pages.

Aside from being on more affordable, the TSV’s don’t appear to offer any other exclusive bonuses or deals.

Many items on the QVC UK site are already on sale but they don’t quite offer deals as the TSV’s are. This makes them a better deal than most other products. However, the selection changes every day and is entirely dependent on what QVC chooses for that day.

One of the biggest bonuses to shopping online is having the ability to shop for the best deal. And that’s exactly why The Today’s Special Value deals are so popular with shoppers.

How to order using QVC UK TV and Livestream

Ordering products online is a simple enough process. But what about ordering products from your TV?

Well, don’t fear! This is also a straightforward process.

If you’re watching QVC and see something you like, then all you have to do is call the number on the screen.

Then you’ll be delighted to talk to a living and breathing sales representative that’ll help walk you through the entire purchase process.

If you’re watching the online QVC UK TV live stream, then you can do the same thing. Dial and call.

But the live stream has another feature that beats calling a number — in my opinion.

Alternatively, you could just check below the stream and see the product that’s currently being aired and add it to your cart.

Seriously, check it out:


Also, while watching the live stream, you can also see items that were recently on air. So if you missed something you liked, you can always go back and take a look at it.

Our final say on online shopping with QVC UK.

QVC UK is an online shopping company that offers a unique experience that’s hard to find anywhere else.

From their various easy ways to order to the variety of products that they offer, QVC has you covered.

But just like other e-commerce and telecommerce companies, there will be some caveats. It’s up to you to decide if QVC is your style of shopping.

It all comes down to preference.

Always remember to do your own due diligence when deciding if a purchase is right for you. Happy shopping!

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Moonpig Reviews : online markets for greetings cards and gifts





About moonpig

Want to let that special someone know that you’re thinking of them? Fancy a more personal way of making them smile rather than supermarket flowers? Moonpig is the place to go forpersonalised cards, gifts and flowers to wow your nearest and dearest. Having made over a million people smile since they began, Moonpig is waiting to help make your loved one’s day.

Overviews of moonpig

Moonpig believes that a personal touch can mean so much more than your average card and have a mission to make people’s days better. Their range of top quality personalised items, cards and flowers are perfect for when you want to give a little bit more than last-minute buys. Moonpig knows that there’s always someone that you could reach out to and let them know you’re thinking of them, so are continuously updating their ranges for lovely ideas to surprise your nearest and dearest. Add special names, dates, photos and even your own handwriting to Moonpig cards to make them into your own creation. The company is proud to now be one of the top 3 online flower retailers for all occasions. Moonpig have worked hard to develop their innovative letterbox flower range so that fresh bouquets can be waiting ready to be assembled as a surprise when the recipient walks through the door. Moonpig reminders is an extremely useful feature that allows you to store special dates in your account and gives you a nudge in the weeks leading up so that you can create great cards every year for that special someone. Their cards are made with thick paper so that they don’t get bent in the post and can last a while on the mantelpiece. The customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you have from selecting and uploading photos to delivery dilemmas. Since their establishment in 2000, Moonpig has provided over a million smiles on the faces of many and intend to keep that going always.

Services offered by Moonpig


There are two main ways to search for the items that you need on the Moonpig website; by person that you are looking for e.g. mum or friend, and by what you are looking for e.g. birthday or engagement. The ‘For Who’ option covers all family members, distant relatives, friends, couples, bosses, teachers, colleagues and many more. The ‘For What’ filter covers all occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Thank You, engagement, wedding, sorry you’re leaving, driving test, Easter, get well soon, new home, new baby and many more. You can also go straight to their greetings card section for some inspiration. Adding photos to cards is a fun way of personalisation for humorous cards and a lovely memory for more special ones. Their range of cards covers many brands that you may find in high-street stores, but with the advantage of being able to add your own personal text for an extra touch. As well as cards, flowers and the new letterbox flowers, Moonpig offers a great range of gifts online. These range from chocolate and alcohol to mugs and beauty gifts.

