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How to Wear Jeans to Office Without Going Wrong? The Best Tips & Outfit Ideas



Jeans for Office

In the modern business world, jeans have become very popular to work. With the arrival of contemporary co-working spaces, the dress code has become very flexible. The casual look is now getting acceptance in most modern offices, including co-working spaces. However, there is a limit to the casual look. You can’t wear torn denim to work and flaunt a cool statement. After all, it’s an office, not a party place where you can get away with wearing anything. One has to follow a certain dress code to keep it professional. When it comes to wearing denim at work, there are certain styles and tips to rock it like a professional without leaving pissing off your bosses. Modern men’s jeans offer a versatile range of informal and formal styles that help men to pick for various occasions.

However, many men don’t know how to wear jeans in the office and look professional without going wrong. Sometimes they pick the wrong pair of jeans, and at times they don’t know what to wear with them.  It’s all about styling ideas and tips that one needs to know. Hence, we bring you top ways to rock jeans at work flawlessly.

Tips to Wear Jeans to Work

Always pick dark washes

Many men make a mistake and pick light washes for the office that end up making them look very casual. However, darker washes look classic and sophisticated. One needs to observe closely to make out that you are wearing a pair of jeans. On top of that, one can wear any color of shirt, tee-shirt with dark washed denim. It’s easier to wear anything with a pair of dark wash jeans. For instance, slim-fit jeans in dark wash look very elegant with any shirt or polo neck t-shirt. It’s neither too loose nor too tight to wear. And to get the best pair of slim-fit jeans, visit Agatti, one-stop to find the best jeans for men online. The brand offers an exclusive range of premium quality slim-fit jeans for professionals.

Pick more formal shoes to wear jeans to work

Don’t take shoes for granted. Always remember that every accessory is important to flaunt jeans at work. You need to refine your denim look at the office by picking up a more formal pair of shoes. Don’t go for sneakers that one often wears with casual denim. Instead, pick a formal loafer or moccasins to get the right professional look.

Go for a collared shirt. Don’t forget to tuck it in

Wearing a shirt is important to rock the professional look while wearing a pair of jeans to work. Always pick a plain or striped shirt with dark wash denim to keep it safe and smart. Also, don’t forget to tuck in to keep it somber and professional.

Pick the right accessories to attain a sharp formal look

Every accessory matters the most while wearing jeans to work. Always remember that you are not going to a party or informal meeting. It’s an office and you have to be very formal about it. Be it a wristwatch, socks, or jacket, everything should be very formal to avoid spoiling the professional look.

Choose outerwear carefully

Don’t forget the point that wearing jeans to work is all about the complete look. Don’t think that by picking dark wash denim you can easily flaunt a denim look in the office. Your outerwear, top wear, and accessories are equally important. If it’s wintertime and you have to wear a jacket, blazer, or pullover, then pick subtle, sophisticated, and neutral tones. It should not be very bright, sparkling, or pale. You can go with some dark or simple colors to attain a perfect professional look while wearing jeans to work.

Pick the right fit of jeans

We all have our own comfortable and favorite jeans style and fit. However, when it comes to wearing it to work we need to be extra careful and calculated. Whatever the jeans you are planning to wear, they should look good on your body without making you feel uncomfortable or stressed. Hence, pick your fit carefully. If you are skinny then go with a skinny fit. If you have beefy legs then go for a straight-fit or regular fit.

However, the most popular one is slim-fit as it goes well with most of the body shapes without going wrong or uncomfortable. Agatti offers premium quality slim-fit jeans for men online in different washes and sizes to rock any formal as well as informal meeting.

Don’t pick jeans, shirt, t-shirt, or accessory with big logos

Flaunting logos in the office is a big NO. Don’t pick anything that has a big logo on it. It looks weird, kiddish, and very unprofessional. Make sure to pick jeans or any top-wear or accessories that have small and subtle logos.

Top Outfit Ideas to Style Jeans in The Office

A pair of jeans with a plain white shirt

This is the most popular combination that will never fade away. However, men can also flaunt other plain colors that are not too shiny. If not plain, then pick subtle checks, patterns, and stripes.

A pair of jeans with a polo t-shirt

It’s quite a popular look nowadays. You can never go wrong with a polo neck t-shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans for the office. However, ensure that the t-shirt should have subtle stripes or a plain shade without any big logo or bright tone. However, it’s a big NO to wear any V-neck, round-neck, or graphic t-shirt to the office.

A pair of jeans with a blazer

If you are planning to wear a blazer with jeans in the office then make sure to pick a slate grey shade of jeans to complete the look without going wrong.

Wear a plain or striped colored sweater during winter

A slim-fit sweater with subtle stripes or in a plain color is a perfect pick to complete the jeans look for the office. However, don’t pick a sweater with bright color, or with a lot of embellishments.


Looking professional in the office is very indispensable. You can’t take it for granted. Dressing appropriately creates a good impression on fellow office mates and clients. Modern work culture is evolving and accepting jeans as semi-formal wear. However, it’s important to pick the right pair of jeans along with top wear, outerwear, and the rest of the accessories to nail it like a professional. The above-mentioned guide will definitely help you to wear jeans in the office without going wrong. And, to get the best pair of slim-fit jeans, or any men’s jeans online, visit the Agatti store. The store offers the best jeans for men online.

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