Customer Reviews: Advise other customers and share your experiences with Moonpig.


Have you ever purchased from Moonpig? Were you happy with the item(s) you received? What are your thoughts on the range and pricing of the items? Did you find everything you need online? What was your experience with their customer service team? All feedback is useful, whether it is positive or negative – so share your thoughts and help others to shop online.

Have you ever purchased from Moonpig, or are you looking to? Read genuine reviews here.

I received a gift pack from Moonpig… I received a gift pack from Moonpig sent to me by my son which cost £32. I received a small bunch of dead flowers, A flat balloon and a box of chocolates that you could buy the equivalent of in a local pound shop.I made a complaint to Moonpig directly who were unwilling to make any sort of amend unless they received a photo of the product. I explained that I’d thrown the products away as I didn’t really want to keep a deflated balloon or a dead bunch of flowers. I don’t think that’s unreasonable? Moonpig customer service is appalling, their gift sets are overpriced with extremely poor quality products. The word ‘RIP OFF’ springs to mind. Buyers Beware. EXTREMELY UPSET & DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COMPANY


I have used Moonpig on numerous occasions and up to about about three years ago I found them very satisfactory. The quality of their cards and the speed of their service remains good but the mistakes they make are becoming more and more frequent. Last Christmas (2016), they completely messed up an order of about 15 cards I sent and wrote to me telling me that they could not advise me which ones had been sent in which ones had not and reimbursed me the cost of the order. To this day I do not know who received my cards and who did not . Then recently, in early November, I sent a birthday card to my wife who was staying with my daughter in America. It didn’t arrive. This Christmas, I completed in order for Christmas cards and my daughter told me during a telephone conversation with her that they had received a card but it was for the wrong person . Someone else’s card at been placed in the envelope addressed to her.

I contacted Moonpig and they


responded swiftly, resent the card and reimburse me as a gesture of goodwill for the card. They also told me that they were resending my wife’s birthday card . Why they think that a birthday card sent over a month late would be of any use I don’t know. My wife is now back with me so won’t receive it anyway . I’m not complaining about their attempts to right their mistakes, but people who send cards want the cards to arrive not just received reimbursements for mistakes made by the company they deal with. These seem to be becoming more and more numerous with Moonpig. Buck up Moonpig and get your act together


Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or just a thoughtful gift, flowers are the perfect choice
If there’s one way to brighten someone’s day, it’s with a striking bouquet of flowers. That’s why we’ve researched and reviewed some of the best flower delivery services in the UK right now. They’re the ideal gift for almost any occasion, but you can’t always make the delivery in person – that’s where a decent delivery service comes in handy.


Our recommended flower delivery services offer a seamless buying experience from start to end, providing gorgeous bouquets at the drop of a hat for prices that won’t have you thinking twice. All the below options make choosing quick and simple too, meaning you’ll able to complete the entire process on your phone or laptop from the comfort of your own home


We’re here to help you decide on a flower delivery service that suits your needs (and your budget). There’s a huge number to choose from, after all. The last thing you want is to fork out for a service that doesn’t deliver the goods – both literally and figuratively. Below you’ll find our round-up of the best online florists, followed by our guide to choosing the best flower delivery service for your needs.


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Moonpig Reviews : online greeting card and gifting platform





About moonnpig


Guernsey based Moonpig, producers of online personalised cards, have grown from strength to strength since they were founded in July 2000 by Nick Jenkins. Nick Jenkins struggled through the collapse of the dotcom era and after raising further investment started to see growth until profits were first recorded in 2005. The real advancement came following their first television advertising campaign in 2006 and sales have grown substantially since then. By the end of 2009 Moonpig boasted almost 2.6million greeting card customers. The company then established a base in Australia before launching in America in 2010. Moonpig now boast a staggering turnover in excess of £30 million. That represents more than 10 million cards!

Amazingly other online personalised card producers have been relatively slow to follow. That is until now! It now seems that a new operator is launching almost every week. WH Smiths have invested heavily into Funky Pigeon whilst other retailers such as Marks and Spenser have also launched a competitive online personalised card store. The danger signs for the industry are starting to show. Hallmark is one of the biggest greeting card publishers in the world and yet they too have now launched their own competing online personalised greeting card store, do they know something that we don’t?

As technology moves on at an ever increasing pace it becomes easier to produce high quality greeting cards on demand without the need for massive print runs. Will this be good or bad for the card industry? More over does the personalised greeting card spell the end for mass market cards produced by the industry giants such as Hallmark and UKG?

Overviews of moonnpig


There seems to be a very big void in people’s opinion on personalised greetings. Some think that they are fantastic but equally others state that receiving a card that has been written and signed by a machine is not at all personal and they would much prefer a hand written card, in fact many people would actually be offended to receive a card that hasn’t been signed by the person sending it.

There are other successful on-line card stores that offer regular traditionally produced cards that you can order for delivery to yourself so that you can enter your own message and post on to the intended recipient. A great example is contemporary card and poster publisher Icon. They have an extensive selection of design led contemporary cards for all occasions and offer express delivery all over the world.

So there are two distinctive markets that are being catered for online and it is likely that both avenues will continue to flourish in the very buoyant market sector for greeting cards.

Elliot has more than 20 years experience in publishing and now writes about the industry. Currently specialising in the greeting cards and posters sector Elliot shares his experience and gives advice on business development in this very competitive market.

Greeting cards and posters represent a huge part of Elliot’s professional career and he has extensive experience in all aspects of the sector. Much of his writing is about greeting cards and how they are sold both in the United Kingdom and around the wo

Editor’s Review:

Moonpig s well known and widely used in the UK as a bespoke greeting cards delivery service. However, they also offer gift options, including a range of bouquets, flowers and plants. They offer free next day delivery, plus the option to buy bundles which include wine, chocolates and toys.

We were particularly interested in Moonpig’s array of plant gifts. These are often attractive, with some interesting pots and holders compared with other flower websites. You’ll find ducks and chicks, miniature wheelbarrows and water troughs, amongst other pots, although you cannot mix and match. The flower pots are pre-designed, and whilst this is quite common, we would like it if there were a few more choices to personalise these options.

The site’s ratings system is simple but allows you a quick idea of what other customers thought of individual items. Whilst the plants and flowerpots perform quite well through customer ratings, the bouquets are less successful. Moonpig guarantees their flowers will stay fresh for up to 5 days, or your money back, yet their ratings are less than exceptional. That’s not an overarching rule, though, as you’ll find some popular bouquets perform better than their less popular counterparts. It’s all about finding an item which ticks all those boxes.



There are sales to take advantage of, although savings aren’t huge. That said, if you buy Moonpig credit, you can receive bonus credits, so this is an extra incentive to use the site more frequently, which you may want to do because their greeting card services are excellent. Without going into too much detail, you can design your own cards, inside and out, and have them delivered for a very reasonable price. Next day delivery on flowers is often free, which is good because its low-end bouquets aren’t the cheapest you’ll find.

As you browse the site, which is generally well designed, you can add items to a wish list or directly to your basket. This allows you to revisit later on, should the price decrease. There is a search option within the flowers section, but frankly we weren’t really sure what use it would serve unless you knew the particular name of a flower you wanted.

Range of goods


That brings us to our next consideration: the available range. There are 32 plant sets to choose from, 74 flower sets, 16 flower hampers and a few other options. Whilst this isn’t bad and you may not feel too limited, it can be a bit restrictive if there’s something quite particular you’re looking for. You can also upgrade bouquets so they include more flowers, but there’s no downgrade option.



The real benefit of is its convenience. You can buy cards, flowers and other gifts in one place, have them delivered quickly and efficiently. You can also use credit from your account across all the gift areas, making sure you make the most of their free credit deals. If, however, you’re looking for something more unique, in which you can choose specific flowers or adapt bouquets, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Everything taken into account, Moonpig offers a decent flower delivery service. It’s perhaps a little expensive for some items, and you may want to choose from its safer options (with better customer reviews), but there are options to suit a range of budgets, primarily if you’ve £30-50 to spend.


Kelly O. We fight fake reviews. Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC. Front of card. Check out what 126,500 people have written so far, and share your own experience. I was horrified when my wife opened them. published 2 months ago. . | Read 109,341-109,360 Reviews out of 118,425 At Moonpig Group our mission is to help people connect and create moments that matter. Claim free card by entering code on the checkout page. Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; Ireland; New Zealand; United States; By submitting a review on Moonpig, you confirm and agree that: You are the sole author of the review – none of it has been copied from elsewhere; Your review is accurate and fair; You are at least 18 years old; and. Take £10 off the upfront cost of your phone with this ID Mobile promo code. Coyote Vest Hello, Many . Note: If you’re a former



employee, you can write a review about a genuine buying or service experience you had with the business when not . Personalise. | Read 109,481-109,500 Reviews out of 118,057. Expired on May 10, 2022. Compare Moonpig office locations by office rating, and see reviews, jobs, salaries & interviews from Moonpig employees in each office location. We’ll even give you a free gift card and photo-worthy gift wrapping included with your purchase. My order hasn’t arrived yet – where is it? . What are your cut off times? Expired on Apr 6, 2022. We have also made it easy to choose a gift including a balloon or have the flowers arrive already in a vase. £10.00 (18) Total reviews. Order Queries All things order-related, from receipts to refunds.

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Clothing Website

Stradivarius Review




Overview Stradivarius

If your wardrobe is in need of a few –or a lot- more clothing items, there are a lot of clothing shops that you can go to and also a lot of department stores and retailers sell a huge number of clothing and accessories. So this might make your choice where to go quite difficult. We, from BritainReviews, have tried to make this choice a bit easier by asking real customers to write a review about their (least) favourite shop

One of the shops that we ask people about is Stradivarius. Read their reviews about delivery periods, ordering processes, quality and sustainability of the products, (un)friendliness at customer services and many more. Their reviews can help you to a closer look at how Stradivarius really run. You can expect if you decide to shop at their online store. This can make your decision to visit or avoid Stradivarius a bit easier.

About Stradivarius

Stradivarius is a clothing brand. The company founded by one single family in 1994 and its home base in Barcelona. In the years after they first started out, they have opened up many shops around the world and can now be found in, for instance, Maxico, China, Spain, Russia, Italy, Morroco, Egypt, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, France, Colombia and many more countries. In their shops, they sell both men’s clothing and women’s clothing.

Their collection includes coats, jackets, bikers, skirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, bombers, trench coats, parkas, shorts, trousers, blazers, knitwear, t-shirts, jeans, shirts and tops. But they also sell accessories like neck scarves, fragrances, purses, caps, hats, socks, belts, corsets, patches, pins, backpacks, sunglasses, underwear, cosmetic bags and jewellery.

And they sell shoes like sneakers, sandals, boots, ankle boots, heeled sandals, flat shoes, trainers and flat sandals. Besides these wearable products, they also sell lifestyle products like decoration, aromatherapy, stationary etc. And they also sell fragrances and body care.

Services of Stradivarius

On their website, you can create an account, select the products that you want and trust Stradivarius to deliver them right to your home. So you won’t even have to leave your house.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Stradivarius

Do you already own clothing or accessories created or sold by Stradivarius? In that case, would you be willing to tell us about your experience? We would like to know what you think about this company.

What can you tell us about the quality of their products? Do their t-shirts stay in perfect condition for years to come or they really worn off after only one season? Are their dresses fashionable? And what about the people that work there?

Is customer service ready –and willing- to help you in case of a problem, question or complaint? Let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others to get a grip on what kind of shop Stradivarius really is and how they treat their customers.

Read real customer reviews about Stradivarius, a clothing brand with blazers, trench coats, bikers, jewellery, parkas, coats, jackets, shirts etc.


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